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VTuber Rabbit Hole - Virtual YouTubers Thread

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Yea it's a gigantic loss. She's really instrumental in Hololive blowing up the way they did. 

  • JP and EN bridge
  • Giving absolutely zero fucks 
  • Grandfathered HoloEN (even if they did ban her from doing collabs with them until now)
  • Holohouse
  • Topping the superchat boards in absolutely no time at all since debuting
  • Asacoco
  • Got all of holo addicted to Ark
  • Meme review

There's a reason why they all called her Kaichou, she's as big of a pillar as they come. 

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I do really hope that this is just a thing where the door is open for her to comeback when she feels ready to do so/whatever is going on her real life gets sorted.

Some people are speculating that it could be something related to her father, while others think is related of the continental Taiwan incident 😕

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On 6/9/2021 at 7:48 AM, globe said:

If Haachama graduates any time soon then I'd say Coco's graduation has to do with Taiwan.

She just announced an indefinite hiatus... If she graduates then it would be tactful to wait until after July 1st to announce it. This could be to excuse her from creating content until then. Also, she still hasn't commented on Coco's graduation aside from saying she'll be there.






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Edit: Interesting. I posted a clip of Subaru making an English translation error while talking about Okayu. She meant to say that Okayu has a habit of raising her finger while talking but accidentally typed out that Okayu has a habit of fingering herself while talking. English viewers told Subaru about the error and they all had a laugh about it, including Okayu.


 The clip was privated. So I edited the post and replaced it with the same clip but uploaded by a different channel, then that clip was removed from YouTube. Must be too yabai for Cover.


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Did I kill the thread? 😕




This is my favorite indie, Hiiragi Emuri. Japanese/English speaker; violinist. Chat is slow enough that she can hold conversations with them. She has this giggle she does often that makes my spine tingle in a good way. Also big titties but honestly she already had me. I was just looking for a vtuber that plays violin.


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I've posted her on here before, but Mirea Kazakura is prob my favourite indie atm. It helps that she does singing streams pretty regularly too. 


I've actually spotted Iduno in one of her chats too, specifically in this stream lmao

5 hours ago, Rioting Soul said:

Did I kill the thread? 😕

This thread will outlive anything else on this forum. Viva La Vtubers lol


Suisei just hit 1M a few days ago too. Plus Coco 1.3m before graduation. 


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Tatsunoko's in HK and TW buying up adspace lol




On 6/27/2021 at 5:11 AM, Gasarocky said:

I was never a huge Coco fan or anything but the news really sucks. I just hope it really was completely her own decision and that she doesn't have regrets about it. 

My headcanon is harassment from anti's drove her out and management did jack squat to protect her. There's heavy speculation that even management was actively trying to drive her out too.

  • Cover has big Chinese Execs and shareholders
  • She never made an appearance on those HoloGraffiti shorts
  • Cover only acknowledged and congratulated her on 1M  months after the fact and only when fans called them out on it
  • Pretty much got banned from any and all collabs since the Taiwan incident, even from EN which she grandfathered.  Its only now that she's graduating that she's allowed, but too little too late.  
  • The recent breakdown on stream. She sent a banlist and instead they 'accidentally' made everyone on that list mods. 

Again, we probably won't ever find out the truth and the reason behind some of the actions so this is all just speculation and conjecture on the internet without any verifiable sources. But this is what I'm rolling with. 


Holy shit, she actually got YAGOO on live!


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Well tbh since Coco kept her other persona semi active during the time at hololive too I daresay we'll find out if she does anything of that nature once any contracts run out. That said I don't see her making an agency as a specific thing for disgruntled Holos, it just seems like the kind of thing she'd be good at if she wanted to.

Lulu's graduation stream tommorow, sucks they both are going so close, one of my favourite gaming streamers


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Only because this doesn't really fit anywhere else and this seems like the best place for it. 


But man is this some next level translating. The phonetics and flow are just so absolutely spot on. A damn good banger of a job. Konnie Aoki seems to be the person behind the magic, bless their godlike talent. 

One of the comments compiled all the extra touches in the song


0:00 Seize a move, you're on me "shizumu you ni"
0:11 the "ru" sound from "hirogaru" in true / night on me "yoru ni"
0:48 broke (in) to "boku"
1:02 sound "sa"
1:00 It's stuck in tick-and-tocking mode "itsu datte chikkutakku to"
1:07 I need to find me "arikitari"
1:09 happy tiptoe "(yoro)kobi kitto"
1:14 Saw what got seen hid beneath "sawagashi hibi ni"
1:15 nights "nai"
1:16 keep beating "kimi ni"
1:22 What can night for you mean "akenai yoru ni"
1:24 you could / yu ka instead of "yu ku"
1:27 you gotta stay, hold up "tsukainde hora"
1:32 hid before "hibi mo"
1:37 rise up into a day you're no more "nai you istuka hi ga nobor(u)"
1:39 in you "iyou"
2:01 keep me out, I'm crying out "kimi ga kirei da"
2:12 She's gonna try "shinji itai"
2:14 trust to keep on "(shi)tatte kitto"
2:18 then who knows "naiteiku no"
2:22 One day we "wakari(aeru)"
2:19 So we're gonna keep on "soredemo kitto"
2:20 if you gotta keep on "itsuka wa kitto"
2:21 (then) we're gonna keep on "(boku)ra wa kitto"
2:39 No "Mou"
2:53 Back for another "ne hora mata"
2:57 Killing, oh, too many words "kimi ni tame ni you"
2:59 I want it "owari"
3:11 Saw what got seen hid beneath "sawagashi hibi ni"
3:19 What can night for you mean "akenai yoru ni"
3:27 Calling to life, hit beneath "kawarenai hibi ni"
3:29 Give me what I saw in you "kimi wa yasashiku"
3:32 Oh what an end to stop all "owari e to sasou"
3:34 Seize a move, you're on me "shizumu you ni"
3:37 See me to it "shimitsui(ta)"
3:41 Want to "wasu"
3:44 tucked (all days) away "takku te" / hid beneath "hibi ni"
3:50 Through the seas "suzushi" / so loud "sora ga"
3:57 Tonight "tsunai"
4:00 take you "tei ku"


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