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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 3: Chinder Chagger Edition

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I didn't know this about myself until watching the Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial, but I'd be 100% fine with just shooting anyone who believed that Sandy Hook false flag shit square in the head and dumping them in a hole. It's strange how I knew about Sandy Hook "truthers" all this time, but never held this opinion until now. Seeing the comedy that is these Infowars staff fools on the stand makes me believe anyone who follows what they say on this incident isn't good for society anyway.

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Yeah, there's similar opinions on social media.




Apple Bends the Knee, Warning Suppliers Shipping from Taiwan to Strictly Obey China’s Label Demands After Pelosi Visit



With China’s communist government still acting very prickly in the wake of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan, Apple is urging its suppliers to make sure to label any shipments from Taiwan to China in strict compliance with the Chinese customs regulations regarding how the island is named.

It’s a critical time for Apple, as it prepares to launch the next generation of iPhones this fall, and suppliers are currently assembling various components for the new smartphones.

According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Pelosi’s visit “stoked fears of rising trade barriers,” making Apple nervous about “possible disruptions” if crucial shipments are delayed or even blocked in customs due to a failure to appease China’s labelling demands:



Apple told suppliers on Friday that China has started strictly enforcing a long-standing rule that Taiwanese-made parts and components must be labeled as being made either in “Taiwan, China” or “Chinese Taipei,” sources familiar with the matter told Nikkei Asia, language that indicates the island is part of China…

Using the phrase “Made in Taiwan” on any import declaration forms, documents or cartons could cause shipments to be held and checked by Chinese customs, the sources added. Penalties for violating such a rule is a fine of up to 4,000 yuan ($592) or, in the worst-case scenario, the shipment being rejected, one of the sources said.

This presents a dilemma for suppliers who need to ship materials, components or parts from Taiwan to China, however, as the democratically governed island also requests that all exports be labeled with product of origin, which means they must carry the words “Taiwan” or “Republic of China,” the island’s official name, according to suppliers and logistics companies.



It’s not a hypothetical problem, but rather an issue that is already happening. Shipments from Taiwan to facilities operated by Pegatron, an iPhone assembler, in Suzhou, China were “held for review” Thursday while Chinese officials inspected the import declaration forms and cartons to determine if they were labeled “Taiwan” or “Republic of China,” Nikkei Asia reported.

A senior Pegatron executive was among several Taiwanese chip industry corporate leaders who attended the lunch with Pelosi that was hosted by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen Wednesday, the report noted, perhaps highlighting another reason the company found itself under increased scrutiny.

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Old slang terms and phrases that should come back...

"...come up shawt" - you had inadequate funds or were unable to successfully do something or prevail. e.g.--"haha he tried fighting Jason Voorhees and came up shawt."

"...she got that rotisserie." - Rotisserie meaning a nice thick ass/curves.

"...that was slaw." -- something that is lame, undesirable, bad, disappointing. e.g.-- "Mannn I was looking forward to Anthem... game was slaw." (edit---I've also heard this interchangeable with "slop")

"Fresh" - descriptive of clothing and fashion that is very nice/appealing... basically the outfit looks damn good.

Stylin' & Profilin -  from the great Ric Flair himself, of course

Brag Ric Flair GIF by WWE


Bonus from my parents' generation---"BOOGA WOLF"! Hahaha it cracked me up the first time I heard my Dad explain this... this was the usual term to describe ugly girls...e.g.--"so how was the party? I couldn't get there.." "Mannn it was nothin' but booga wolves in there. 😞 "

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Do you think with this Alex Jones case that we might see grifters get scared and diminish their presence?


"Speech is free but lies you have to pay for."


It's the one thing I hate the most about this era of political discourse. I scroll through my Facebook feed once a month and it's always an argument of "one guy with no facts vs one guy with half the facts he got from a hyperpartisan source" lol

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31 minutes ago, elliephil said:


Do you think with this Alex Jones case that we might see grifters get scared and diminish their presence?


"Speech is free but lies you have to pay for."


It's the one thing I hate the most about this era of political discourse. I scroll through my Facebook feed once a month and it's always an argument of "one guy with no facts vs one guy with half the facts he got from a hyperpartisan source" lol

Personally I'm a-ok that if you're going to tell a big ass lie that could people's lives in jeopardy as well as cause mass grief especially if you're a figure of prominence then I'm perfectly fine with people suing you.  And I'm not talking about someone going out there and just saying a small lie or something that was said in ignorance.  I'm talking about bold face gas lighting bullshit.  If those people started losing money on that garbage then there would definitely be less people willing to go out and say that dumb stuff or even let that stuff fly around them.  Just ask Fox News whenever someone tries to come on their platform and say the election was stolen now.    It's the perfect check to this stuff and makes people literally put their money where there mouth is.

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Grifters won't fall back due to Alex unless the punitive damages here are sky high.


For one, in this case, Alex and his fans are directly responsible for the suffering endured by the SH parents. Almost everything else in the grifter space (like the effect Fox News has) is disconnected from the damage done just enough to be "legal, but wrong". So, there's no legal basis to press other people doing Alex Jones type stuff unless they directly harm someone.


For two, grifters who didn't marry into/inherit money are going to grift because they have no other options. Can you imagine a Steven Crowder or a Candace Owens succeeding at anything else and making as much money? Look up Steven Crowder's stand up "comedy" if you dare, and you'll see he has no shot outside of this shit. So, they won't stop. They'll just be more careful.

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7 hours ago, axeman61 said:

Grifters won't fall back due to Alex unless the punitive damages here are sky high.

Idk how much money Jones has, or is insured for.


But the punitive damages are north of $45 million, and Jones is reportedly facing two more similar lawsuits from other Sandyhook families.


That said, grifters always gonna grift.  The smarter ones will probably indemnify themselves by framing their bullshit more carefully though.

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Snickers Candy Company Apologizes to Communist China for Calling Taiwan a Country



The company, Mars Wrigley, reportedly faced backlash from Chinese social media users after promoting a limited edition Snickers bar that was said to only be available in the “countries” of Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan, Reuters reported.

Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times reported that the company “apologized for marking Taiwan island as a country, saying its local team has verified & aligned the official site and social media accounts to ensure accurate content.”

“Snickers owner Mars Wrigley said it respects China’s [national] sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Global Times tweeted.


People are not happy with Mars



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That guy was lucky they didn't eventually gun him down... he wasn't complying, appeared to be trying to fight the officers, and eventually shrugged off 2 or 3 taser shots...that was interesting that the first one got him down but I guess his "adrenaline power" was enough to overcome that effect and he got back up like it was a minor annoyance.


...also funny to see that even a bald dude still had the "locs" hairstyle too.  It seems like I'm really the only dude that just doesn't like that hairstyle.  The other 99.999% of the tribe loves it, apparently.  It's at the point where some dudes are apparently getting fake ones would think that most guys' pride and ego would get in the way of resorting to wearing a loc "weave" when they can't grow it for real but I guess not.  Now I'm wondering how many dudes fake having those big beards that are in style too... I thought most dudes would just deal with not having it if they can't grow it for real.


edit--FOXNEWS Hotness Alert: Carley is on the couch this morning for the F&F morning show...I guess Rachel took today off.  Carley is another one of their finest, imo.  Also---the hair is pulled back in one glorious ponytail today; that definitely works for me.


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On 7/31/2022 at 1:20 PM, Chadouken said:

This is the problem with radical leftism. It's disgusting how judgemental and offensive those people have become. Who the fuck are they to judge a performer's appearance? Don't like it? Go the fuck home.


What's ironic is that these same people are ok with men becoming women, but god forbid a white dude with dreads wanting to practice Rastafarian beliefs. 😂

Radical right or left are both scourges. On one side you have a group complaining about woke-ism, and decrying cancel culture while simultaneously trying to cancel people and companies who they deem "woke," and on the other side you have people who take offense at everything and instead of having a discourse about it like a normal fucking human they just try to make the people they're offended at unwelcome in the public lens.


The far left is just as much for creating a groupthink state as the far right.

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