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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 3: Chinder Chagger Edition

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11 minutes ago, iStu X said:

Fap. Fap until it’s like powered milk

Yo, this reminds me of a craaaazy story:


Freshman year of college, my girlfriend, me and a few friends drink a bottle of rum, leave the empty bottle on our suite's common room table and go to a party. One of my roommates stays in for the night to study. He runs out real quick to get his calculator back from a person that borrowed it on our floor, and since he's just a few doors down, leaves the door cracked so he doesn't have to take his key.


While he's gone, a nosey RA from another floor is creeping around and sees the bottle on the table through the crack in the door. She busts in and writes up the only person that was in the suite, our suitemate, Twig. 


Twig is furious because he doesn't drink and he had nothing to do with it. Before my roommate gets back, Twig starts to FURY FAP with the door wide open to his room fully naked. Home boy was crying. Of course, my roommate who was just down the hall getting his calculator walks in on this site completely confused. 

Twig blames my roommate and they get into a big shouting match. Twig liked me, so he didn't blame me at all.


Jokes on him, that dude was a total fuck and I still feel no remorse for him getting written up. 

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6 hours ago, KingTubb said:

Na, we go it alone. 

I dunno, maybe once I have kids and a house (fingers crossed that ever happens) I'll have someone else do it for me. 

I'd go to someone. You're probably paying more than you need to. Even if you just have someone look over previous tax docs to guvr you some ideas, it's not a bad move.


5 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

My mom does my taxes. I need to learn to do them on my own. I'm spoiled. She worked in budget for 35 years, so I trust her. Every time I turn around, someone seems to be getting screwed by their tax guy.

Not all tax guys are cheats. Mine has saved me thousands. 

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Hopefully this cheers up some people...

Social media companies condemn and restricts Trump's video, but stopped short of saying they would boot him off their services. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.



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3 hours ago, Jurassic said:

Hopefully this cheers up some people...

Social media companies condemn and restricts Trump's video, but stopped short of saying they would boot him off their services. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.



I thought they claimed they were already restricting misinformation and most of these right wingers moved off to parler or some shit.

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I don't know man.  Smells kinda weird.  My friend hasn't gotten his either and he's been on disability for the past five years at least.  Last year was cool, but not this time.  Me?  I got both of mine within a significant time.


On the random games tip, I downloaded a PS4 title called Shift Quantum.  The demo is in the store, so give it a try if you want a new twist on the Puzzle game genre. 



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2 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

confirmed, the US Treasury hates

Got an email this morning from TurboTax that reads more or less as:

"Hey, your money may have been given to someone else. We're trying to figure it out and it should be corrected soon-ish. Also, this is totally the IRS's fault. Don't fucking blame us, the IRS fucked up. Seriously, it was them. We made sure they had the right info and they fucked it up. Seriously." 


So there's a chance I might get it in the next week or so, who knows🤷‍♀️

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OMG.  That cut gives me memory-induced nightmares.  There was this old barbershop in my neighborhood with this guy whom I would SWEAR was a hired assassin.  An old fat dude who was a good guy any other time...................except when you got in that chair. 


We never did discover what the problem was.  Perhaps it was something that happened in the old war.  Maybe an ancient curse, or witchcraft.  Perhaps the Government did it to him.  The answer was never known, but one thing we did know is if he got you strapped into that barber's chair, your fate would be as grim as it was inescapable. 


He'd do harm to your hair.

He'd mow your fro.

He'd fuck up your fade.

He'd Mangle your Mullet.

He'd unlock your dreads................LONG DICK STYLE!!


Basically, he's gonna fuck your shit ALL the hell up!!  No matter the style, he would jack it up.  I got used to being bald all the way to around 8th grade because just about anything else was asking for a miracle.  You think our parents gave a damn?  HELL NAW!!! $5 bucks a head and he gets 'em done quick, so bring 'em in!!  They threw us  and our nappy heads to the blades of the wolf without any thought to our well being.  Life was not fair for younglings back then and you can look at that picture and realize just how bad it could be.




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14 hours ago, DangerousJ said:




I laughed my ass off during Infinity War when people were reacting to everyone getting snapped. 

like, girl, the source material was much worse. Thanos just straight up rips Stark in half lol


 Comic book deaths happen all the time and they next to never stick. So I felt absolutely nothing when everyone got snapped and then brought back a movie later. I just laughed at everyone’s reactions. 

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1 hour ago, misterBee said:


Isn't this bad? Consuming too many comics has made you super jaded and unable to feel things.  RIP.

Yup. That’s it. You got me. I’m an unfeeling heartless monster. You figured me out. 🙃

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Not worth explaining and also a colossal waste of my time.
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23 minutes ago, iStu X said:

I can feel things just fine? There’s ton of current comics, shows and games I’m super invested in right now. And it’s not like I just had a 3 day long ptsd trigger panic attack or anything. But sure. I’m an unfeeling monster because reasons. 


lol don't take it too seriously.  I was just teasing.


I'm skeptical of character deaths too.  🙃

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5 minutes ago, misterBee said:


lol don't take it too seriously.  I was just teasing.


I'm skeptical of character deaths too.  🙃

Hard to tell on the Internet. I also always get very offended and extremely upset when people call my character into question. I won’t discuss the reasons why but it’s one of the reasons I had my massive panic attack last week. 

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