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Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars

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If you have to upgrade your PC every 6 are doing something wrong. I replaced my last gaming laptop after 4 years. I can still run pretty much everything on my old laptop. PC gaming on a laptops is the most expensive way to PC game. With the ridiculous mining craze, I don't see gaming requirements moving much. You can't upgrade a desktop if you want to right now....


Mind you it's been almost 10 years since I PC gamed. Newest and baddest were coming out every 6 months at that point. I haven't paid attention to PC gaming since then. I think the GTX was in the 600 series at the time I stopped.


Things may be different now. IDK.

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On 3/8/2018 at 6:35 PM, po_pimpus said:

I'm talking console. I know PC has deals all the time. Digital is actually worth it on PC.


Nigga no they don't PSN gets way more discounts than us. And there's the option for used games. PC developers don't put stuff on disc at all anymore.

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Is Soul Caliber not big in asia? Geralt being in made me think about their previous guest characters and Assassins Creed/Star Wars/Witcher don't seem like games that would shift JP copies. (Though it would make sense to have a guest character that would sell as many copies as possible globally, so I get the decision)

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y'know, looking back it's pretty funny what kind of guest characters have been in....and how much we've had to suspend disbelief as a result... like Yoda and Vader being in a Soul Calibur.... so we have to pretend that these people with regular ass real-world based weapons can somehow fight evenly with 2 guys that have light saber weapons (that they have mastered)....y'know...weapons that should slice clean through a regular sword and shield like it's nothing.


Bayonetta 2-- the Lumen Goddamn Sage, man... just one of many awesome things in this legendary franchise. Words can't ever do these games justice... you have to play them for yourself.

Hopefully the dude is playable by default in part 3.... I'd make it so him and Jeanne are playable from the start, perhaps with their own storyline. It might be quite a while before I play anything else...


I'm still looking forward to Wizard of Legend (shameless plug: ) and Vampyr (shameless plug: )this most this year...

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Well that has absolutely happened for me in Tekken 7 since its my favorite fighting game franchise and the one i pride myself at being halfway decent at. There are definitely staple characters that need to come back, but if guest characters get more bodies on the game then im all for it.


Give me Ganryu and I will be happy.

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So I snagged Yakuza Kiwami for $20 at Best Buy the other day. Fun game, kicking myself for not playing any of these games before. Sorta reminds me of Shenmue in some regards. Thoroughly Japanese game though, which is fine. I don't mind the quirkiness. Didn't expect a softcore FMV strip tease though. Oh Japan, never change.

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