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19 minutes ago, misterBee said:

Nobody should want that.  SF story has been dead in the water since SF2.  Even if they expanded on the lore I can't imagine it every being actually interesting.

The second most active SFV thread on old SRK is the story thread. So they are people that do want that. It doesn't effect the tournament players and online warriors. As NRS fighting game sales show, it is a good way to sell a bunch of copies to casuals.

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38 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

The second most active SFV thread on old SRK is the story thread. So they are people that do want that. It doesn't effect the tournament players and online warriors. As NRS fighting game sales show, it is a good way to sell a bunch of copies to casuals.

I'm saying that people want SF story...and you know what they'll get?  A terrible story.  The bones of SF lore barely exist, and what little exists is hardly interesting. (EVIL TERRORISTS!  GOOD VS EVIL HADOU!) Add in the fact that they'll probably take it in a pretty terrible generic low budget anime direction and you've got a recipe for disaster.


Not saying that nobody wants it.  I'm saying that they can't possibly do it well.  Kage exists.

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KoF always had an amazing story and was one of the 1st hits with Fatal Fury, fuck I am so obsessed with wearing Chuck Taylors because of Terry. GG literally does an anime and Blazble, for cumbersome it is, has a story that, I believe, would actually be followed by many if it was a book series and not an anime fighter.

I don't care for SF honestly I have realized I am not an SF guy, more on that on the KoF thread where I will leave an update.

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I managed to luck sack into a code for the online stress test. C&P'ing my post from elsewhere but overall I've really liked what I've played of the game so far. Honeymoon phase and all that but at least it makes a good first impression. Barring something rando happening I'm definitely picking this up and putting more time into it.




Day 1, 1 beer MK11 review:


Game feels damn good online. Very solid connections throughout. Skarlet is a helluva lot of fun to play. Blew up a couple of people who thought I’d be a quick win with my no levels.


I actually like the flow a lot. It does still have MK vibes though. Runaway Baraka is a pain in the ass and this char has long ranged normals (meaning I don’t know how someone like Sonya who is supposed to be close range is gonna deal). Stages feel kinda big too. Can’t tell how that is gonna go though since I barely know the mechanics. I’m just figuring shit out as I go.


Also the players in this stress test are fucking pussies. They run faster than SF5 players. Hold your no round brown losses and learn!



You can see ping (well it is listed as ping but it is really general connection quality, though I remember in other games they let you display straight up ping #s if you wanted to so I'd guess that will happen here too) and if the opponent is on wifi or wired before you even connect so you can bail if it is sketch. For what little it may be worth I threw myself at wifi warriors and didn’t notice any hiccups or issues (still 5 bar rating though).


Also at least in Kasual matches you can infinitely rematch (not 100% sure if it is infinite but I played multiple people 10+ times so if there is an upper limit it is high) or go back to char select. So you can basically get a 2 person lobby going if you happen to run into someone you like playing.

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Managed to play more with the closed beta. 


Game still feels great. It is very nice to play a game where I can just kind of take the netplay for granted. In all my time playing it (granted only a couple of hours but I've played every connection given) I've never seen issues in a match - only some light stuttering at the end of a couple of rounds.


Only really played Skarlet in matches, played Jade a little bit in the tower they had available for practice. I did end up playing a lot against another person using Jade who made me think she could be pretty fun. Jade seems more mid-to-close range whereas Skarlet is long-to-mid by nature. Theoretically Jade may be the better fit since that is the kind of char I like but I really like Skarlet's normals. Didn't spend any time with the other 3 available chars (Scorpion, Kabal, Baraka) but fought against Scorp and Baraka a decent bit. Everyone seems pretty interesting. I can see where Scorpion would be obnoxious as fuck; scrub killer extraordinaire.


Very excited for the release. Looking forward to trying out more of the kast. Although they aren't the play style I like I've always liked Sonya and Cassie so I want to give them a spin.

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