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The Street Fighter V CE Story Thread: Back From The Dead & Better Than Ever

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12 hours ago, Miðgarðsorm said:

Lol, literally the first costume Lisa Lisa had in her first appearance in JoJo.





This may even probably appeared as a potential  secret costume if a code was entered 


If not, It's kinda waste potential if not used as reference the Rose's MB in Capcom Fighting Jam / Capcom Fighting Evolution


It's better to reference both jojo and Rose previous reappearances to establish a shout out to it


Which at least made their own inter connectivity

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19 hours ago, Shakunetsu said:



Your asking for ID code from the other thread.


Nadeshiko ID code is NDK


Daigo's ID is X01


And here's an additional info that might help and also give a doubt if he is a just an assist or not


Two P ID is X00 (Not an Assist Character)




I think Daigo will be part of the stage KO.
Maybe the river side has the loser go in the water; the slope side has the loser stumble into Daigo, who may be very annoyed that you tried to fight his sister. "How dare you lay a hand on my sis?" *megaton punch to the sky*
If the loser is Akira, maybe Daigo can humorously scold her for getting into the fight.


On 11/27/2020 at 5:50 PM, Shakunetsu said:

Since the original stage is from Project Justice


The RS stage was in Kansai region can be along Osaka or Nara


and it’s in a different location the one in SF4 is in Kanto Region might be near to many metropolis like Tokyo


The original stage was named 大和川堤防 Yamatogawa teibō, "Yamato river levee". It's the only real-life reference in Project Justice, and indeed the Yamato flows between Nara and Ōsaka's prefectures, not far from Capcom's HQ.

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