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Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars

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1 hour ago, iStu X said:

So modern consoles 

Cross platform progress is what I really hype about. 
I like to play on the PC or the PS4/5 and later take it on the road with the Switch. 

And other than that, and the upgraded graphics, I hope NOTHING gets changed about the game.
Okay maybe the GCI cut scenes, but thats it. 

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yeahhhh you know today is a great day for me with this announcement... Diablo 2 on everything.... sheeeitttt, I'm getting the Switch version of course as my main deal.


D4's Rogue character looks interesting to me; it's another classic archetype I tend to enjoy when it comes to rpg stuff...though I'm more a fan of the daggers/assassin aspect of that and not so much the arrows... like in D3, I only *really* enjoy Demon Hunter if I'm playing with the "Shadow's Mantle"/Impale set, killing shit with dagger throws.... in Kingdoms of Amalur, "Finesse" style to me is all about the twin daggers, poisoned enemies and shadow magic shenanigans.  Still, it's such a hard sell to me when you're talking about "online-only" when most games don't really need to be that way....but sadly a lot of gamers have bought right into that new way of thinking about these games as "services" instead of products...just like the companies want.


MS Reward points alert--there's one for supporting the NAACP... another one of those that gives you an easy 1000->>500 points per achievement x 2.  I was just playing Saint's Row 4 a little while ago and got 2 easy ones. (*so just like that, 1,050 since there's always 50 points to get per achievement, per day.)


the Blizzard Arcade thing---I'd really just be interested in Blackthorne.  I remember renting Rock & Roll Racing back in the day on snes...and it was disappointing.  I never played Blackthorne but I remember it looked cool...and it caught my eye right away due to the Jim Lee art I saw in the magazine ads.

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Raxx has a vid with info on this new Diablo II 

I'm so happy to be wrong on this... earlier I was laughing to myself thinking "hahah, just's going to be online-only like every fucking thing else in this shit-ass industry" but nope---offline mode is a thing here!  This is was the only little detail remaining that I's a guaranteed buy for me now....maybe 2 times over since I might get it on something else after acquiring my Switch version.... I'm just torn on what my first character will be---it's going to be a touch choice between Necromancer and Druid.

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BlizzCon continues today, but nothing of any interest to me... I've never been into World of Warcraft

sheeeittt, that D2 remake needs to hurry on up; I'm hoping sometime this summer.


There's quite a bit coming up for me soon--- Curse of the Dead Gods and Persona Strikers  next week...then Monster Hunter Rise and Switch version of Kingdoms of Amalur in March!  This is all while I'm still at the beginning of recent stuff like Age of Calamity, Cyber Shadow, the latest dlc for Dead Cells, etc.


One thing I hope for an update on soon---that Vampire battle royale game that was announced late last year....along with "Swansong"... it wouldn't surprise me if those 2 end up coming out before Bloodlines 2 at this point.

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I'm only now realizing the apparent final unlockable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, man.... holy SHIT you get to play with THAT?!  In case others care about unlockable characters being a spoiler I'll refrain from saying who it is but wow, man.... it would take forever to get though.  Most of my character screen is complete at this point but there's a couple I don't have.


There's so much to play but so little time... if it weren't for the pandemic forcing the "work from home" situation, this week would've been one hell of a nice vacation where I could get caught up on sooo much game now I'm back into it with Saint's Row 4 again, with my character looking like Homelander... all while I'm still addicted to Diablo 3, Dead Cells and Hades.


*edit---in Saint's Row 4 customization, I remember now that it's possible to make a character look like Gill from SF3... they have the red half/blue half face paint as a style.  I don't think it can be applied to the whole body though, unfortunately.


ha, also it's kinda funny but sad that this game is now "old" (2 console gens ago) and the customization here STILL stomps most other games being made today... you have a huge amount of options for how the main character looks here, and they're not limited to boring ass "realism" either....want to make it look like you have shiny emerald or gold skin, with solid black eyes?  SR4 lets you do it.

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Interview about the MK movie with the director from January


Thoughts on some things:


Upon talking to PsychoBlue in the lounge about the movie and some of his speculation on Cole, I came across this first look interview with the director that came from January that was in the references for the wiki page.  Based on what's said here this does kind of lead more credence to the possibility that this character is related to Scorpion in some way but there's also another smaller possibility I feel is also in the cards based off of having watched this trailer about 10 times now  (not including just watching reactions and seeing what people think so far) and having read this.   He talks about blood and how it doesn't just relate to violence but also to family and with this movie kind of doing 'this is fate/destiny' thing with the markings and the fact that Shang is supposedly the one who sends Sub to kill Cole...I'm thinking why would Shang feel threatened by someone specifically related to Scorp?  Its a slim chance but what if they're gonna go with another descendant of the Great Kung Lao angle and there's some prophecy that Shang is trying to make not come to pass?  Relative of Scorp at this moment seems most likely based on information so far but It'd be interesting if this is the angle they end up going.


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WEREWOLF time...

well, in the prison area--- I've encountered the first room I couldn't handle.  When they notice you in there, it's suddenly like you're facing the entire military.  You're getting shot the hell up by a thousand soldiers from all directions; some of them with silver bullets.  On the first try I managed to get to "wave 2" of enemies entering the room but they eventually got was so much chaos going on I was able to go into "frenzy" mode 2 times there... on my 2nd try it was even worse, and I got gunned down IMMEDIATELY just by the first group.  Fortunately, stealth is always an option apparently in this game... I was able to get around this situation that way.... managing to escape the facility with a certain prisoner they were running tests on.


Interesting that despite how outrageously powerful this character Cahal is...there's still challenge, like the aforementioned room with TONS of those soldiers (*including "super soldier" types and flying drones...some of the drones have silver ammo as well!)  I've upgraded to have more rage meter, and now I have the perk that lets me partially heal the aggravated damage caused by silver!


hmm...I should also get that perk that makes it so my attacks can't be interrupted while in frenzy... part of the challenge with huge numbers of enemies is that you keep getting stunned by the powerful snipers and silver bullets, and heavy shots from the super soldiers.  EDIT---ah, actually I already have that but forgot... I think a rage upgrade should be next then; I have 1 more perk to get in that.

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Put this in the Switch thread, but I got my shumps in today from Amazon Japan. DHL drove out on a Sunday (A FUCKING SUNDAY) to deliver this stuff.


Also received this as part of the packaging for the Aleste collection:


Also, I found out that Taito is remanufacturing some of the Darius games for Mega Drive. Of course, you can't directly import; but I may look at getting a Mega SG and using Blackship to get them. 100 bucks for each though.

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It's such an oddly mixed bag with SFV, in terms of the visual... some characters look cool, imo...and the female characters in the game are HOT, but certain other aspects of the game are just SO ugly.  The whole thing is weird in terms of how inconsistent it is to me.  Gameplay-wise it looks horrible though, so overall "it's a no for me, dawg." since day 1 with that game.  It surprises me they've been supporting it this damn long though.


another one that goes on forever----Dying Light.  They keep on adding shit to that game after all these years.  That game is immortal for some reason.  I enjoyed it for a while but haven't played in several years.  That competitive mode was fun, where you get to be...whatever they called the special infected that only comes out at night, and other players get the "fun" task of being the human survivors... I thought it was terribly unbalanced in favor of humans as the monster you'd only win if the human players are new and are a bit clueless about what's going on.  It would be cool if you could have more though... like 2 or 3 of the monsters vs. a team of human survivors... I'd love that.  In the beginning, I think it was just 1 monster player vs. a group of people.


...also reminds me; it was tragic that Evolve wasn't as successful as it should've been, imo... everyone else was pissed off about the monetization in that game if I recall, but I loved what that game was about....1 player gets to be an evolving monster, and the other players are hunters tracking it and hoping to kill it.  This concept was GOLD, man.....and went totally unappreciated. 😞 

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21 minutes ago, MillionX said:

...also reminds me; it was tragic that Evolve wasn't as successful as it should've been, imo... everyone else was pissed off about the monetization in that game if I recall, but I loved what that game was about....1 player gets to be an evolving monster, and the other players are hunters tracking it and hoping to kill it.  This concept was GOLD, man.....and went totally unappreciated. 😞 

I bought that game and gave it a fair chance.  I loved the concept, but I thought it was executed horribly.  The gunplay didn't feel right and was a huge letdown, especially after coming from playing Destiny.  I just couldn't get into it because it wasn't fun.  It was the exact opposite of a game like Anthem, which was super fun to play but had terrible content.

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Well, I do have more fond memories of playing as the monster....but of course there's some admitted bias there; in games where I can be a human or a monster of some sort.. typically I'm picking the monster....and the concept of a creature that evolves, getting bigger and more dangerous as the battle goes on definitely had me sold on it.


*I've heard one of those Ninja Warriors games is on sale again for Switch so I may be picking that up next....but tomorrow is that time---Curse of the Dead Gods and Persona 5 Strikers!! 👍


Werewolf update--it appears I may be at the end of the game; I almost beat this apparent final boss on the first try but it is trick since there's tons of aggravated damage from silver to worry about...even though I have the perk that lets me partially heal silver damage, it's still a problem with how often it happens during this looks like constant switching between agile and heavy stances may be required on this.


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13 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

SF2 bending the knee to China hurts my heart.

SF6: Chun Li will have the satsui no hadou and Shadow Lady will be a hidden character.

Ryu and Guile will be her valet and eat her punani on alternate days.


In all seriousness, games are a snapshot in time and should remain unaltered.

Hell, doesnt Capcom still use USSR  and the sickle for Zangief in SF2 re-releases?

Is Capcom worried about being sued or losing business if they dont kowtow to CCP?


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1 hour ago, iStu X said:

Twisted Metal TV series in the works. 


Jeff Grubb wrote an article about Zelda’s 35th anniversary and why the multiple remasters are being spread out over this year. 


Twisted Metal could work as a TV series...ONLY if they actually take the time to flesh out the characters.  If they aren't going to seriously do that then it'd be better off being a dark action movie imo. 

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5 hours ago, Sonichuman said:

That flag change is slightly bizarre to me....Did China like threaten them on the side or something cause I can't think that most would have even noticed this especially on an old game that like someone stated earlier is like a snapshot of the time it was in. 



  Reveal hidden contents

wait the online wasn't in yet?






 China is very sensitive about Hong Kong or any territory they claim being considered independent or ruled by another nation. It is probably something someone related to publishing informed them they needed to do in order to release the game or another title since the government has final say in what gets officially released. 


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