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Yakuza Series - Ryu Ga Gotoku Discussion thread

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I just finished Yakuza Kiwami 2.

It took me about 17 hours (15.5- Kiryu and 1.5- Majima) with only doing a handful of substories. (I like doing substories/side stuff after the main story is finished )

Yakuza Zero took 30 hrs and Yakuza Kiwami 1 took about 20 hrs (with minimal substories)





Graphics/Music. This is probably the best graphics so far in the Yakuza games IVe played - Y0,K1, and K2


Story was great with twists and turns.  


The characters of Ryuji and Kaoru.  Ryuji is a badass and yet has some sympathetic elements. It was nice to have a strong  adult female character allied with Kiryu throughout most of the campaign. Her backstory and interactions were Kiryu were a treat.


The Osaka Castle sequence was very different from all the "big building chase/battle sequences" I loved the ninja/samurais and of course the TIGER UPPERCUTS! lol.


I really liked that you could enter restaurants and convenience stores without loading.

Also  it was neat that thugs could follow you inside and you could continue the fight.


Increasing XP through dining in addition to regaining health was a cool touch.


Seeing Majima meet up with a character from Y0  was the best part of his campaign.




You seem to get no money from the standard thug fights on the streets until later in the campaign. Y0 gave you a lot, Kiwami 1 gave you some , but here I had to wait till later in the story or do some sidestories to get some money. Even completing story chapters in Y0/K1used to give you some money. That seems limited in Kiwami 2.


There is a 1 second delay when activating heat moves against an enemy in a giant mob. Is it  because the game is graphically intensive or some other reason? I have a "vanilla" ps4.


While I'm glad there is a Majima campaign in this game, gameplay wise it feels very shallow. You can't level up stats or moves. He only has 2 heat moves. The lack of the multiple styles from Y0/K1 hurt him a lot more than Kiryu IMO. I feel like a scrub mashing light and hard. Also, the circle button "spinning clothesline" move is too overpowered lol!


Still, an excellent game.


Overall:   8.5/10


Yakuza 0  - 9/10

Yakuza Kiwami 1   -  8/10



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