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VTuber Rabbit Hole - Virtual YouTubers Thread

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^ Anime series are hella expensive, and the copyright/trademark loops they'd have to jump through for every vtuber they'd want to include must be a nightmare. 

I can only imagine something the size of Kizuna Ai, Hololive or NijiSanji getting anything of the sort off the ground. Unless some big company wants to gamble on a brand new vtuber debuting alongside an anime series to promote it. Like we still don't know what the hell is going on with HoloLive Alternative, it might not ever become anything more than a PV lol


Meanwhile Capcpom nanora


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A new favorite of mine. Lumi of CyberLive. She stands out by making streaming strategy games look easy. There's never dead air as she's always narrating the game, explaining mechanics or responding to chat. She likes putting on fake accents(I've heard British, French and Russian so far) to add flavor to narration. She's very easy to listen to. She randomly breaks into song sometimes.

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