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Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars

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20 minutes ago, wiztick said:

At work can any1 tell me if W2 is like doom with 30fps?

It's hasn't been confirmed but they are definitely shooting for 30fps. Wolfenstein 2 is more demanding than Doom. Now way they get it to 60fps. Not unless they really scale back the visuals hard.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they got it above 30 FPS if they use the same aggressive scaling that Doom had, W2 may seem more demanding but the levels are a lot more linear and the actual gameplay is relatively slower. If theyre willing to cut corners they can make that game run pretty smooth (probably not 60 though).

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I've still been on the fence with Doom on Switch, actually... I want the game and having it portable would be awesome...but at the same time... I'm not sure I want the visuals on that kind of game to be downgraded so much...and the same goes for Wolfenstein.  


Bayo 2's Infinite Climax mode is kicking my ass lately... the difficulty ramps up to pure insanity there.  I only have a couple of chapters left though.  I've had to shamefully lean on the use of items to get past some fights. (some fights you can very easily be killed in about 2 seconds.  The game really becomes something else on this difficulty.)

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4 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

the 30 FPS on doom didn't bother me much and looking at Doom, it seems quite fine to me. Last Wolf game I played was the one that cam out 9 years ago (which I tested) on X360. that ran at 30 frames and I was ok with it there. 

Doom 3 is also an extremely slow game for the most part. The current doom really benefits from the silky smooth greatness

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Random rant but why is it that japanese fighters dont display frame data or have a chat system or display all there moves? Like im playing tekken now and they have literally every option avalible in training mode except the most important one, looking at frame data. Meanwhile nrs games cant even make strings feel good, but have insanely great ui and frame data on advantage and on disadvantage per move. Like wtf 

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heh heh.... good ones here:

hahah, man that shit-throwing segment in Duke is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a game.  I have absolutely no shame about loving simple toilet-humor.  Another great one was Saint's Row 2, where you could steal a septic tank truck and spray shit everywhere in the city and on the police that show up trying to stop you. :lol: 

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On 4/10/2018 at 10:54 AM, DangerousJ said:

A mech action game I posted a few months ago, Project Nimbus: Code Mirai, releases today on PS4 on digital format.

It is on PSN  store for 20 US(17 today and the rest of the week)



Snagged it.  I was hoping for some Z.O.E. action, but this one definitely does its own thing.  Still, the one hour play opinion is a thumb's up.  Damn sure looks good, but I have got to stop wasting those useless flares when I just want to boost past a damn missile!  Grrrr...............

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Joker  as Kiryu

Ryuji as Ryuji (lol i see what they did there)

Futaba as Kage the florist

Makoto as Saejima

Yusuke as Akiyama

Haru as Haruka (damn these guys are clever)

Ann as Majima


The costumes are on-point.

Also have to add that i LOVE when companies to this sorta collab.

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I just beat DOOM (2016).

What a ride.


It took me roughly 19 hours to beat (without looking for secrets/doing rune trials etc)




I'm surprised how weak rockets are in this game.

I have only owned 6-7 FPS games in my life, but compared to Goldeneye/Halo the "splash damage" seems minimal and a lot of them are needed to defeat the "bigger/tough enemies.


-On the other end of the spectrum, I thought the chainsaw was quite cool. 

Killing  any non boss enemy  in one strike is awesome. The fuel requirement is different per enemy which is annoying . I think making any attack worth 3 gas units would have been optimal. - that way you get 2 kills out of it.


-- While most websites say the length is roughly 12 hrs, the 6th level Kadingir Sanctum really upped the insanity quotient. Until, then there mostly a handful of enemies at most. That level with its wide open spaces and almost dozens of enemies  was quite grueling as a FPS scrub. I took 3 hrs total just for that level.


The thing carried me a lot of the way in the 2nd half was the Plasma Rifle stun bomb.

I suck but when you have like 2-3 big enemies rushing at you, it allowed me to catch my breath. 

The hellknight even towards the end was something that would get me a lot in addition to cacodemons.

The pinkies were easier to handle since i could shoot them in the booty/tail with it.

Second favorite mod was the Rocket Lockon with 3  shots.  Before that, the summoner demon was a grade a beyotch lol


I played this on the "Im too young to die" aka the easiest difficulty.

It was the hardest easy game I've ever played.

While most stuff like Tomb Raider/Yakuza/Uncharted that I've played in the last 2 years  is very carefree, this game put up  quite a fight. It's probably one of the few games where Id feel my adrenaline flowing after  a session.

--The music was great and fit the "metal" design. The demons /level design was scary and awesome.


--The only real negative was the thin story, but that's more of a nitpick really.

Anyway, Im glad I played it.


Overall: 8.5/10

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Well, apparently in GEARS 4--- starting today through probably the rest of the weekend... you can unlock "Griffin" (that character from part 3 that was voiced by Ice-T) by getting 750 kills in Horde and/or Versus.  I keep tabs on their facebook page and this was hyped hell yeah I might have to try that over the weekend.  I'd rather they do things this way from now on instead of everything being tied to the damn "packs" (aka Gears' lootbox system)...since like the usual lootbox deal... the stuff you get is random.  Here it's something that is finally guaranteed if you do a certain thing in the game.


this dude mentions it here 


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2 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Speaking of Xbox One, I loaded up Lost Odyssey on my Xbox One. I forgot it was on the BC list. Really wish this game had a sequel, it's still the best Final Fantasy game I've played in decades. As I told my friend, it's shame that the only either us seem to turn on our Xbox Ones is to play old games.

Well, if the game is multi-plat there usually isn't any reason to play it on XBO.


XBO is basically my Gears/Halo machine...and I haven't played either of those in years now. =/

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hell yeah I'm back in the saddle again on GEARS 4, man, since this new Griffin challenge got me....  sheeeeeit, in Horde mode my Scout just hit level 5 so I can equip 3 cards I'm rolling with this setup:

  • Deposit Bonus level 5 = +50% bonus on the fabricator deposits
  • Health boost  level 3 = +60% health
  • Shotgun Damage level 3 which is +60% damage there.... though I'd probably swap out on occasion for increased radius on power pickups or that card that grants increased power from executed enemies.

Oh yes, my Scout is indeed The Shit.

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1 hour ago, misterBee said:

When I bought my XBO I beat Gears 1,2, and 3.  Burned out during Judgement.  Is 4 good?  If so I gotta get back to that series...

yeah I definitely enjoyed it... I think playing through Judgement was a mistake... that's like the "Dragonball GT" of Gears, man...haha people just pretend that bullshit never happened.  But yeah-- the story was the good ol' "mega action star movie material" I expect out of the franchise for sure.....and similar to parts 2 and 3, there's some surprisingly emotional moments in there that will likely get to most people.


.and as usual the game is absolutely gorgeous... one of the best-looking games I've seen of this gen, easily....and I'm just playing "regular" Xb1 on a "regular" ol' 1080p television.


I have mixed feelings on Horde in this one though.... on one hand I always love it simply because it's Gears Horde mode... even if it is just halfway decent I'll play that shit.  However, it doesn't have the great variety that you got with the Horde mode from part 3.....BUT I love that in this new Horde you can move the fortifications around nearly wherever you want, which really opens up a lot of interesting strategic ideas there, obviously.  I also enjoy that there is a character class system now where you have different skills and bonuses depending on your role.... but then of course that opens up some frustration when people aren't playing their roles correctly. (*biggest frustration as Scout is when other people who are NOT Scouts are running around picking up the damn power, which ultimately just handicaps the squad's financial situation... the Scout has a huge bonus on the pickups; like currently I have that +50% going on)

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This weekend I started and finished Bloodborne.  I had so many questions about the story that I then read a 108-page essay/analysis on the characters and plot.  Definitely one of my favorite games.  Good action RPGs are everywhere, but it's the creepy FEEL of it all that really sell it.  This and Nier:Automata go together as things that I'd call 'experiences' rather than games.


In other news, check out this hype fishing game:


Watch the whole thing.  It's pretty great.

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5 hours ago, Deadly_Raver said:

I tried to watch the fish one, but it kept on giving me the,"The media cannot  be played" error.  Still, LOL@Fish HP.  It might have a special attack lined up for when it gets down to the red.

The fish later gets stolen by a shark, which he battles by using a whirlpool all. Then he summons a whale to attack it. 

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18 hours ago, misterBee said:

The fish later gets stolen by a shark, which he battles by using a whirlpool all. Then he summons a whale to attack it. 

...................Seriously?  A shark steals the fish.  And he.....................SUmmons. a whale.  To attack.



................On that note, have some razorfist dropping truth bombs on 5 games from last year.



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alright.  this bitch ass machine just logged out of playstation NOW while I'm trying to remind the bydo empire who their space boss is.  These fucks think I'm gonna pay 20 dollars a month when the shit treats you like this during the trial period?  



Ya'll know what time it is.


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