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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 3: Chinder Chagger Edition

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3 hours ago, Lantis said:

Russian troops in Cuba? LOL what is this, the 60's?


Prepare for Cold War part 3!



The worst part of the current situation with Russia is that it was completely avoidable and entirely done by a bunch of Neolib/Neocon retards who are too incompetent to manage a dairy queen.  Especially the way Nato has boxed in Russia and and continuously tried to pressure them for no reason.  It's pretty sad because we could have not been such assholes to them if our leaders weren't ridiculously shortsighted. 

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4 hours ago, J-ride said:

This is just women invading male spaces, and I saw the same thing with Boyscouts.  It took me 10 years to become an Eagle Scout and they gave it to some girl a few years ago in 3 years which would be impossible under the previous standards to earn.  It's moreso that we can't have male only spaces, but I do appreciate bad analogies and slippery slope fallacies, they are very introspective.  I've noticed the same subversion in D+D and Warhammer, because we have make women  feel welcome in our hobbies for some reason.

Yeah...I'm gonna have to hard disagree with your first statement.  Games are predominantly played and made by men yeah but it's never been a "male space"  that type of thinking would lead to someone like Yoko Shimomora not existing.

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Once again Friday night is loaded... in addition to this Friday Night Tights podcast... Angryman just went live... but Jody's Corner is about to go live as well, and I'm sure Fresh & Fit will be live a bit later tonight. This is also on top of my usual Ancient Aliens marathon on History at the moment.  I also have the latest episode of "Stitch of Fate" and the New Meta Podcast (a Diablo/ARPGs show) from earlier today.  There's going to be a weekend where I'll have to just take a vacation from youtube for a change... it's too much. 


The crazy thing---this is actually a "light" amount of content for a Friday night, btw.  Those old pre-youtube days... a random night of entertainment to me would be an episode of MST3k on Comedy Central, maybe some music vids on MTV or BET, and gaming.  Youtube came onto the scene like a giant television with an infinite # of channels about anything.  Whatever you're into, there's at least a few thousand channels with content about that shit.


I imagine that even if one was retired (or just unemployed), it would still be tough to keep up with all this shit.



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10 hours ago, AriesWarlock said:

Anyway, governments of Argentina, Spain, Chile and Peru are studying a project to ban inclusive language since it deforms the language.

I think this exactly proves that this whole thing is probably coming from an English speakers perspective since the term 'gender' for cases in language is completely arbitrary. I could call them "dinkydonks" and it would still serve the same purpose as gender cases.


And if that isn't entitled, then idk man.

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2 hours ago, Sonichuman said:

This type of stuff boils me but I mostly see it from the other side (black guy dating a white girl).  This is my first time seeing this from this other end and it boils me all the same.  People need to let people date who they want and stop shitting on them for it.  Nobody really knows the circumstances that brings some couples together so people make shitty ass assumptions.  So long as either one of them isn't saying some cringey ass " I only date this race because of *insert cringey AF reason* here" then let them be. 

Exactly. The only time you should have any concern over who someone is screwing, is if you're nailing them.  



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It's interesting---I don't think other races get that bent out of shape over the interracial least not anymore in the 21st century, right?  Most people below a certain generation (Boomers, and probably the oldest Gen-Xers) most likely don't care that much about another person's "ethnic" preferences in terms of dating/fucking.


The ones that care---they seem to have this idea that black men and black women "belong" to each other and no one else...and hooking up with other tribes is some sort of "betrayal".  It's silly, imo.  It certainly makes sense to broaden your horizons if there's been nothing but bad experiences with a certain group.  If "Group A" consistently treats you like shit or never takes you seriously as a mate in the first place....why not try and see what's up in "Group B" and the others?  


*Oh this reminds me---the infamous buffoon Malik Shabbazz actually got in on the Fresh & Fit thing, trying to roast them for saying what they said about black women.....unsurprisingly, Malik ended up just looking like an old, out-of-touch douchebag.  

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11 minutes ago, Seth Vega said:

Some black people are claiming that they are native to America. What do you guys think of this?

in what sense? Might have argument due to south americas strong connection to african roots.

ive also seen stuff for decades showing norse and africans got here before columbus but i dont exactly know if that indicats anything in terms of native americans. i know we def intermingled with them.

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The strange thing to me is how some dudes....usually the "Hoteps" will get in their little snide remarks about how "maybe you can't HANDLE a strong black woman" and all that there is actually some strange bit of pride in being able to "tame" them like a dangerous wild animal.  Nah, fuck all that.  Why would I even want someone in my life that is that much of a goddamn problem to deal with?  We get enough stress out life life already with this thing called "working", and the various health issues since the human body is a weak, poorly-designed piece of bullshit.  I'd rather not hook up with some "ball and chain" that is only going to put me in a bad mood all the time, and generally drag down my overall quality of life.  It's why the smart play is to broaden your horizons and deal with better potential mates....leave the trash behind and never look back.

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7 minutes ago, J-ride said:

There seems to be a group of women now who think being a "challenge" to a man (aka a big pain in the ass) is something that men are interested in.  The last thing I want to do is work all day and deal with bullshit at work then come home to an argument.

Well I also think there is a lot of pride in being "a bad bitch" and that you aren't easy to pin down and tame.


They confuse being empathetic and there for your partner as being weak and a doormat so they act like hard a ass brick wall instead. 


I'm sure there are many reasons for why women (and plenty of men to with their issues) behave the way they do. Reaction to bad relationships, to having been given awful advice by friends and family and everything in between. 

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On 1/14/2022 at 6:04 PM, MillionX said:

hahaha Nerdrotic and crew are having a blast to this shit right now

fuckin hilarious what's going on now....with Chrissie Mayr (I think that's her) pretending to be Frosk, as some others are doing the Adam "Seal Clap" 🤣


On another note--- 3 day weekend starts now... hell yeah; all I want to do is play more Diablo 3 and Dead Cells, and my wonderful Ms. Pacman arcade 1up.... pizza or a huge calzone is the plan for tomorrow of course.

Chris Gore I can listen to. That asshat from Geek and Gamers just constantly grind my gears with his manufactured rage. 

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3 hours ago, axeman61 said:

What happened this time?

So my schedules keep changing basically day-to-day and I’m not going to try to navigate my personal life around a job that has a manager that doesn’t know what they’re doing. 

my time away from working is infinitely more important than my time while working. I’m not going to try and rearrange my schedule every time my manager gets a wild hair up their ass and decides to change the schedule. I don’t care about the job that much and I’m definitely not in a tier in the company to care enough. 


I don’t have the time, energy or patience to deal with that shit and no one ever should. Especially since I help both of my parents (who are both disabled with my mom basically bed ridden) with everyday stuff every day. Plus you know, my own personal life and things I do in my spare time. 

Let me clarify something though, I don’t mind when schedules change. Shit happens, they may need more coverage on x instead of y. It happened a lot at GameStop and I even did it myself at the hobby shop. BUT I was always given forewarning or gave people forewarning in some form or another. 

With my job now theres no employee group chat, no employee app, nothing. I wasn’t even told until I came in yesterday that my schedule for next (this) week was totally changed. And you know how I found out? A god damn sticky note on our tact board. 

Even better the schedule from just two days ago was changed again and no one bothered telling me. I was supposed to work 12-830 originally and when I came in I looked at the schedule and saw I wasn’t supposed to come in for another hour as they changed my schedule from 1-8. 

I also argued with my manager today because she moved my lunch up two hours. When I asked why she said “because I asked my manager if ti was okay” and I asked again “yeah but WHY did you move them? You haven’t given me a reason.” and she basically brushed me off and told me to go to lunch. 


They were talking to me like a fucking ASMR asking constantly “if I was okay” or “if I needed to talk”. I told them stop with the soft talking tones and talk me like an adult and ask what you want directly or we’re done talking. So they did and I basically told them why I was pissed (sorta) and they still couldn’t come up with a good reason why they did what they did .


so since my break yesterday I’ve been filling out applications and emailing resumes whenever I get a chance. 

I’m not “anti-work” by any means. I love working, a lot of my coworkers are awesome and I don’t dislike this current job. But I HATE bad management and when people disrespect my personal time and try to take advantage of the time I’m willing to give them as an employee 

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