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Anime and Manga Thread: Isekai must Die edition

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sheeeeittt, I also just started watching Bastard!! ....right from the first episode I'm loving this.  Of course... I can't help but imagine that if a live-action netflix or Disney adaptation happens at some point in the nearfuture... we all know what happens to that redhaired main female character:

Happy Black Girl GIF

Hey, it's just the rules, y'know.  Redheads need not apply.  


Anyway, I'm enjoying this show so far.  

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As unbelievable as it may sound... The Pokémon Anime managed to put out a legit season.


Deadass, this is actually good for once. I am skipping a lot of filler-esque episodes and the ones featuring Ash's partner based on Pokémon Go, but like, it's actually the most hype this anime has ever been.


I don't even know how to process this information. It would be like watching an Dragon Ball arc and it having good writing. That shit is unprecedented.

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Discotek announced that all of the City Hunter OVAs/movies released before the 2019  Shinjuku Private Eyes movie will be on a 2 disc Bluray collection set for release in "Winter 2023".

These are not full remasters unfortunately, but upscales.


This includes the 1999 Death of Ryo Saeba which was never released by ADV during their "tenure" in the late 90s/early 2000's.

Oddly enough, the ADV English dubs from the other 5 films will be included in the set. (Discotek did their own dub for Shinjuku Private Eyes for the US release)




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Mothers basement girl did a deep dive into Square Enix manga app and the insane censorship is not the worst of it



In summary


They split manga chapters in two

You rent the manga not own

There are three currencies

Some titles require you to pay every 13 pages with a page reminding you to give them more money.


I want this dies

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I finished Mobile Figter G Gundam a few nights ago. I love Allenby but I will forever be Team Rain. Domon's confession in the final episode legit hit me in the feels. Then he and Rain tag team the Dark Gundam. They straight up defeated the most powerful thing in the universe with the power of love. Huey Lewis would be proud.




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12 hours ago, AriesWarlock said:

Virtually everyone on e-hentai hate Jacob, so it seems they finally got some payback.

I mean, they removed it from rightstuf, sure, but the article even mentions you can still buy all the 18+ merch RS had for sale (and more) at another well known site. Which they also link in the article. So it doesn’t really matter? 

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