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Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars

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ohhhhh... I just noticed this game out of nowhere... it's on eShop tomorrow for Switch...

top-down shootemup action...yeahhhh that's good enough for me right there.


*also further out of left field... BAD DUDES is also coming to Switch. I wasn't the biggest fan of that back in the day but it did have one of the best simple intros and concepts I had ever seen:

"The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?"

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Too late been playing the crap out of Kiwami. PSN has deal for Yakuza 0 and 6 for like $70 when you preorder Yakuza 6. I'm thinking of doing it. This game is too damned fun' date=' weird, and hilarious.[/quote']


Yakuza is such a damn treat of games i also felt bad when i would pass by that cheap yakuza 3 copy on gamestop all the time now, considering how much i play it now.



Still a bit salty about yakuza 6 being released(full 30gb game) on accident by sega. I wanna play it so bad


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As a newbie to the Yakuza series who played Yakuza 0 as his first game last year, I feel that it is a successor to Shenmue and Streets of Rage with intriguing characters.

The goofy and heartfelt side missions are sometimes even better than the main mission.


I beat Y0 and Kiwami, but I want to wait for Kiwami 2 before doing Y6.

I hope they do some physical ports of Y3,4,5 to PS4 so that I can see the whole Kiryu saga unfold chronologically.

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On 3/18/2018 at 7:56 PM, DanZan said:

@Poltergeist you check out Danganronpa V3 yet


Yeah I played it last year. Even played Ultra Despair Girls, as fucked up as that was.


21 hours ago, wiztick said:

I heard dangonranpa 3 was good. I want to get into it but idk if i have play the otherd first prior to this one


It's good in a weird way. It has the best gameplay in regards to the mini games and class trials, but I also feel like the story is the weakest of all 3 main games.


You don't necessarily need to play 1 and 2 because it's sort of a soft break, but if it's your first game the ending will make no sense whatsoever. The series tends to get really meta. MGS2 kinda meta. So I'd say to play them in order, and then if you still have the itch for more, play Ultra Despair Girls. Be forewarned though that UDG is extra fucked up and covers topics such as child abuse, and you should definitely not play it with other people in the room. It's also a shooter btw. Let me know before you play that though, and I'll fill you in on a game breaking bug that cost me 2 hours of play time.


Danganronpa 2 also has the worst class trial mechanics, so be prepared for that. Silver lining is they learned from their mistakes to perfect the craft in 3. BONE-THE-MEAT-ON

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On 3/20/2018 at 4:11 PM, Poltergeist said:

With this new patch Overwatch has officially jumped the shark. Brigitte is the Anakin of this game. She was supposed to kill dive, not make it worse. Winston,, Tracer, Genji, Lucio, Brigitte = unstoppable. Replace Genji with Sombra and it's even worse

lol is there any point in time where Overwatch wasn't a shit show one way or another? i remember on release day that Mcree was ridiculously over the top, and thinking "man how the hell did they think this would go well?"

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I am surprised this Sea of Thieves game has any kind of buzz or apparent success going on... I was thinking surely it would bomb harder than Wrinkle in Time, man... every time I saw any kind of preview clips it looked like pure unwiped asscrack.  The graphics do appear to be a bit better now at least, but I'll still pass on that nonsense.


haha I'll bet a certain friend bought that shit... dude has always had highly questionable taste in everything :lol:  (he's one of the people that tried to sell me on "Dead Block" a few years of the most atrocious-looking Live Arcade games in the 360's history.... I still remember looking up footage of that game on youtube and laughing hysterically for a LONG ass time at how awful it looked.)

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