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The Street Fighter V CE Story Thread: Back From The Dead & Better Than Ever

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6 hours ago, Miðgarðsorm said:

Ooook, I don't have time now for all these shenanigans, but I'll figure out how to archive some of the older SRK posts here. Maybe. Also, Lord Vega and bakfromon should absolutely be here somehow.

Should you want to work with like last time, I've worked out how to get around the forever-scroll thing, but it'll be a fairly messy process - in short you'll need to split each thread up into batches of 20 posts, and for 10k threads...  I don't want to clog up this thread with that talk, but if this is your preferred option of archiving, please feel free to PM me, and we can get it done quickly again. I think.


[note: this isn't to say I think the old SRK threads will necessarily die or vanish any time soon, but all sites do drop data at one point, so now and again a refresh is important]

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I know I mentioned this to Darc with his custom character profiles, but it is always good practice to write out long-form posts in text files on your computer, and THEN post them onto forums.


This is good practice in case the forum ever dies/moves/breaks your posts.  You'll always have hard copies you can re-use or save for posterity.


I may or may not set up some kind of wiki/blog platform for people if that kind of content becomes very prevalent and there is a need for it -- but that is FAR down the road right now.

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