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The Street Fighter V CE Story Thread: Back From The Dead & Better Than Ever

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Street Fighter Duel 


New Character exclusive to the game





The name of Shi Zhi’an comes from this: Buddha regards Sakyamuni as his clan. Those who are now the sons of Buddha should follow the clan of Buddha, which is the surname Shi.


Shi Zhian is a light-attribute fighter , with the belief that "the common people will live, the world will be peaceful " , and he will play a supporting role on the battlefield to protect his teammates against powerful enemies!


Shi Zhian was frail and sick when he was young , so his parents sent him to Shaolin Temple to practice martial arts, hoping that he could strengthen his body and be healthy and safe.


Defense, Buff and Counter




Gold One Arm, Aura and Bell







Specials and Attack




  • Counter Like Attack


  • Increase Defense: Reduce Damage and Gain Life



  • Attack that can stagger an opponent



  • Activate after the Golden Bell - A Bell Falls into the opponent and Shi Zhian will crushed the bell
  • 4ssydwhaawn.gif



  • some kind of boost on special, combo potential and area damage





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More SF online stuff


from left to right


Hot Chunli & Sir Cody (Flamed Enhance attacks) and Chunli has flip kick. (Chun's reminds me of the CPT costume)


Rampage or Riot version of Ryu (This is not Kage and there is also a separate Evil Ryu character)

- Has a Super Tatsumaki that moves forward unlike the Ryu used in Zero/Alpha

- Shin SRK as default SRK

- Has a Super SRK starts with a Punch forward


  Master Ken Basically Just Ken with SFV Tatsu and VTrigger1


  Nightmare Mech Akuma - Can shoot Hadouken with a single palm very similar to Oni


  Cyborg Seth - Has a chest canon like Maxima in KOF


Combat Guile - Uses Bow and Arrows, Can throw grenades (Alts in SF4)


Wolf King Zangief - Has SFV VTrigger1  (Alts in SF4)


Ken's bike mini game an obvious homage to the meme of Ryo Sakazaki in AOF


I must use HaohShokoken


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On 12/23/2020 at 4:41 AM, Shakunetsu said:





More SF online stuff


from left to right


Hot Chunli & Sir Cody (Flamed Enhance attacks) and Chunli has flip kick. (Chun's reminds me of the CPT costume)


Rampage or Riot version of Ryu (This is not Kage and there is also a separate Evil Ryu character)

- Has a Super Tatsumaki that moves forward unlike the Ryu used in Zero/Alpha

- Shin SRK as default SRK

- Has a Super SRK starts with a Punch forward


  Master Ken Basically Just Ken with SFV Tatsu and VTrigger1


  Nightmare Mech Akuma - Can shoot Hadouken with a single palm very similar to Oni


  Cyborg Seth - Has a chest canon like Maxima in KOF


Combat Guile - Uses Bow and Arrows, Can throw grenades (Alts in SF4)


Wolf King Zangief - Has SFV VTrigger1  (Alts in SF4)


Ken's bike mini game an obvious homage to the meme of Ryo Sakazaki in AOF


I must use HaohShokoken


English release date, when???

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The only part I liked on his video was Zangief being in the mentor part and giving advice in win quotes.


I dislikes that he missed the whole muscle power. Because I really like the whole introduction muscle power in Shadow falls.


It sets him above from others.


He doesn't exclaims how Zangief's the character was supposed to have decent knowledge and someone that is not just another big body compare to the others


He even used the pocket fighter picture of Gief reading a book but totally missed out pointing that very important area of his character.

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Hey guys, wanted to share some images from the Long Wolf & Cub manga where we see the ultimate assassin "Lone Wolf" Ogami Itto confront a living Buddha. As you can see, he can't kill him because the monk Wajo has attained Mu. Wajo goes on to explain...




Wajo even discusses sakki...the killing lust. Another word for sakki? Satsui no Hadou. Surge of killing intent.




This is further reinforcement of what I've talked about before in regards to how Mu works and why it stops the Shun Goku Satsu (and indeed is an ultimate defense). Only one that attains Mu can combat someone in a state of Mu. This is also in Hokuto No Ken.

Figured people would appreciate this little bit of info on Mu from one of the most influential manga of all time.

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This huge enemy in SF Duel is also using 


a Tanden engine like Seth





It reminds one of SFV ending of seth.


But now his more like an amalgam


Amalgam of some Street Fighters


Besides the Tanden Engine it also has Akuma's beads and Chun li's bracelet


And it also reminds of the ending of Cyclops




Some Alt Characters






And the new cyber akuma is not an actual cyber akuma in MvSF but a Nightmare event.


He throws tornado fireballs and single handed fireballs.

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On 1/4/2021 at 9:41 PM, YagamiFire said:

Hey guys, wanted to share some images from the Long Wolf & Cub manga where we see the ultimate assassin "Lone Wolf" Ogami Itto confront a living Buddha. As you can see, he can't kill him because the monk Wajo has attained Mu. Wajo goes on to explain...




Wajo even discusses sakki...the killing lust. Another word for sakki? Satsui no Hadou. Surge of killing intent.




This is further reinforcement of what I've talked about before in regards to how Mu works and why it stops the Shun Goku Satsu (and indeed is an ultimate defense). Only one that attains Mu can combat someone in a state of Mu. This is also in Hokuto No Ken.

Figured people would appreciate this little bit of info on Mu from one of the most influential manga of all time.

Ooh, good find man, that's pretty great!

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But, someone above me mentions a Shadow Falls story.
There are a number of things that could have been done differently obviously.


Warning, this spoiler is a little bit long-winded. It is composed of alternative version of the “Shadow Falls” storyline.


Necalli would have served as a distant but direct accessory to the Illuminati who poses a direct threat to Ryu. The first time they fight, Necalli defeats Ryu with relative ease in an attempt to “eat” him and absorb the Satsui no Hadou. It takes Dhalsim to interrupt and stop this from happening. They both fight valiantly until the authorities in India arrive in an attempt to put down Necalli and settle the street fight. Things got really dirty during in the street fighting scenario with a life form that they know absolutely nothing about. This Necalli thing just came seemingly out of nowhere and started practically smacking an unprepared Ryu around.

Necalli vanishes, still very incomplete, despite being strong enough to fight both Ryu and Dhalsim.

After asking and answering questions with the local law enforcement, Ryu and Dhalsim leave on a journey in hopes of doing more research. Dhalsim accompanies Ryu out of curiosity after he tells him of a rumor of some other force causing abnormalities and manipulating events aside from just Shadowloo (alluding to the Illuminati). Dhalsim also warns Ryu that is going to get even more difficult to control the powers in alignment with his assassination techniques.


Ryu and Dhalsim greets Ken at the same forest-based stage. Ryu and Ken fight just out of novelty. Ken ekes out a victory and quickly notices something wrong with Ryu. To Ryu’s agreement, Dhalsim explains the situation about Necalli and an unknown force that he seems to associate with (Illuminati). Ken states that he is starting an international martial arts tournament soon for live stream events and for different programs to offset the events of SFII and SFVI. He invites Ryu and Dhalsim to event which will take place within a few days time frame. Ryu obliges believing that he’ll figure out a lot more by then but he tells Ken to be really careful and watch for any shady activities.


Karin Kanzuki’s role would change significantly. Sakura and Karin being the friendly rivals that they are trade information on what took place in the events of Street Fighter VI.

Karin recognizes some of the problems that have been going on between the tournaments and the Shadowloo. She ignites a plan to begin a martial arts tournament, free of any corruption.

This would allow Karin to kill two birds with one stone: Clean up the martial arts sporting events and tournaments systems while also furthering benefitting her family business from its sponsorship. Karin will be able to further spread her own influence in her own knowledge of martial arts in this manner while appealing to her idol Ken Masters.


Now we get into the perspectives of Ken Masters and Karin.

They both contact each other over a large international martial arts tournament in an effort to rise spirits and generate necessary funds for different charity programs. Something of the opposite effect of what the Shadowloo has done in the background when they made the tournaments for accomplishing far more nefarious goals.

Ken and Karin rendezvous with each other, accompanied by Birdie and Ibuki and they travel around the world to gather and invite other fighters, much like how Ken was trying to do with the likes of his brother in arms Ryu and then Dhalsim himself.



First they go to New York, where they meet Alex and Tom. Getting to know each other, Ken asks Alex to participate in the tour, to which he does not mind. Alex gets on board after becoming fascinated with the idea of traveling around the world again, much like how he would do in the military service. In addition, he already made an impact in the martial arts world before as man who participates in wrestling tournaments and (possibly) underground matches for the sport of it.

Unknown to the others was a mysterious group of individuals watching them closely. On their communications systems, one of the men speak.

“Lord Urien. There is something odd going on here. They are apparently planning a tournament event!”



“Is watching a bunch of rats really that complicated for you fools? Track their locations! The purpose here to bring about the fall of Shadowloo and the rise of a new leaders, yours truly! Dismiss. For I have another matter to take care of, involving two little lab rats of mine and this little prophecy.”

“Yes, Lord Urien!”

(The motivations behind the Illuminati to gradually reveal themselves to the public and fulfil the prophecy of Bison’s downfall to rise in his wake as the primary savior. This obviously involves Necalli, Nash, and the manipulation of three forces:
1). Strongest Martial Artists in the world
2). Law Enforcement or Government (including Interpol, Military Branches, and even Intelligence Agencies).
3). Manipulation of criminal organizations (mainly Shadowloo, who are functionally rivals to them. It by some implications, even Mad Gear).



Urien is obviously on his own agenda. Purpose: To seize the Illuminati from his brother to become its rightful leader in order to implement actions in relation to totalitarianism.


But, what is Necalli’s role in this?

Urien alludes to Necalli and Nash when he says “lab rats.”



Necalli’s role is given a change: Again, Necalli has a direct yet somewhat distant association with the Illuminati. But, he also a subject of a scheme involving the Illuminati’s (specifically Urien’s department) attempt at replicating the Satsui no Hadou. Necalli himself is still a being that seeks to absorb the strengths of the strongest fighters (instinctively. Think Jenova from Final Fantasy VII).

And, now? Ryu has become a primary target of Necalli’s thirst for blood and power. Insult to injury, in this alternative plotline, it could be implied that Urien made a passive attempt at having his scientists reverse-engineer the Satsui no Hadou for a secondary project, though he may or may not have put too much thought behind it, considering that he knows the risks behind such unstable power.



–Back to Ken and co.

Ken, Karin, and co. stop to Russia and manage to encounter Zangief. They tussle with Zangief, alongside R. Mika and Nadeshiko both whom were conducting muscular endurance assessments. Zangief hears Ken out on the international martial arts tournament and asks if he would like to participate. Delighted at the idea, Zangief tells R. Mika. They both promise show up later. Zangief then suggests that there should be a pre-event tour, to which both Ken and Karin agree upon. They take time to set up the tour and begin traveling around to carefully select their fighters and send their invitations in order to further augment the fighting tournament experiences and entertainment.



They head to Brazil and find Laura, Blanka, and Sean at a massive fighting ring.

Laura, getting a boost confidence in winning the small tournament asks “Who else wants to be my next grapple bud?!”

… To which Alex, Zangief, R. Mika, Birdie, and Nadeshiko respond. They spend roughly two hours brawling it out, delaying Ken and Karin on their efforts. However, a mysterious group of thugs start causing major trouble when they begin chasing Sean out of the general area of the underground ring. Laura madly chases the thugs, with the others following suit.



The player primarily utilizes Laura and Blanka to deal with a group of odd like thugs (whom were not necessarily “thugs” in a traditional sense. This will become a lot more relevant later). Ken and Karin inquire to Blanka and Laura as to what was going on and they say that the thugs were after “pieces of the puzzle” which turn out to be mechanisms for them to cause destruction.

Both Sean and Laura are more confused than anyone because the object the thugs were after looked like a piece that belonged to a board game.

Upon receiving an inquiry about the new tournament, Laura and the others agree. Blank figures he could participate in an effort to promote his own business in… dressing up as a doll-version of himself and to further contribute to the happiness of his mother. Laura obviously obliges cause she figures she would make a name for herself in Matsuda-Martial Arts while teaching her little brother Sean a thing or too. Sean himself was already hyped about being in contact with the famous Ken Masters himself.



Because of the craziness of the SFII and SFVI events in their tournaments, security levels have increased. Ken apparently took Ryu’s warning to heart and used a large sum of his budget for a personal security service. Among such securities were characters such as…
Zeku, Lucia, Cammy, and E. Honda.

Zeku purpose is molded into being motivated by a degree of righteousness… and the same suspicions as the likes of Dhalsim.
Lucia, being in the law enforcement herself, figure that she participates in a gig in hopes of uploading the law and representing the city which she normally resides in.
Cammy actually has her agenda. She saw an online posting by Ken Masters and Karin Kanzuki.
The real reason why Cammy is here will be revealed in a short while.

E. Honda is involved because it is implied that he won SFIV (or one of the tournaments during the events), so he figures he continues his obligation as a champion while earning extra funds in showcasing his own skills.


(Notification: A lot of characters that were supposed to show up at a later date as DLC make early cameos and may even participate in fights at certain points in the narrative). Involved in this tournament would have been Birdie, Sakura, Ibuki, R. Mika, Ken (himself), Laura, Karin (much like Ken, in her own tournament), Zangief, Alex, and other noteworthy characters.


The tournament itself will come into play at a later point where all the character intersect, leading to another confrontation with the Illuminati and Shadowloo.

In the background while the tournament is set up, Ken (and a select group of characters within the security team) encounter a bunch of suspicious individuals. Each of them having something to do with Mad Gear. Ken and Karin manage to defeat scores of them. E. Honda, Cammy, Zeku, and Lucia also put in some work against the gang members in an effort to keep hold of the tournament properties and protect them. Cammy does a data scan through a information link:


Through Cammy’s information link, she communicates with the Lumo Task Force (Lumokinesis, has to do with “Light”, contradicting the Shadowloo’s association with “Dark”), subsidiary of the Interpol that temporarily possesses the same jurisdiction as the likes of a countries intelligence agency through specific contract.




Chun-Li = (Interpol)

Guile = (American Air Force - Rank: O4/Major)

 Abel (UC = Undercover)

 Cammy (MI6 and Former Shadowloo agent).


Number of agents, including NPC’s: 122 individuals.


The individuals listed above are “prominent” figures, specifically assigned to this task force. 


But, why would their be people from the American Military in on this? Why cooperate with the Interpol or other groups of different countries and jurisdiction?
Guile himself is on TDY. His unit gave paperwork, orders, and clearance for participating in this mission.

Chun-Li is obviously an Interpol agent who already won more than a few disputes with the Shadowloo in the past, despite her difficulties in the Alpha series and is also the one who directly landed a Kikosho on Bison for a final hit before he disappeared in the events of SFII (if the Capcom-sanctioned anime is to be taken seriously).



Now we move on to Juri, Rashid, Kolin, Urien, and Nash.

The role of Juri and Kolin remains mostly unchanged.


So boom. Nash is given the resurrection treatment and is exceedingly pissed.



In this narrative context, Nash would have had a lot more interaction with Guile. Nash is part of the very reason why Guile had to take action against the Shadowloo in the first place. They fight each other at least twice.


Kolin’s group gets together. Juri proceeds to rough house with the others for the sake of messing with them and due to her generally chaotic nature. She settles down when Rashid fends off her attacks. They discuss their plans to conduct countermeasures against Bison’s plan. Context is given behind both Rashid and Juri: Rashid just wants to find an old friend of his and Juri wants to grind her heel upon Bison’s face for what happened in her own past as a child.


Nash would have also put up a far better fight against Urien, just enough to actually piss the latter off when Nash’s obsession with killing Bison is put on full showcase (the idea behind this is make Nash still appear as a strong character to fend against Urien’s onslaughts and his tests).


They fight to a stalemate.


Nash REMAINS STEADFAST (he is not visibly injured) in this narrative! Urien on the other hand, while unscathed becomes increasingly furious at Nash’s insistent behavior.


Urien: “Idiot! Concentrate on the battle or I will kill you where you stand, you worthless doll.”


Nash: “Worthless doll, huh. Didn’t you say you wanted to test me out in combat? And, now you are pissed because you are getting your ass kicked. What the hell are you even on about anyway? My argument isn’t even with you!”


Urien: *Performs a Chariot Tackle*



Nash: *Performs his V-Trigger teleportation*

"Like I said, I have a score to settle. It’s as simple as that. You should know everything about holding grudges, considering your… relationship to your boss." 


Urien: “WHAT?”


Nash: “I said your boss. Gill, was it? What’s up? You missed a few hugs as a child? Something happen between you and your big brother?”




Urien proceeds to deliver a violent barrage of punches. Nash falls under a lot of pressure but he is able to parry a good portion of Urien’s attacks, while landing a couple of his own. Nash’s speed was able to offset Urien’s raw power.


Urien: “Rats. Nothing but a bunch of useless rats.”


Before things could escalate, Rashid grabs Urien by the shoulder, only to further annoy Urien.


(The context behind this banter is to play into Nash’s background in psychiatry. He proceeds to insult Urien through riddles and mind-games while Urien tries to crush him. Nash manages to defend himself. This highlights how strong Nash still is while keeping Urien a major threat).


Urien attempts to kill Rashid for his interruption and for merely touching him. Kolin appeases Urien.

Minutes pass. Urien leaves while ensuring that he makes his threats clear, specifically pointing at Nash for his own behavior.


Kolin tries to chastise Nash for his deviations and his general behavior, in spite of his resurrection. It is shown that Nash’s body is subject to power leaks and that there is a chance that he may not stay alive for too much longer. Kolin continues to chastise Nash.


But, instead of kissing Kolin’s ass or resigning, in spite of his physical condition, Nash casually questions Kolin on her attitude.


Nash: “… You angry?” I can’t help but notice that you acting a little too aggressive. Does it piss you off when people don’t follow your orders, even with how potentially unethical they may be? And, speaking of orders… I heard a story about a little girl once whose town fell to a group of service members…"


Nash showcasing a larger degree of rebellious tendencies, considering his past experiences, provoke Kolin about her own past.

They both fight to a stalemate. Juri sits in the background laughing at the whole ordeal. Rashid, being the only sane man tries to stop them both from arguing with each other.


They go over the plan for their group after things settle down.

Just as they talk about their plan in putting Shadowloo out of commission…

Bison himself is slowly revealed… working on his new scheme involving the same piece that his men were after earlier when they were going after Sean. Alongside Bison, are F.A.N.G., Balrog (Boxer), and Vega (Claw).

It is revealed that there are kidnapped subjects that were unwilling working on Operations: C.H.A.I.Ns which involves launching satellites known as the Black Moons cut off electrical power sources of other countries and then augment the said satellites with Psycho Power to arrange for a doomsday.
Among those subjects are...

Li-Fen and an old friend of Rashid whom is desperately crying for help…


There are four keys that will allow Bison to control electronic systems and override global computer safety protocols and antiviruses to allow him free reign. He has one (from Sean).


His next target is a bank in New York City.

The purpose of Kolin’s Group, the Lumo Task Force, and the rest of the Illuminati is to intercept and face off against the Shadowloo before they can set up Operations: C.H.A.I.N.S.



Meanwhile, Necalli is on the loose and is currently gunning for Ryu’s life.

A massive tournament is underway by Ken Masters and Karin Kanzuki. Despite their good intentions, this is not likely to last.

The remaining three… Macguffin keys are allocated with


1). Ryu’s scroll…

2). The New York City Bank where the current Mayor Cody keeps his treasures in a safety deposit box, which happens to be one of the keys that were initially in Mad Gears possession (hence, Poison and Abigail’s eventual involvement in the plot).

3). With Karin Kanzuki’s residence in a massive computer server room where her family stores financial and government information of Japan from their significant connections.

… To be continued.

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Why some things were changed:
1). Ryu and Dhalsim simply travel together in order to find out the mystery behind Necalli, the Satsui no Hadou and the connection to the unknown organization that Dhalsim mentioned through his own readings and his connections…


The Illuminati.


Dhalsim already being a friend of to Ryu and a excellent spiritual guide accompanies Ryu, as Necalli made an attempt on his land. Based his ability to read the minds of men and having a (possible) connection to Rose over the course of SFII~SFVI events (it is never implied that do know each other but it would be logical to assume so in this case because they a few things in common).


This is likely a chance for Ryu to settle the score with Necalli and enhance his ability to adapt under any circumstance as a true martial artists… and hopefully defeat Gouki at his own game one day as the evolutionary master of the fist in his own way.


A brand new opponent in the eyes of Ryu, one that is far more unpredictable and unstable than Sagat… Bison… and even Gouki in his current state! A killer!
This conflict will soon lead to him discovering the existence of the Illuminati and their hidden conflict with Bison. Ryu and Bison will have an epic showdown. However… RYU IS NOT THE ONE WHO FINISHES THE JOB. The context here is when they do finally confront each other after their trials and tribulations, they reveal themselves as the anti-thesis of each other. They will end up fighting a very rough match with each other. In an explosive power struggle, they realize that they are each others equals. Both taken a major beating from each other.

Ryu and Bison.



2). Nash’s characterization.

I have not seen Darkness Falls in a while. Nash is a man whom is still gunning for Bison. Being resurrected, he is still somewhat thankful to Kolin… But, not necessarily submissive. Plus, Nash’s MOS in the Air Force (aside from being able to pilot airships) is that of psychiatry. He is incredibly bitter from these transgressions. And, is also assumed that Kolin filled in the blanks and allowed Nash just enough time to digest the information.

The reason why Nash provokes Kolin in this narrative I’ve chosen is because at some point before he was going after Bison directly, he may have read up on the events of Kolin’s past, hence why she does not like folks in uniform. Nash probably stood at one of Kolin’s residences in which he would find out about the incident in a hidden file after some random meddling in the area. Nash also uncovers some hidden bio-experimentations with a report that reads “Satsui no Hadou” with an electronically written signature belonging to “Urien.”


Nash starts getting very suspicious as a result. What the hell is going on? Who are these people? Where is Bison exactly? What has Guile done to address the issue of Bison? Where is Chun-Li? Who the hell is Urien? Isn’t Satsui no Hadou an application for martial artists who give in to a source of power through obsession and deadly training assessment?


Nash: “What the hell is going on here?”


(This will take place after Nash and Kolin have their initial talk when he is bought back to life).

Afterwards, Kolin drops in on Nash through the door, assuming he just recuperated. Noticing nothing suspicious, she assumes that Nash is compliant. Nash himself fears that he may be involved in yet another conspiracy, not so different from how the Deus Ex series is set up. Kolin and Nash go to rendezvous with Juri and the others in the group designated for intercepting Bison’s operations.

And, of course, he has his little confrontation with Urien and then Kolin, poking at their mental weaknesses and insecurities. Rashid tries mitigate this, being the voice of reason. He reminds them that they are there to hunt down Bison. It is through this process, one of the following locations of the keys for C.H.A.I.N.S. is in possession of the Kanzuki clan…

Coincidentally, where that very same tournament is bound to take place…

Thus putting Ken and Karin’s motivations in jeopardy.



3). Necalli?

Necalli will operate as a recurring villain but his characterization and his feats will make seem as a far more menacing figure whom is actively murdering strong martial artists and augmenting himself. He is also actively gunning for Ryu, due to both of them having something in common: The Satsui no Hadou. In this case, Necalli outright defeats Ryu and knocks him out completely!
The only reason why Ryu is alive is because Dhalsim was able to come in the last minute to fight against Necalli. Ryu comes to and notices Dhalsim fighting the very enemy he fell to and tries to help him, only for it to appear as if Necalli was just getting started.

The authorities try to control the chaos, eventually causing Necalli to leave, due to his fatigue and the sheer number of men caught in the frenzy.

Now this is where the conflict between Ryu and Necalli start.



4). Who will defeat Bison in this narrative?

After all that happens in this alternative narration, the one who “physically” beats Bison is Nash and Guile. SNK Boss Style. It becomes a ugly brawl between the two combatants and Bison, no different from the Raid series. Bison madly overwhelms both of them, but after more than a few struggles, Nash performs an energy chainsaw onto Bison, slicing him into submission and paralysis. Nash chokes Bison and proceeds to self-destruct, just as he did in the original narrative.

Except this time, the context is a lot more obvious and Bison is visibly pissed off: Nash neutralized Bison and is now the same as he was before. Bison and Guile are left in a critical state. From there it becomes a desperate struggle between two extremely skilled martial artists. Guile vs Bison. A fated encounter.

Guile delivers a fatal Somersault kick (alluding to his Ultra I Combo Finisher from SFIV). Thus… “physically” defeating Bison.

Key Word: “Physically.”



But, even then, Bison is not done. Chun-Li is in the middle of rescuing Li-Fen from the computer room she was trapped in, only for it to be shown that Bison is still active through an automated system that had parts of conscience uploaded through one of his Psycho Power adapters from the technology he used to create the Black Moons. Think Sigma from Megaman X where he lives as a sentient virus who can infect Reploids.


A ghostly version of Bison appears within the computer room to seemingly prepare to continue Operation C.H.A.I.N.S., despite Rashid hijacking his software.

At this point, Chun-Li had already witnessed the battle between Ryu and Bison at a far earlier point, even inquiring to Ryu about where he got all of that strength from to fight Bison directly by himself.


Mu. Nothingness. The main idea of Ryu’s newfound strength and his answer to Necalli.

Chun-Li trains on this for a while with Cammy, Ryu, Ken, and Karin herself, and then utilizes these functions against Vega, F.A.N.G., Juri, and other assailant (without losing anywhere near as many fights as she did in the original Shadow Falls storyline).

Then she tries this again, this time against Phantom Bison (alluding to SFEX series). Confusion, angst, turmoil, and destruction. Phantom Bison continues to fight Chun-Li viciously in this ghastly form, even provoking her about her late father.

Chun-Li ends up seeing through this and begins to change her approach with smaller strikes to interrupt Bison and slowly cause pain. A slow and gradual process where Chun-Li has to avoid getting hit at all costs.

Chun-Li throws large objects at Bison (alluding to the scenario between Vega and Chun-Li in the SFII: Animated Film) in this vicious “street fighting” scenario, but Bison continues to punch and kick her around, no different from how Broly had done so with the likes of Goku before he could even go Ultra Instinct.

Driven by the will to protect Li-Fen and others so that they do not end up as lost as she once was as a child, Chun-Li uses a variation of the power of “Mu” and applies it to her Kikosho VTII…


She performs an elaborate combo through VTII to finally defeat Bison…

Providing closure to Chun-Li’s legacy… and establishing her as the “Strongest Woman in the World” in a slightly literal sense. This is also based on Urien’s encounter which he mentions that she was the one who faced down Shadowloo before her retirement.

… More to come.

Some of these ideas may sound ridiculous but Capcom storytelling… tend to be kind of odd at times.


Additional Post


In the Last Act in reference to what I’ve written a while back.


The tournament that Karin and Ken started was a dud mainly because of the Illuminati’s machinations in trying to take out Shadowloo via Necalli or Nash

(The origins of Necalli were altered so that he was an extremely powerful but flawed product of the Illuminati, built with the Satsui no Hadou in mind. This is why he continues targeting Ryu and Dhalsim whom were traveling together to figure out what Necalli’s deal was. To clarify: Dhalsim wants to help Ryu in my narrative because Necalli also threatened several law enforcers in India just from his bloodthirst and then started attacking Ryu out of the blue in his initial appearance. Necalli was set up to be a far bigger menace than what we were given at first. Dhalsim himself also theorizes that he could help Ryu with his newfound enemy, seeing as he was still somewhat struggling with the Satsui no Hadou, even after all this time. He leaves his post in India at the aid of his fellow guardians, as he is able to teleport back if they require his assistance).


Tournament between Ken and Karin happens as a community-building process and to generates incentives for the greatest warriors. But obviously, the efforts fall short towards the middle of the tournament.



Note: Karin is not put into any “leadership” position and is not presented as a potential Mary Sue as she was in actual SFV presentation. Karin’s backstory is this: Before she meets Ken for the suggested tournament, she specifically loses to one of the dolls at first and then to even Kolin.


Karin’s closure is confronting one of the Dolls and halting Kolin in her infiltration attempt. What this does is reinforce that Karin can grow strong from her losses but this is not done in a way where she is annoying and she still retains her haughty but well-meaning personality. Sakura even goes as far as to give her a pep talk before finally confronting one of the Dolls at Shadowloo and Kolin herself when both of them show up trying to infiltrate the tournament. Then she eventually battles alongside her associate, Ken included confronting the Illuminati from underneath the compound of the tournament (Illuminati = Urien, Kolin, and INITIALLY Nash. Alongside those three were Juri and Rashid, the latter whom eventually defects, due to how insane Urien and Kolin/Helen are). Nash is still too obsessed with killing Bison but is also suspicious of the Illuminati themselves. Nash also has bad blood with Urien, due to the amount of sarcasm and insolence he displays towards him (again, Nash and Urien are presented as equals and Nash also highlights his ability to play mind games and also utilizes his background in psychiatry to further piss off Urien).

It is also important to bear in mind that Cammy, Chun-Li, E.Honda, Zeku, and Blanka were acting as bodyguards and each of them had their own arcs to fulfill. The most obvious ones come to a full circle with Cammy ultimately rescuing the Dolls, including Decapre, and Chun-Li SPECIFICALLY being shown to have leveled the Shadowloo in a raid set up by the Interpol at the guidance of Guile. This makes sense because Urien openly stated in 3S that it was Chun-Li who had the last laugh).



The hidden confrontation between the contestants at the tournament and the Illuminati is what drives Guile, Chun-Li, and Cammy to initiate a raid:

Guile and Nash have a massive confrontation with each other. RASHID… being a man of relative common sense mitigates their conflict and reminds them of what’s important. Rashid was initially working with the Illuminati through Kolin/Helen to find his friend whom was stuck in Shadowloo but he defects upon getting form information about Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. as the programming algorithms and tactics were similar to that of his friend. Rashid even went as far as to trace the IP address all the way to Shadowloo’s primary location, which gave the Interpol the means of planning a raid based on what they already know about Bison.

Guile and Nash finally make amends, considering Rashid’s motivations are more or less the same as what Guile’s were, they came to an understanding.

Back to Ryu and Dhalsim. Ryu contacts Sakura on the way to the tournament in the West and she gladly travels with him and Dhalsim, despite the dangers that await. Sakura ends up helping Ryu and Dhalsim trace the Illuminati’s activities to the tournament after some more confrontations at the hotels they stood in.

Sakura starts having nightmares.


The shadows keep telling her to “Kill. Kill. Give in to your urge to fight… Give into the fighting spirit from within.”



Sakura gets into a fight with a vicious, demonic entity in her mindscape. A shadow.
Sakura manages to overwhelm the shadow but she wakes up in enough to time alert Ryu and Dhalsim in another room. Ryu fears that Sakura may have a degree of the Satsui no Hadou. Sakura begins to speak of a shadow who tries to goad people into pure violence.

Ryu and Dhalsim are left unnerved and are put into an even more hopeless situation.

As they show up to the tournament in the West, they meet a fortune teller… One who uses Soul Power.
Ryu suspects that Rose was nearby but this time it was someone else.




Menat is a student of Rose who is currently investigating the tournament herself. Menat tells Ryu that she is familiar with the Illuminati. Ryu begins to interrogate Menat:


Ryu: “Soul Power is the opposite of Psycho Power. If I may ask, how do you know so much?”


Menat: “Information spreads wide and far, friend! And, this is the age of information. I am sure you familiar with the terminology of street fighting… Survival requires both strength and information. What you do with those things are what shape your destiny and the life of others… and then you realize… that there is so much more than just survival.”


Ryu: “I don’t follow. Well, I understand what you are trying to say. But, you are quite a cryptic woman, probably more so than even Rose.”


Menat: “Such is the curse of my profession. I try to have a little talk with Bison earlier… but he was nowhere to be found.”


Ryu: “You might have been lucky.”


Menat: “Rose and Guy… they’ve taught me so much under their guidance to withstand the Psycho Power. And, at heart… I too am a martial artist just like you. What we have in common is that we both seek knowledge. You as an Ansatsuken practitioner and myself as an emissary of Soul Power! If you want to find out your fortune and more about the Illuminati, I have to test your resolve… You might be wise to bring your allies so that they may understand what they may be getting into.”


Ryu: “Deal.”


Ryu finds Sakura and Dhalsim eating breakfast at the hotel and they indulge Menat in intense sparring sessions. Menat demonstrates her complicated fighting style and then proceeds to call off the match.



Menat tells Ryu of the Illuminati… files she recorded through her own Crystal Ball (and her cell phone). Necalli is a product of the Illuminati, built under the guidance of a man known as… Urien. A super soldier project. The name “Nash” is also mentioned, much to Ryu’s surprise.

(The confrontation between Ryu and Nash is canon and is more or less the same as it were).


Menat also still makes the same cryptic notion that Ryu is supposed to gain power that directly opposes the Psycho Power through his own networks… Mushin.


Ryu: “… I’ve defeated Bison before. But, it took everything I had. Sagat, Sakura… even Ken.”


Menat then elaborates on Sakura’s situation.


Sakura: “A shadow… You mean, I have…”


Menat eases Sakura’s mind by telling her to continue her pursuits in earnest and not become obsessed with the idea of victory itself. Sakura would have to grow with the idea of evolution in mind. Sakura already began to cheer up.


Menat already designated to go to the tournament herself, she travels with Ryu and co.

At the tournament.


Ryu and Sakura communicate with Chun-Li and Guile to cooperate, because he may have information on them because of what he found out about Necalli through an interrogation process against shadow operatives (Interrogation Process: Ryu, Sakura, Menat, and Dhalsim beat the information out of some people that were watching his progression and takes their cellphones, handing them over to Chun-Li and Guile, in order to spread awareness to the Interpol and into the U.S. Air Force respective, so the latter’s U.S. Government would have more insight on a greater threat, which eventually leads to Tom and Alex’s situation with Gill because they were both in the service and we can assume that they both were officers or senior enlisted).


Menat splits off and registers for the tournament. Ryu enters the tournaments at first (before Guile’s confrontation with Nash). Ryu mops the floor with a few RNG warriors, some from the Alpha series and some from 3S… he also encounters folks like Laura and Ken! He manages to defeat both of them. Laura then offers Ryu and Ken to train her little brother Sean. Ken receives a message from his security service line. He tells Ryu to keep his guard up and power on through the tournament.



Meanwhile, Sakura and Karin have a match after their… pep talk
(Karin and Sakura had their own issues: Karin’s sense of pride was ruined by Shadowloo Dolls and then Helen/Kolin. Then they even go as far as to colorfully elaborate on Karin’s state of mind and her competitive streak. Sakura is suspected of having a small case of the Satsui no Hadou).


After their long talk, they meet each other in the brackets and they fight. Menat and Ryu being onlookers, waiting for her next match. Karin manages to defeat Sakura and receives the same message as Ken got. Even so, Sakura accepts her loss and Karin’s dignity is shot back up as she helps her friend and rival up. Menat and Ryu proudly see Sakura in her improvement and the new moves she showcased… Thus bringing closure to Sakura’s case. Sakura sticks around to help the others fight the Illuminati and Shadowloo in the meantime. Ryu goes onto fight his next few matches against some NPC nobodies.



To the surprise of Ryu and the player… he coincidentally runs into Sagat! They greet and they fight for a long while, Sagat seemingly gaining the upper hand, mirroring what happened when they first met.

Sagat grows suspicious and begins talking to Ryu as they are fighting:


Sagat: “Are you here because of Necalli?”


Ryu: *Panting* “Necalli?”


Sagat: “He has the same condition as you do. I fought him once before as well. He was like an animal. A bloodthirsty beast. Keep your guard up!”


Ryu: “Don’t worry. My defense is under control. And, as for Necalli. Everything about him is an anomaly. Unnatural. Wrong.”


Sagat: “So, you’ve figured it out then. Words of the Illuminati pass my ears for the last several years… If what my subjects say is true, then I would not be surprised if they manipulated us and even the Shadowloo into our situation. I’ve once aligned myself with the Shadowloo to know this much. Now will be a good chance to test your strength, Ryu.”


Ryu: “I’m always ready.”


Sagat: “I’m sure you’ve heard about the shadows of martial arts…”


Ryu’s worries for himself and Sakura were confirmed the moment Sagat mentioned that. The same as what Sakura spoke about…


From there, the fight continues for minutes, with Ryu growing increasingly worried.

After a while, Necalli spawns into existence once against and begins terrorizing everyone.
While this was going on, Ken, Karin, and the others were dealing with a massive confrontation with the Illuminati group down below.

Dhalsim, Sakura, and Menat show up in time to hold off Necalli from harming civilians until Ryu and Sagat coudl reach the murderous research project. The closer Ryu got to Necalli, the worse he started to feel. Sagat suspects that Ryu is dealing with the same problem as he was… the shadows of martial arts. The shadows that come from those who reject the concept of Satsui no Hadou…


Sagat: “You again…”




Sagat gets into a vicious conflict with this shadow, spawning from Ryu… Despite some difficulty, Sagat edges Kage out due to Ryu himself holding back his shadow with his mind.


Kage: "RYUUUUUU!!"


Ryu: “No… This isn't funny…”

Kage had fought Sagat, Ryu, and Gouki in the past in their mindscapes. He won out on Sagat and Ryu at first but Dhalsim kept Ryu from going crazy and Sagat was able to control his own killing instinct with just reason alone and Kage tried to overwhelm his mind. Here, Kage receives his just deserts.


Ryu: “I walk a different path.”


Kage: “Idiot! You fucking twit! You are nothing without me! You are not worth anything with the power of the Satsui no Hadou! I embody that power!!”


Ryu: beat panting “Huh… You sound like one of those drug-dealing scumbags that I sometimes run into. Do you think you can take me to a good old street fight? Do you think you can really peddle me that Satsui no Hadou, nonsense?! Come on!”


Kage: “Oh, you will regret, friend…”


They fight. Despite some difficulty, Ryu ends up smacking around his shadow in the mindscape battlefield. It is also at this point that Dhalsim barely managed to down Necalli, despite the latter being stronger than before. It even took Sakura and Sagat’s help to achieve that goal while Ryu was having a hard time with Kage.


Ryu rejects Kage (mirror Kage’s own story) and begins tapping into Mushin. Ryu comes to.

But, Necalli was found unconscious. Only for Kage to infiltrate HIS mind, just like he tried with Ryu, Sakura and Sagat’s much earlier.


Kage defeats Necalli in the latter’s mindscape… Necalli’s stranglehold over the Satsui no Hadou increases exponentially. Necalli’s power from all the warriors he has eaten in his bloody pursuits elevates in resonation with Kage’s influence.

Necalli becomes a being of malicious power. A larger and evolved state.

Ryu tells the others to back off while he faces this… creature.



Cue “SNK Boss Fight”

Ryu ekes out a victory, making use of Mushin and his new defensive tactics against the monster.

As the monster disappears from the final strike, Bison shows up. All with his own soldiers to apprehend Ryu and the others. Sakura, Menat, Dhalsim, and Sagat get into a vicious skirmish against the soldiers.


Bison: “Greetings, my fellow warriors. The time has come for the day of reckoning… Activate Operation C.H.A.I.N.S.”


Bison’s Black Moon satellite systems begin crippling electronic communication systems across the globe at designated city areas. 


Bison: “You never cease to amaze me. You actually managed to defeat Necalli in his final state… I fought him once before too… As interesting as his power was, it was nothing but pure drivel made by incompetents… I find that funny. Heh, heh, heh…”


Ryu: “Bison, how the hell are you still aliv-ACK… ACK!!”


Bison: “Silence. Have some Psycho Power for a change!”


Bison attempts to use his increased Psycho Power from the Black Moons to cast Ryu into a state of mind control. Menat whacks two of the Shadowloo soldiers and interrupts Bison.


Bison: “What the- Soul Power… But, Rose isn’t even-”


Menat: “Knock it off already!”


Bison: “WORM!!”


Bison use his V-Skill I to cast a counter-fire ball at Menat to send her flying. Sagat, Dhalsim, and Sakura angrily toss their projectiles at Bison to level him for a moment while Ryu recovers. Bison creates a barrier from the enhanced Psycho Power projected from the Black Moons to fling a shockwave at his assailants. Menat sends a series of crystal balls towards Bison’s way. Bison Scissor Kicks Menat and elbows her head. Menat recovers just in time to land a palm strike at Bison’s rib and her reverse roundhouse to perform her own V-Skill II, the Soul Drill to damage BIson. Ryu comes to from the mind control attempt and tackles Bison into a ravine.


They fall on their asses.


However, Bison still has the advantage of the Black Moons.

They fight again and Bison proceeds to brutalize Ryu, much like how he had done when they first met.


Ryu ends up utilizing Mushin to cancel out portions of Bison’s projections to mount a slow and steady comeback. Ryu and Bison’s conflict escalates into a vicious slugfest between Mushin and Psycho Power.



The match ends in a draw… Ryu and Bison are on their knees.


Ryu was still ready to fight with his newfound strength. Bison simply smiles at Ryu and stands up with his arms crossed.

Bison: “Well, this is just too funny. But, I have a lot more in store for you. Let us start off with the Gods under me.”


(Vega, Balrog, and F.A.N.G. make their way down into the ravine)


Ryu: “What the hell is this…?!”

(Bison suddenly launches a projectile at Ryu, hitting him hard in his chest).


Bison: “Why not test your power against them, hm?”

(Vega, Balrog, and F.A.N.G. all proceed to beat Ryu within the inch of his life as his arch-enemy flies away. Ryu fights back valiantly, swiftly dodging quite a few strikes from the Gods. F.A.N.G. is the first to fall at Ryu’s hands but Vega and Balrog, having faced Ryu before were thirsty for some vengeance. Ryu maneuvers around Vega’s claw swipes and Balrog’s mad swings to redirect their attacks back at each other. Ryu puts both of them at a disadvantage but Vega and Balrog were still ready to go. From behind Ryu, lurks one of the Dolls. Decapre. She attempts to murder Ryu only for him to parry just in time.


Ryu: “DAMN IT!”

Decapre, still under heavy influence of the Psycho Power, lunges at Ryu. Just as things get even more hopeless, Cammy pops up through a hidden elevator catches Decapre with a Cannon Spike.


Ryu takes this moment to attack Bison again. M. Bison, every the boorish and proud martial artist takes Ryu's signal and charges at him. 





Ryu and Bison punch each other in their face. 

Ryu slams his energized fist into Bison's right cheek on his face, using Mushin as his choice of reference to contradict the might Psycho Power. 

Bison's knuckles lands square upon Ryu's face. Charged with pure negative energy, derived from the Psycho Power. 


Ryu and Bison are sent reeling back in pain. 





They are ttoo evenly matched. 

Meanwhile,  behind Cammy whom just smacked Decapre, comes Chun-Li, Karin, Ken, and Guile. The rest are above the ravine forced to deal with psycho soldiers trying to kill them.


Bison escapes proceeding to the next step of his plans… 


Strangely, while Ryu has somehow gotten strong enough to fight Bison directly... the dictator seems to be mildly amused, if a bit confused... by the idea of someone who can match him in combat with another source of power. 


Ryu and Bison’s confrontation ends with a stalemate.


Another warrior is destined to fight Bison…


... And, this is all I came up with. 


All this warrants criticism. 

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Additional sprite of akuma and bison is shown in the video.


This was discovered long ago prior to Desk showcasing it in that video


I always thought of this was originally to represent Akuma doing a quick work to Bison like 





Which I mentioned before in previous threads that it was just like what represented both Wolverine and Silver Samurai's ending


Which also the first game that debuted Akuma had with a available Super Meter for his disposal


but there was no such thing as SGS as Super Move


Xmen COTA predates SF Alpha, So I believe it was the original intentions of the designers

but later change because some were mystifiying that supposed to be just an special unique intro


Also the Akuma in Cyberbots had already has a visible version of SGS


Z-Gouki wasn't available in Arcade but probably his already planned after the arcade release as something to push sales and promotion for the console port



It's likely that they already had an idea of putting Akuma in Cyberbots even it was suppsed was the second game that had

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So this is a thing.

Kengan Ashura chapter 74.5 as part of the collection. It’s legit and features a cross-over dream battle between Ohma (Kengan’s main character) and Akuma with a lot of side characters from both series featured.

That's great news. I love that game. Super fun and plays better than the Street Fighter Gem Fighters game.

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Yeah, I really wish that Dan was the fifth character. I can't see him having any significant story impact. Rose has ties to Menat and with Bison "gone" I wonder what she'll have to say. Akira is bringing Rival Schools to SF officially. Oro, from a lore stand point, is basically peerless as a fighter. So i'm always curious to see what he'll be doing. I'm hoping, but not expecting, for Oro to help finally move Ryu's story along.

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Dan isn't a clone character anymore but his not appealing a failed joke that his appeal is for just being him being there.


Dan should had grown into the levels like Johnny Cage. Dan has no charisma. My interest for him is because of the move. 


They return him because of story reason but in reality there is no substantial story with Dan with Shadaloo or Secret Society.


Sean is the better choice


THawk or some SF3 characters like Q, Necro and etc is more story relevant.


Even some dolls with weapons is better if story is the reason.




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Honestly, and I've actually variations of this concept already, I would have humbled Dan and redeemed Sagat in one stroke. I would have had Sagat defeat Dan, not sandbag and let him win. Then, I would have Sagat extend his hand to him, apologize for killing father, and offer to train him and turn him into a serious fighter to honor his father. Dan would get to move past his stale joke character carnation and Sagat would have a second chance at a student after his failure with Adon.

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