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The Prelude to E3!: SonicHuman hands The Shield to Stuart

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E3 is once again upon us! Sorta! E3 has announced that it's going to be a 3 day long all digital event! While they won't be officially at E3 there will be other websites, publishers, and developers will have their own streams during E3 weekend. 


E3 2021's official dates are June 12th through June 15th.

So far the following companies and publishers have been announced to be participating 

  • Nintendo
  • Capcom
  • Konami 
  • Ubisoft
  • Take-Two Interactive
  • Warner Brothers
  • Koch Media


Sony is likely not participating as they haven't felt a need to over the last few years. 


Summer Game Fest 2021

Geoff Keighley and partners are running another Summer Game Fest! Unfortunately no other details are known. Keighley and partners have only said that this years Summer Game Fest will be much more condensed, unified and ran much more smoother. 


PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show 2021

As per last year (maybe even years before?) both shows will also have a reveal weekend. Starting June 12th. No other details known.  



No real rumors have surfaced as of yet except from Nintendo *Looks around for Nintendo Ninjas*

Phew, okay, so as I was saying: The first of two main rumors floating around from Nintendo is that the next phase of Zelda's anniversary will be revealed. The other rumor is that the next step in the life span of the Switch, unofficially called the Switch Pro will be revealed and released this holiday. 

(Personal Theory: I have a huge hunch that Metroid Prime 4 and Bayo 3 were internally delayed indefinitely until the "Switch Pro" was released so the new system could have a high attach rate with two extremely anticipated games) 


I will update this more and more as more info is provided. Post up the news and spoilers as well so I can update this post. 


Lets all hope Devolved Digital's Direct is as bat shit insane as its always been.



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3 hours ago, DarkSakul said:

I want to protests, Sonic Human should not give the shield to Stewart. 😜
Sonic Human was entrusted that shield by Steve Rodgers for him to become the next Capt Video Games.


Na, I am kidding. I think Stu would do a good job. 👍

I need see how Stewart handles getting spit in the face while raiding another person's place of business on foreign soil before I make my decision on if he is capable.

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As long as Start doesn't do something incredibly brash in front of ALL THE CAMERAS then I think he's fine.  Unfortunately I have a lil gremlin to contend with so I'm still being held back at the moment.  Stuart did a wonderful job and I actually did approach him to do it this year.  If he declined I was going to attempt to do it this year.    I'm still going to be doing my normal stuff and I will be supporting this thread like I always do!

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7 minutes ago, RSG3 said:

Just want Bayonetta 3 news...ganepkay preferably. 

I'm keeping my expectations lowered even if I think there's a good chance we might get something at some point this year since we're now past 3 years from the initial announcement.  I know plans have been getting wrecked by covid and what not so if we actually get an update this year then awesome.  I'm hoping we don't go a full 4 years without anything but personally the only games I really want to see the most right now from Ninty that are more feasible to happen this year is more NMH3 stuff and an update on BotW2.  If we get Bayo 3 stuff this year then that's just delicious icing for me.



Speaking of stuff to look forward to...What are you guys interested in seeing potentially this year?


Stuff for me personally I can think of off the top of my head other than the 2 I mentioned earlier are God of War Ragnarok, Horizon ZD 2, Gotham Knights, Splatoon 3, Final Fantasy XVI.    Also kind of curious to see how Halo 5 is progressing after their last unveiling but can't say there's anything I'm looking forward to seeing on M$'s end...Gears 5 just came out so probably won't see another game for that for the next couple of years.

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11 hours ago, RSG3 said:

Just want Bayonetta 3 news...ganepkay preferably. 

I'm thinking they either have something absolutely over the top planned, or they've been having a lot of problems in development. 

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11 hours ago, Sonichuman said:

Speaking of stuff to look forward to...What are you guys interested in seeing potentially this year?

I have a few things I'm interested in seeing. I'll list them by console.

Final Fantasy XVI -  I want, er need to see gameplay of this one. Also a PC launch simultaneously with the PS5 version would be nice, but probably not happening.

Horizon: Forbidden West - same as FFXVI here.

Nintendo Switch:
Gotta have that Breath of the Wild 2 update. Otherwise you'll have the same situation that's ongoing with Bayonetta 3's development.
No More Heroes 3 - I want to see more of this game, since it has a September release date? I also have the first two games incoming via LRG.
I want to see more shmups localized for the west, as well.
Earthbound on the SNES app - It's bound to happen at some point, why not 2021? And that sets the stage for ...

Mother 3. Yes, I know it has been memed on for fucking ever, but with more games from Nintendo's Japanese library being localized (Famicom Detective Club et al); it's fucking time.

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17 hours ago, Hawkingbird said:

I need to see how well the match up is against Wakandans before I accept. 

That is a high bar. His metal shop skills should also play a role in any decisions.



But jokes aside. I really hope even with the digital format all big names come out swinging and show the second half has some legit bangers in the pipe.


May even be down for Switch upgrade depending on the price and how substantial the performance boost. Although if all they have is just a fix for the Joycon drift plus a good D pad it is a must buy.




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E3 has been slowly updating the list of participating companies. Here’s everyone so far: 



Amazon Game Studios

Bad Button Studio

Bandai Namco



Click Entertainment 


Deep Silver

Epic Games




GTR Simulator 

GungHo Online (Subsidiary of Square)



Kalypso Media 

Kontrol Freek (So edgy)

Limited Run Games

LGA Enterprises 







RDS Industries



Square Enix

Take-Two Interactive



THQ Nordic


UCC Distribution

UnnamedVR by Paracosma 

Warner Brothers 





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2 minutes ago, DarkSakul said:

I see Devolver Digital is left out like always, are they going to have their protest Show across the street like they always do? 

E3 is still 2 months out. They may get added. Who knows? If Devolver does do something though I hope it’s as whacky and gruesome as fucking possible. 

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40 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:

Konami won't be at E3 this year but says they're are working on a number of key projects


Finally we're gonna be getting Ninety Nine Nights III with 1 Billion troops



Such hope... But Konami is too damn cheap. Only way to get that many troops is if they are low poly shapes that are PS1/N64 throw backs.


But now that I think it that does sound like it could be a fun game but Contra Rogue Corps still haunts me.

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Got my E3 plans sorted out. Gonna block off 2 hours of time around each notable conference (Playstation and XBox come to mind here), that way I am not working and can fire up the TV to watch. PC Gaming Show last year was actually good, but I watched it as a VOD.

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