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Yakuza Series - Ryu Ga Gotoku Discussion thread

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The Yakuza 6 engine is a nice upgrade. Anri Okita herself in the game just makes it so much better, among other things.


As for Yakuza 6 itself, I hope there are some minor adjustments made to the final boss.


See spoiler at ones own risk:




Iwami was a decent final boss. I just don't think he was a final boss to "end" Kiryu's story with. I hope the developers will make him a bit more difficult or tricky to deal with the time they are taking with Yakuza 6.




I believe there is a tutorial on Yakuza 6's fighting mechanics right now. In fact, click the spoilers for video:




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On 3/18/2018 at 3:50 PM, Hawkingbird said:

I'm new to the Yazuka series. I started with Zero and currently playing through Kiwami 1. Great to see we're getting 2 in 5 months.


Yeah I got into the series purely on dumb luck. I was in Best Buy because my car charger went kaput and I just need one of decent quality. I've found that cheap chargers don't tend to last. I saw Yakuza Kiwami for $20 and said what the hell. I'm all about that Kiryu-chan life now.

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I've known about Yakuza series since the original PS2 release. I couldn't get into it then as those games were hard to come by then. I remember a friend managed to play it and he would complain about how awful the English dub was. Much like yourself, I was at Best buy when I saw Zero and Kiwami discounted.

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Not going to lie, I started with Zero and I am happy as hell to have become an actual fan of the series.


I am actually surprised that Kiwami 2 is going to be available in such a short period of time after Yakuza 6. This new combat system on this Dragon Engine is what got the most curious about Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2.


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On 3/18/2018 at 11:17 PM, GreatDarkHero said:

Not going to lie, I started with Zero and I am happy as hell to have become an actual fan of the series.


I am actually surprised that Kiwami 2 is going to be available in such a short period of time after Yakuza 6. This new combat system on this Dragon Engine is what got the most curious about Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2.



The game has been out forever...they just didn't want to cannibalize Yakuza 6 launch. Yakuza 6 is so niche that whoever wants to buy it is probably going to do so by the time Kiwami 2 is scheduled to come out.

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I'm buying the edition with the silly drink glasses I'll probably never use.


I've been going through the entire series with my sister and she refuses to let me play 2 because she can't handle how bad the graphics are.  I have to wait until August when Kiwami 2 drops so I can continue.  At the rate I'm going...I'll be able to play Yakuza 6 next year.

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Okay. So I've completed the Yakuza 6. 


Mechanically speaking, the game is extremely fantastic. 

Here are the good points of Yakuza 6. 

The positives: 

+ The combat and EXP system will get people addicted really quick. There are countless ways of building EXP, as it is far deeper than anything we've seen before. How you increase you states will actually encourage to be careful of where and how you eat food from restaurants. The combat system is far superior to that of Kiwami. Note; Kiryu only retains a single fighting style but the level-up system between the stats on the menu allow players to tinker around quite a bit. Plus, Kiryu's move set is lengthy enough for players to defeat other enemies through various methods. 


+ When opponents are on the ground, it is a lot easier to keep doing damage onto them while they are still floored. 


+ There are a load of mini-games and sub-quests to take advantage of in order to break away from the story and the combat for a short while. 


+ The Dragon Engine makes the game look extremely fantastic, even in the in-game models. It also has a big influence on the combat system. 


+ The stages themselves have quite a few hazards and decent obstacles to make it a decent experience getting through them as you fight your way through swarms of enemies. 


+ The AI is actually somewhat useful when supporting characters actually operate with you through specific stages. No where near as idiotic or weak as in Yakuza 0 or Kiwami where characters like Nishiki are not using moves that they actually have or just being stupid. 

+ The mere presence of Anri Okita, an extremely hot Japanese (and part British) gravure idol. The savvy individuals know exactly what I am talking about. The other idol you will find on the chat is easy on the eyes as well. 


+ Jo Amon's boss fight


The negatives: 

- Lack of Heat Actions that pertain to hurting opponents while they are on the ground. Kiryu would be limited to using his weak and strong moves versus floored opponents. This obviously gets fixed in Kiwami 2. 


- The game really could have used Majima and there WERE several ways he could have been utilized. But, once again, that's is (partially) the reason why Kiwami 2 exists (or is going to exist anyway). 


- No "Receive You" remix or BGM variation. 


- Some of the bosses are either a bit too easy or do not have a lot going on with them to begin with. The final boss of the game is Tsuneo Iwami, an overambitious, 40-something year-old prick with daddy issues.  Game play-wise, he is a decent boss. Lore-wise, he didn't really "threaten" Kiryu the way Nishiki, Goda, or Mine were able to in their respective games. There was never that much interaction between neither Kiryu and Iwami (the same could be said for Aizawa and Shibusawa, though the context behind the latter from Y0 is a lot more well-constructed). Iwami is not the kind of "final boss" that you would... END a story arc with in context with this game. Plus, Iwami could have been given a "second phase" much like how it was given to Koshimizu earlier. Then again... there is always Jo Amon (whom is a lot easier to get to but is still as unforgiving of a boss as usually is in the series). 


- Overuse of actual Japanese celebrities and/or models. While this is actually a good thing in some aspects, it is also can cause potential problems with the base community of the series. 


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4 hours ago, DanZan said:

My only real about Yakuza 6 is that i feel like the game was too easy.

I was playing on hard and yet still Kiryu "devil trigger" fuckt everything up like it was nothing, even bosses.


I'm gonna do a playthru on legend where i don't use extreme heat mode just to see how that would compare.

I think it is universal to say: 

That Tsuneo Iwami is one of the most idiotic and lamest final bosses that Kiryu Kazuma has ever faced. 

And, for a number of reasons... which I will get into in a bit after everybody gets settled in with the game. 

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Game was aight.

worst main story since it dint answer any lasting questions over the yakuza games and dint tie up any lose ends. Crazy how kiryu's last game he dint fight he day 1 rival ( infact majima dint show up at all in main plot da fuk) and instead we get this new goober. 

Mini games were cool i like virtua fighter

haruka is a fucking retard


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9 minutes ago, DangerousJ said:

How long was the campaign ?

That depends. Because, there are a lot of stuff you can sidetrack yourself with in this game. 


If one is really, really, REALLY focused on the story itself, then it would probably take roughly six to eight hours depending on your skill and how you level up Kiryu himself and whether or not you are paying attention to the actual cutscenes. The amount of time you spend on this game in its campaign is going to vary. The game almost makes it so that you have to get into a lot of fights and conduct elaborate (and often funny) subquests to get some more stats into play. Hell, the food you eat is going to influence how you level up. 

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On 5/22/2018 at 5:17 PM, misterBee said:

I would be the worst big brother if I did that.


No no I will have to be patient. 😢

You need to do what married guys do with Netflix. Watch the episodes ahead of time and pretend they haven't seen them. I know guys that got tired of waiting on the wife to a finish series. That's what they did.

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Super Boss stuff from Kiwami. 



Now, to quote Megaman X... It is time to get serious. I face Jo Amon once more but this time, I don't use any parries or Tiger Drops. Armor equipment are still in use though. Because, at least on Legend difficulty, almost anything he does while in Mad Dog style is a OHKO or just does an insane amount of damage. Plus, he gets extremely unpredictable sense he technically bypasses a lot of shit to use the finishers from the strings Majima himself normally uses. Jo Amon in Mad Dog style can be taken for SNK Boss status because use uses lows to start his combos: What this means is that you can't really "cheese" him that easily with Tiger Drop anyway because of his unpredictable patterns from up close and the sweep starter. Mine from Yakuza 3 had this going on too where he could not be easily beaten with just Tiger Drops. The Tiger Drop does not work against lows. 

Another thing to understand about Jo Amon in Kiwami is that he will only use the bombs when YOU use items. I don't know the intervals for him using Komaki Parry or the dash punch. But, he does have them. Another interesting thing is that Jo Amon NEVER uses the Light x3, Strong to Sledgehammer finisher combo. He just dash cancels and continues his offense. What you are going to notice is that I took a heavy hit on purpose from one of his bombs. I wanted access to a certain heat action when he starts going crazy at the second phase. 


There is a part of me that believes that Jo Amon should have been a thing in the actual story of Yakuza 6. 

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