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Good PC or mobile card games?

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I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Legends and frankly it’s gotten completely stale for 3 main reasons. Most decks are generic good stuff piles, the big creatures are uninteresting and easily removed, and the card combos/synergies are very basic. 

I used to love YGO, but I don’t like the 10 min solitaire turns than end in unbreakable boards turn one. It’s too far in the other direction.


Is there anything in between? Something that has YGO’s cool creatures and interesting high synergy cards but the slower pace of something like TESL?

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Ascension. It’s a deck builder with tons of expansions. 

Slay the Spire is a great rogue like deck builder. 

One Step from Eden a rogue like game that pays huuuuge homage to Mega Man Battle Network and deck builders 


cardpocalypse is a fun card based rpg 

If you have Apple Arcade, Card of Darkness is fun 


pokemon tcg online is super fun 


magic arena 


edit: I didn’t read your preferred style of game at the bottom. But I still recommend all these 

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On 4/14/2021 at 11:15 AM, DarkSakul said:

Magic Online .

I tried playing Magic Arena last night for a couple hours and I logged off with mixed feelings. Only had time to do the tutorial and start some color challenges so I’ll be posting based on that. 

The good:


I really liked the aesthetic of the game for starters. Lots of cool arts and it doesn’t have that overly cartoony look a lot of games have. 

Starting hand size is amazing. Coming from TESL where you start with 3 (then draw for 4), it’s nice that you basically will always have plays early on. Mulligan is just a bonus. 

Card effects seem to be cool and varied. The instant card act sort of like traps in YGO, which is something I desperately missed. 

Creatures can block without a special keyword or action, making it harder for people to ignore your board and hit face. 

Wayyyy less “random” cards than TESL thank god. A lot of the most unhealthy cards in TESL have “random” effects and it’s absolutely cancer.

The bad


I absolutely hate the land system, and it’s probably the biggest reason I’m not sure I’ll stick with the game. From a deck building perspective I absolutely hate having like 1/3 of my deck devoted to cards that do not actually do anything on their own. It feels way too easy to end up with an unplayable hand due to bad RNG. In just my short amount of games I was already running into situations where I was drawing lands when I needed literally anything else or I was stuck with creatures I couldn’t play because I never drew a land beyond my opening hand.


I would much prefer if lands were in their own separate deck that you could choose to draw from in place of drawing from your playable cards instead of just being crammed into the main deck and crowding out the shit I actually want to play. 

The only other thing I don’t like is that I can’t choose to attack my enemies creatures. I have to attack and hope he chooses to block in a way that’s advantageous to me. Makes maintaining board control feel awkward. 

Other thoughts:


This is 100% a noob complaint on my part, but the “Flying” creatures are really damn annoying to fight if you don’t have creatures with reach or your own flying creatures. I realized quickly that they’re usually overcosted or understated compared to counterparts that can’t fly, but with these premade decks I’m using a lot of them are really lacking in options to deal with them. 

Player HP values seem kinda low compared to how strong creatures can get, but this seems to be an issue in every card game I’ve ever played. Magic, TESL, and YGO seem to all be full of creatures that can 2-hit or even OTK a player with a bit of comboing.


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