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April Fools thread 2021

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This may be an Aprils fools prank turned reality

I saw this in my feed and didn't even think anything about it at the time last night

I posted this up with my vids in VGG last night and didn't even think twice about it lol


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1 minute ago, JHDK said:

G.R.R. Martin isn't even The Writing Dead.

Because it was an April Fools post I did on FB 7 years ago 

Game of Thrones Fans loved it, Walking Dead fans screamed Heresy as I dare mention Daryl dying.
But Honestly I would of killed Daryl off in the most brutalist fashion.

But we know how soft Walking Dead fans are when they outrage when Negan killed Glenn and the shows ratings dropped off. 
It was also an unpopular scene from the Walking Dead comic, where afterwards readership fell off as well. 

What Walking Dead really needs is the Treatment GoT got season 7. 

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Imaginary Friends, I have a confession to make. The Persona 5 video I teased a few weeks ago was actually a red herring. The truth is, I've been working on a much bigger and better project behind the scenes. I wanted to conceal the hype because frankly, it blows all of our previous projects out of the water, but I can't hold it in any longer! Our next video will be... "How POWERFUL is LARRY BOY?"



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