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DNF Duel - Dungeon Fighter....Fighter from Arc Systems Works!

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34 minutes ago, Sonero said:


They just accidentally confirmed there's a block button.


We can all feel any which way about it.


GBFVS also has a block button.

Like i said, this game seems like the airdasher/anime version of GBFVS SF'ish take of the formula.

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2 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

There no training mode at all. Only online matches

This is something they should add by default on those betas by now, let us have a training room while we wait.

Specially because on the 1st hours the betas will always have problems where people wouldnt be able to get matches and the like.


For example, with the current issue where i can't move while creating a room myself, we don't know if that is something happening to a lot of people for example, and combined with not being able to join lobbies, it makes it difficult to get a taste of the game in the meantime.

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Just now, Sonero said:



@AriesWarlock Dragon chick has an air fireball. If it hits an opponent it pops them up. Then you can cancel into your MP special flight and follow up for juggles with it.




What is this game?


Its just crazy powerful nonsense. Might was well call it YOLO ONLINE.



IIRC, they said they wanted to make a game with a Samsho flavor but with an anime injection to it, so i guess that is why everyone has so many wild options

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Just now, Sonero said:

Doesn't look like you can make private rooms in this beta.


Makes sense since they just want everybody to play everybody. But damn if it wouldn't be nice if we could.


@Hecatom see if you can search for Sonero's room.

Trying right now, but i get the usual error, disconnected, yada yada

BTW, I assume that you dont have the bug where you can't move when creating the room?

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7 minutes ago, HeavensCloud said:


One thing I noticed when you do the motion input instead of the simple input it says "Good" on the screen.  I think it might cost less MP to use the move if you do the motion input.  


So far it costs the same for what i tested, so i assume what it does it reduces the time before starting to recover mp, maybe?

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3 minutes ago, Hecatom said:


So far it costs the same for what i tested, so i assume what it does it reduces the time before starting to recover mp, maybe?

Yeah, it might be similar to granblue and have different cooldowns.  The damage looks about the same with both versions.  Let me know if you figure it out lol.

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What are everybody's impressions so far? Not asking for whether you feel this is a good game or not. But how you feel, like/dislike things etc.


So far I've had a lot of fun. I don't quite understand some parts of canceling into moves. Not using conversion properly yet either. All the characters seem really strong. Then if they don't good from the jump, it feels like I'm just not understanding things. Think Grappler is the character that I'm the most lukewarm on, but it seems like its me with the issues not necessarily the character.


This isn't quite how it's felt in other games where some characters just seemed deficient from the jump.  The movement speeds feel correct. I've spent the most time with Vanguard and it feels like he shouldn't move any faster. Crusder felt the same way too. Maybe everybody could be a hair faster for the sake of feeling nicer. But at this moment it feels good overall.

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6 minutes ago, PVL_93_RU said:

add a universal airdash and/or give grappler a dp, or else he'll be bottom tier like soriz in gbvs

He does have a DP. I end combos with it.


His grabs are odd to me. It feels like they are designed to setup juggle combos but the opponent can recover before he can. The damage he gets isn't high. I can't nail down the gameplan

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