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The Metroid Thread: The E.M.M.I. just want a hug! (Dread Available Now)

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28 minutes ago, Volt said:

Start boosting, when you're at full speed, tap down while on the ground.


To let er rip, press B with no directional input. You can aim during the startup.


If you need to practice, the transport rooms with the trains are great. No enemies and long enough to Boost and try out stuff.

OK so suppose I fall off a cliff, how would I spark mid-air then? That seems to be my major hangup there doing it consistently 

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59 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

I've had a harder time sequence breaking and finding my way than dealing with the bosses. Again, the game never puts you in an unwinnable situation, you just have to stick it out and the W will come eventually 🤷🏾‍♂️

It makes perfect sense for us because we're already used to take beatings and learn from them with Fighting Games, but it's always funny to see how people can get soft.


People need that kind of kick in the nuts every once in a while to keep them straight. 🤣

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2 minutes ago, RSG3 said:

Fuck that shit, reprint the Samus Returns set you assholes. 

I wish. That 2-pack goes for so much money now. $145-200 is what I usually see it go for

2 minutes ago, RSG3 said:

And make the Dread set available somewhere to assholes. 

This likely won’t help much but It’s been blinking in and out of stock on Amazon and Best Buy 

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8 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

I finished my 100% hard mode run. Finished 7 hours and 15 minutes. It doesn't unlock another difficulty mode or a boss mode. 


According to this game Other M is part of the mainline series. I wouldn't have given it a spot. 

They needed a Dragonball GT-like entry just to round off all the endings. Iirc, there are 8.

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16 hours ago, Hawkingbird said:

According to this game Other M is part of the mainline series. I wouldn't have given it a spot. 

Before @Sonichumanposted the video showing the issues with Other M's localization, I would have agreed. The Samus and Adam we got in Other M aren't the same characters. That's how bad the localization is.


US Samus: "Isn't Adam so dreamy 😍." 


Japanese Samus: "If this muthafucka calls me lady one more time... 🔫"

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21 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:


Before @Sonichumanposted the video showing the issues with Other M's localization, I would have agreed. The Samus and Adam we got in Other M aren't the same characters. That's how bad the localization is.


US Samus: "Isn't Adam so dreamy 😍." 


Japanese Samus: "If this muthafucka class me lady one more time... 🔫"

Fusion is the game that established "Lady" as a term of endearment. English Other M just found a way to fuck it up.  

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Alright I’m pretty sure I’m at the last boss, so I finally went through the thread. Super Metroid scarred me for life. For every Chozo upgrade statue, I kept thinking it would come alive.

This game was difficult but forgiving with its checkpoints. Not sure where I’d place it in my rank. I think Super is still tops on the 2D front. I can still remember that game and it’s music. I honestly can’t recall any really memorable music from Dread. Now the EMMI sounds are another story. That’s nightmare fuel and hit the dread theme well. 

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You really do expose just how fucking lazy, trash, and unwilling to persevere through minor difficulty in your life when you make these kinds of stupid complaints. 


"It didn't give me an easy win, clearly this game is only for the Ubermench gamers to flex on the peons with."


Imagine spinning that fucking fairy tale in your head to justify why you suck dick at a videogames.


Go back to Animal Crossing where you belong. 

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Started a play through of Hard Mode. Shit deffinitly hits harder but doesn't seem like it has more life and with how the counter mechanic works it wouldnt matter much. I turned the game off after getting the Wide Beam. Even the bosses don't seem to have more health so really this mode is just gonna demand you get hit even less which I'm kind of alright with this time. Usually.i want enemies to get new shit but they Metroid doesn't really need or work like that and the combats engaging for a Metroid game as it is so I'm fine with the simple damage boost. Just demands you be on point more. 


Gotta say second time through the recap in the beginning feels lazy and out of place. Samus narrating the intro is fine and dandy but it should be voiced. She has one in this game, seems pretty good, it wouldn t effect the story of the game proper and would give the intro what I feel needs polish. The stills are kinda lame to, i feel like they could have done a bit more, and since they bother to recap Fusion they should do a little post Fusion recap to and talk about how her suit is regenerating that's why it has a sort of Fusion/Chozo armor hybrid look about it. I had to look that up. I guess it's in one of the Dread Reports or something? Should be in the game imo, it's kind of important info and the Dread Reports won't be around forever, and the intro recap is a perfect time for it. Could even have done it during the intro proper with Adam reminding you about it or something. He could use the screen time lol. 


Anyway my random off the cuff thoughts. 

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Finished it, 6:05 at 44%. Will go back and item hunt over the next week. I enjoyed it a lot, but I honestly liked Samus Returns (and of course Super and Zero Mission) more, at least based on the time I have in it so far. This one felt more like Fusion to me, it just felt like I was being rushed through rather than having to use each new ability to really explore. Even with the acid pool element and the scan pulse, SR felt more like I had to put each tool to use, this one usually just teleports you to the next needed area shortly after you get an upgrade. The music was super disappointing as well, it felt more like Fusion and Other M than the classics. On the positive side, I did enjoy the increased challenge, Samus' mobility feels stellar, and the map is fantastic. I'm sure the endgame item hunt will scratch more of the exploration itch, and seeing you guys talk about sequence breaking being viable makes me hopeful that replays will be fun. 

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On 10/15/2021 at 11:33 PM, Hawkingbird said:

I just learned 

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That using a shine spark on Z- 57  is a one hit kill. I wish I had known this sooner. 


Shit, that one took me several tries too. I actually tried that technique and got hit out of the charge, will have to watch and see how it should be done.

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