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The Street Fighter V Thread, vol. 2

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6 hours ago, Psychoblue said:

I was referring more to how the FGC is planning to boycott nWay yet are hyped with SNK being partially owned by MBS.  


Video games that are fun should be played.  Unless nWay is planning on being over the top blatant about NFT product placement in BFTG updates, it is absurd to draw a line over something like that.  


I can see the point to be honest. There was some outrage against SEGA recently for doing the same thing and people pointed out that one of Sonic's initial messages (though possibly by coincidence) was the preservation of the environment by saving animals from Eggman's mechanical empire. And now SEGA plans on selling Sonic NFT pictures that suck up so much energy that you could play through the entire franchise on a 80" Plasma TV and still not have used as much.


But as always with stuff like this, if you boycott the product, you're harming the little guys (= developers) first and foremost because those are the ones who are going to lose the job if something flops. It's a shitty situation and I wish we could just shoot those greedy corporate bastards on the moon as a one-way trip.

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17 hours ago, Mattatsu said:

Could very well be That Man, but I think there’s also a good chance of that burger sheriff dude.

That Man is not a brand-new character. Dude has been a key player ever since the first GG. He was a boss in GG2 too.




Yes, it's as obnoxious as it looks. Why do y'all think I want him? 🤣

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24 minutes ago, Doctrine_Dark said:

Gotta love people that win game 2 and bounce. Can't even be salty because even they knew their win was a fluke. 



How was the connection? I ask because the only times I have left after winning game 2 are when the match was unplayable but my ego was too fragile to leave after losing game 1 and having them think I left because I lost, so I’d grind my teeth and struggle to win game 2 so I can dip and block them lol


and yeah, I have problems 🤣

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28 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

I am going to miss it when they stop doing these countdown illustrations. Hopefully they’ll be in the game’s gallery.



Three more days until I get Pot Bustered into oblivion.

They usually are. ArcSys puts even the loketest voice clips on the gallery.

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55 minutes ago, Volt said:

They usually are. ArcSys puts even the loketest voice clips on the gallery.

Yeah and that was neat and interesting, but it was pretty bare of actual art. The few things they did have were just character portraits and promos for the arcade. I hope it’ll be more like Blazblue’s galleries. I spent hours just looking what they had.

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