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Anime and Manga Thread: Isekai must Die edition

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Well there's a live scheduled on Day 2 and Day 3 - AZKI special live, Entas, VRChat and VirtualReal. Who knows could be any one of those. 


But the rest of the time will just be Music Videos. The last marathon had a about an hour/2hr segment with videos from past live events that I enjoyed quite a bit.


Welp, Fuk u youtube. RIP Stream lol

Atleast it went out on a nice song, discovered a pretty nice group. 

EDIT2: Boybands revived the stream lol

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I really hate how trash is youtube, specially because the stupidity of google of trying to automatize everything making it almost impossible for people to not get screwed when the system fucks you for a false positive.




And as just i post this the stream is back 🤣

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And speaking of vtubers.

Another one i follow is randomly gaining traction in 2 or 3 days, lol



She scheduled a stream today to celebrate hitting 5k subscribers and after that vid she is close to 10k, by the point of the stream if everythin keeps like now, she probably will have 12k




I thought the stream would be later today, lol






I like how she has used the covers of the single and album to make the thumbnails 🤣

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