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The Street Fighter V Thread, vol. 2

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39 minutes ago, Reticently said:

May has the absolute best aesthetic, but her gameplay doesn't look like anything I want to keep doing over and over again.


You never dreamed of becoming a Dolphine Tamer?

Then use said Dolphines like Rockets to yeet yourself trough the air?

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52 minutes ago, Reticently said:

but her gameplay doesn't look like anything I want to keep doing over and over again.


Her Xrd stuff could either be really sophisticated or just absolutely ignorant dolphin shooting.


She could set up dolphins and then ride them at people. Absolute buffoonery.



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50 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

So I’ve been stuck in the same spot on the freeway for an hour. Would turn the car off but it’s too hot for no AC


How y’all doing 🤣

What's the problem?


Been in a LOT of busted car situations. Maybe I can give you some advice.🤣

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19 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

So apparently sitting in parking lot traffic for 2 hours was too stressful on my car and I started getting smoke and noise from the engine compartment. Slipped a belt

Holy shit.


I hope you didn't lock up the engine.

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On the bright side I keep water in my car exactly for these situations

28 minutes ago, Volt said:

Holy shit.


I hope you didn't lock up the engine.

Nah not that bad. I actually drove it a minute after the initial smoke (had to die to where I was in traffic) and it seemed ok driving. Pulled over where I could to take a better look and noticed the belt. Even idle it’s making an annoying squealing noise from the slipping belt not being able to spin properly. It’s not the main belt, but my car knowledge is limited so it may or may not be serious (I suspect not). 

But the choice was still 

1. keep driving and hope it’s ok

2. pullover and call a tow 



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34 minutes ago, Illwill88 said:

@Vhoziteprobably did the best thing. Hopefully it's not the timing belt but more than likely if it was you would not have been able to drive it.

Tow guy came and looked at it. Belt slip is causing the fan not to spin, which equals engine overheating. 

Had it off for a good half hour before he got there and it still started smoking like 10s after I turned it on. 

Edit: I knew off the jump it wasn’t the timing belt because like you said I wouldn’t have been able to drive it if it was. I also had that replaced not too long ago anyway. 

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10 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

I think Gootecks had some pretty terrible takes on COVID as well but I can’t find the post anywhere.


Bad takes and retarded nonsense sort of go hand in hand in the FGC.


I dont think its evil either. Short sighted maybe, but not really evil.

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1 hour ago, Volt said:

Actively shill some kind of essential oil to LIJoe when he got the Rona.


This is why we call him Gooptecks.



@KingTubb@AlkipotAnd the rest of the May Gang on that Sony Mony Shill Pass...


It's time.



Zero regrets on my STRIVE shilling. Played til like 4am last night when I had to work. MAY GANG. DOLPHIN SQUAD.


Will most likely stream this week.

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Oh Sonero, just join the STRIVE gang like the rest of us.


Surprised you actually liked that My Hero game. STRIVE is my main game now but I'll def make exceptions... lots of ragequitters there though.


Even more surprising, there's a new season of DLC on the way. Betting money the bunny is coming:



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1 hour ago, AriesWarlock said:




There is literally no reason not to mash super here. Almost 0% chance Laura isn’t hitting a button or throw and Urien is basically guaranteed to die to the mix here anyway. 

But really...the chance of Laura pumping the brakes to bait a reversal here is so low that I wouldn’t even call this a read lol. 

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5 hours ago, GreatDarkHero said:


I dislike they did two characters in one silhouette and ended up with obvious one. Those were boring and defeats the excitement of making those as silhouette.



5 hours ago, GreatDarkHero said:

.. There is a dark power rising. And, it ain't no god damn Satsui no Hadou or no Orochi shit. 

I know *exactly* who the fuck dis iz. 


Evil Mai Mystery solved




In Real Bout Special there was Shadow Andy Bogard that is a master of Shiranui arts but with dark spirit lmao



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