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[Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike] Chun Li Guide (CH)

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This will be a developing guide to Chun Li in 3rd Strike. Note that this information will apply to anyone at any skill level. As such, I will not necessarily cover things such as J.2HP > Cr.LP to reset into mix as they are advanced, situational and do not generate a better understanding of how to play the character well at her core. I will try to keep this guide as close to the Ken guide I made and am continuing to develop. The link for that is here:


Just like before, these are the basics that will carry you into the higher of level of play.


I linked a lot of my own tweets here. Not for promotion (of course!), but because they're permanent reference points. I made one error though... I posted all of the tweets as part of one thread. This means that for most of the linked tweets, there are two tweets. Please only pay attention to the second one (it's also bigger, and we all know size matters).

Cancellable chains, normals and specials will be in green font. Links into Super Art 2 or other buttons will be in red. More info on these buttons is available in Game Restaurant and Baston, both of which are linked in the next segment.



Like before, I will link the frame data sites I use:


As usual, this is the chronological order I prefer to research frame data in; ESN first, GR second.


It has also come to my attention that there is a reliable and updated app for frame data covering 3rd Strike, among other games. I am still exploring this, but for the most part it seems quick, reliable and easy to use. I will link the necessary links below, though note that these will just provide the same information as the sites linked above.


Here is a tweet with these 3 links. It is from the F.A.T. dev:






J.HP x2 - Her air target combo. Good damage and resets after SA2. I will elaborate soon.

J.2MK > X - After her hopkick, Chun gets an extra air action. She can parry, attack or do another hopkick. Really, she's free to do anything in the air. I'm going to count this.












*This is her hopkick. She gets air actions after this.

**In 3rd Strike, neutral jump and diagonal (forward or back) jumps often give different buttons. This means that Chun Li's neutral J.HK will look and behave differently to her forward J.HK. Chun Li's neutral J.HP happens to be the same as her forward/back J.2HP. It is a dunking move and will punch the opponent straight into the floor.



Chun Li has some great frame traps. Cr.LP enables a lot of them, as does Cr.LK. Before I go into them, I would like to discuss foremostly the reasons as to why her frametraps are so powerful. Like most aspects of engagement pertaining to Chun, the threat of confirming into super is always there. As such, often times the opponent is in a DANGER ZONE (sorry) when she's enforcing frametraps. Of course, there's also the added benefit to Chun of gathering information on their habits during the frametraps which will inform her gameplay going forward.


According to Lance, "There's the whole idea of hit or throw mixup, especially effective in the corner and when Chun has super. So most of her traps would be a tick mixup between:


Cr.LP/Cr.LK > kara throw

Cr.LP/Cr.LK > Cr.MK/Cr.HK/Cl.HK/B.HP 


Cr.LP > Cr.MK is the big one. It's unjumpable if you time it correctly, and it's the one you use if you basically want to punish your opponent for flinching. If after a tick they hit anything or try to jump or stand up, Chun gets super. They either have to guard (giving up throw) or down parry (this is kinda a hard read, high confirms will blow it up)."


So, in summation, Chun Li's frametraps are to enable 3 things:

1) The gathering of information on opponent guard, jump, parry and mash habits.

2) Enable max range kara throws.

3) Hitconfirm into super.


All in all, Cr.LP and Cr.LK work in tandem to generate the necessary spacing to do these things. There are certainly more frametraps to enforce, but this was the most important one I wanted to cover. More can be added if necessary, but I believe this is the most fundamental thing that should be incorporated into the gameplan to promote good use of kara throwing and to prevent autopiloting. It keeps Chun Li productive, even when she has meter.



Buckle up. This is a huge reason why Chun Li is scary. Just like Ken, she gets many hitconfirms, but she has more of them and has more time to confirm into them. It's very easy. There are those that she prefers to confirm with, and those that she doesn't but still can. That's the power of a top tier...


Cr.MK > SA2

Cl.HK > SA2*

F.HK > SA2**

B.HK > SA2**
Cr.LP > SA2***

St.MP > SA2****

B.MP > SA2****


*Must be superjump cancelled. The input is Cl.HK > 2362369K. Yes, this can be hitconfirmed raw.

**Only on crouching opponents. This is not an overhead. Often used as a whiff punish since F.HK and B.HK go over lows. Can also beat crouch tech. Note that on some opponents (like the twins) you will have to whiff punish them as F.HK and/or B.HK won't hit them otherwise.

***This is pretty hard. You can't confirm from this raw. It's literally impossible. Instead, you can use the unique aspect of Cr.LP being the fastest normal in the game to guarantee punishes after a parry. So you parry, react to the parry with Cr.LP and do super. This is hard, but for the most part is considered the only guaranteed way to get a true punish safely on moves after parrying them for many things. Here is an example of it's application against the typical Cr.MK:



****These are usually used as a whiff punish. This applies less so for B.MP, but I thought its inclusion may be worth something. It should be noted that (according to the 30th Anniversary Collection) St.MP > SA2, does the same damage as B.HP > SA2. After a J.HK, St.MP > SA2 is actually more damaging that B.HP > SA2 after the same J.HK. There is no difference in oki, so be optimal.


Medium Kick and Heavy Kick

MK and HK are definitely some of the more versatile buttons you'll see in any character's toolkit.


MK is an exceptionally powerful button. Let's discuss where it falls short so you may remember not to use it.

Firstly, Fa.MK, F.MK and Cl.MK are often nothing more than swipes of damage. Both are parryable and whiff punishable of course, and quite easily so. These are not the buttons you want to be throwing out regularly. Fa.MK does serve a crucial purpose in her kara throw, though, which I will get to momentarily.

Her true strength in MK done raw lies in Cr.MK. This is easily one of the strongest hitconfirms in the game. You have so much time to late cancel into SA2 that I actually wrote 2 novels and now have 5 kids... True story! Use this well, and make sure not to miss. This is extremely powerful.


HK is powerful regardless of how you use it (except for DF.HK. Only weirdos use that... sometimes). Cl.HK is a superjump cancelled hitconfirm into super. It's easy and comes out fast, meaning it's great to anti-air with too. The air reset drops your opponent in your face where you have the TDK to do to them whatever you wish. Because it's superjump cancellable, you can also react to an air parry on the opponent's jump in, and then leap away to safety sometimes.

F.HK and B.HK typically serve the same function each. For one, they are great to whiff punish with. They also go over lows and are throw invulnerable, as shown here:


As I mentioned before, you can link into super after landing one of these on a crouching opponent. Here is an example [note the difference between 17 hits raw, and 18 after I link from F.HK]:




Finally, the good stuff!

Chun's kara throw is incredibly powerful. She mainly sticks to kara throwing with two buttons: MK and HK. This is where Fa.MK becomes incredibly powerful, so let's approach that right after we discuss how to kara throw. It's simple. Press a button, and press throw a few frames later! Easy, no?


The reason Fa.MK is a strong kara throw button is because of distance. Just check out that range! Look at where I attempt to throw from - no cigar. Add the Fa.MK just before throwing and boom. Free real estate.

This works because in the animation of Fa.MK, Chun steps forward a considerable amount. Add this range to the existing normal throw range and you get quite a step.


For HK kara throws, I've seen people use F.HK a little, but mainly people stick to Cl.HK for their kara. This is because when combined with a down parry, Chun gets something called an SGGK. Other characters have it, but her's is extremely strong. It is outside the scope of this guide as it is hard to optimise and not necessarily a widespread tactic. In any case, the kara may still be a good idea to show off. 

You can tell when you pulled off a successful Cl.HK kara throw when she shouts, "YAH!" as she throws. She doesn't make this sound when throwing, so use this as your indicator.


The reason kara throw is so strong is that the ranges where throw isn't supposed to work, it does. This means that you can effectively threaten your opponent into guessing whether an attack (often hitconfirmable into super) is coming or if they're going to get whittled down with throw - the oki for which is very strong. Here is a good example of Yone being too worried about getting hit, yet still getting thrown from ranges he shouldn't have.


This means that when you have meter, any meaty attack, delayed attack or throw can all be a part of the same mixup from Cr.MK range. That's insane. Considering how low the risk can be for some of these plays, this is a powerful tool to master. Don't you want to be the one to confirm Cr.MK into super, get TDK and then threaten with another super, an overhead and a throw all from the same range?


Please learn this!




Chun has a lot of punishes and whiff punish tools at most ranges. The scary part is that they often go into super. This is, of course, missing when she doesn't have meter. Unlike Ken who can go into DP or EX Hadoken if necessary, Chun has average to weak punishes when she doesn't have meter.


Meterless Punishes:

B.HP > Kikoken




Cr.MK > LK SBK/Hayakuretsukyaku

B.MP > Hayakuretsukyaku


Metered Punishes:

OK, let's get something out of the way. B.HP > EX Kikoken is not a metered punish. OK? OK. For the purposes of this section, we are referring to metered punishes as ways to go into super.


Please apply the same things discussed earlier in the hitconfirm section to here.


Cr.MK > SA2

Cl.HK > SA2

F.HK > SA2

B.HK > SA2
Cr.LP > SA2

St.MP > SA2

B.MP > SA2



Chun has a lot of unique aspects to her game. Fast normals that go far and have priority, a throw that violates state borders and can travel without a visa, and confirms that are easy and rewarding for typically minimal risk make her dangerous at most ranges. Note that she is quite lacking in her punish game without meter. You will get bullied until you get your stocks of meter locked and loaded, so be careful. Make sure to use her kara throw extensively to enforce the power of your delayed plays to counter guard jump and make them afraid to commit to blocking.



Just use SA2.



Fast and strong as an anti-air, Kikou-Shou serves one purpose. Actually I just stated it. It's OK for anti-airs... if you like spending all your meter on a super with what can only be described as "meh" oki. Don't pick this.



High damage. Easy confirms. Incredible TDK power and unreactable mix anywhere on the screen. You can cross under, go for a meaty overhead, throw, meaty attack, delay all your options to beat guard jump and guess parries. Did I mention that all of this is hitconfirmable into another super so you can repeat this sequence all over again? Why don't you tell me if you got hit?

This is just one of the most basic mixes you can enforce with her, and there are so many more strategies that are more potent, more consistent and more filthy. Gouki is dead dead.

Let's get into those later.



Does anyone actually know what this achieves? I guess this is sometimes used as an anti-air? It's startup is alright; comparable to a DP. Perhaps the weakest thing about this super besides its lackluster damage is its range. At a certain range - most notably the max range for Cr.MK where Chun is powerful - this will not combo, even if you confirm into it. The result is you flying into the air and coming down to be parried on reaction for a huge punish. By the way, this is a single parry on the way down. No one is missing this. I suppose a positive aspect is the fact that it gives you 3 tiny bars to work with, but Chun doesn't use her EX moves all that much, which leaves you to... Use this rubbish more..? I think Capcom is trying to push kids into smoking behind their offices. This is a weird design choice, and no one is falling for this resource allure. Pick SA2.



It's not uncommon to find top players discussing Chun's strengths to loop back to her super. Ultimately, you can't remove her ability to gain meter. She is decent in neutral and will build it. As stated above, the reason her super is strong besides the damage is similar to why Ken's Shippu Jinrai Kyaku is so powerful. It gives her an opportunity to loop offence, and she gets it through easy confirms anywhere on the screen. This will usually lead into another super and if you're not already dead, you better guess for the game, buddy. It's also a great tool to gather information on your opponent's wakeup habits, what their happy place is when they go to guess for game or steal offence and which direction they're afraid to parry in. Remember, what doesn't happen is sometimes just as important as what does happen. Pay attention!


 Here is a great video on Chun's post-super mix:



I do believe there are more options than just what is listed here. Here is a great matchup specific mix that the beasts showed off at Canada Cup:


Please continue to explore these mixes so you may enforce a strong guessing game.



Should there be anything that I missed, I hope this video will cover it:



Notable Chun Lis to watch include Nuki (Onuki, Ohnuki), MOV, Michael-tan, Ryan B, thelanceshow, Justin Wong, Raoh, Moun-B, and Suzu. These are some of my favourites to learn from.


I will continue to update the guide as I get more information. This is lacking in comparison to Ken, but I feel that Chun Li is simpler (but not easier), and so requires a smaller information dump. There are, however, unmistakable gaps in information, and I have already noted them down and am currently researching them. Please be patient and work on these in the meantime.

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55 minutes ago, GetTheTables said:

If there was a reaction stronger than thumbs up I would give it. Your 3S stuff is always a great read, even for someone way on the outside of it like myself.

Thank you! This is still developing, so I have a ways to go before I can call this complete. Just waiting on some updates from better players before I continue.


Also, please share!

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I added a pretty important frametrap section to the guide. I hope it is examined carefully and critiqued if necessary. In case anyone was wondering, I am currently debating adding a section on lightning legs. I don't know whether or not LLs are a fundamental and/or basic part of the character. I know I use them a lot, but that's a sample size of 1. I know better players use it too to really great ends. It's not too hard, but it's an extra moving part that I'm not sure needs to be discussed atm. At the same time, the value of it can be pretty high sometimes. Usually it's used in a utilitarian sense, so again, not sure. If anyone is reading this, let me know.

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On 5/4/2021 at 9:36 AM, DoctaMario said:

I was a Remy main for several years only to realize how trash he truly was and that I'd have been better off just sticking with Ken after I'd already stopped playing 3s 🤣 Fun game though to just play casually.

KingTubb is trying out Remy. Maybe you should give him some pointers..? Remy suck though. Just play Ken. He's way harder to play and way more stylish so it's more fulfilling to play. :^)

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