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The Street Fighter V CE Story Thread: Back From The Dead & Better Than Ever

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Dan has become a worthless except as a perfect example of Capcom's seeming inability to do anything but Flanderize their most prominent characters. Instead of being lovable and having redeeming qualities, Dan just keeps getting his joke-status upgraded again and again.


I'm hoping they prove me wrong...but I doubt it.


Man, I really really hope SF6 has a very new direction

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I am very happy with what we saw today, also Oro looks great! What a nifty surprise!


Rose’s stage, the animation, her scarf effects, the Tarot card functions, Dan’s functions, I dig it. Overall the new presentation style is good. Dang, so new training stage and yes, Eleven is a bonus character, so 5th is still a mystery. Hmmm. Good work Capcom, keep it up!


4 hours ago, Daemos said:

Wasn't he deemed a failure? Why would they introduce a character like that unless they intend to flex the engine to the max and do crazy animations - but we got a bit of that with Seth.

That's what I'm curious about....though for the last couple of hours since the rumours started. I wondered if in a totally crazy, left-field decision it's part Charlie part Eleven in a post-ASF survival bit of weirdness or something. Otherwise, I'm thinking they had left over money somehow and made him as a true bonus and to say sorry about the delays?

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15 minutes ago, ShockDingo said:

Heh, well you're good dude, real good. I legit am down to collab with you and pay you for assisting with my project if you ever are interested. 👍

I finished my first book and finally got the stones to post it on B&N and Amazon. So I have time. It's a hobby so my second book comes out when it comes out.

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I knew it's gonna be close to my previous request in SRK threads


Something like SFEX Extra Random Select, Marionette and Shadow from Vampire Savior.


because also the ransom-attack leak never shown any completed Eleven content.


Eleven ended up like what I'm expecting a random select feature, Not a real playable character. 

It also totally makes entirely a sense





Because Eleven doesn't show that it can fight like Twelve in some previous preview or could fight without the mimicking another character.


Twelve gets the interesting features of Eleven and Necro (Elasticity). 



Twelve came late from the SF3 series(3rd strike)


Which technically makes the project where Necro is belong also did a contribution to  evolution of Twelve as a being.

It's lore wise that also show that your giving an advantage over an opponent and the match isn't to be viewed ordinary by spectators. Which is very good indicator.


In UI and UX design, It's something close to a diegetic UI as we call it.


The feature that Eleven wasn't made close to the likes Marionette or Shadow(DS3) is likely because of DLC character encounters that some players may had not purchased yet.

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Not only did Capcom choose the best stage Rose has ever had (SFZ2) mixed with the best theme music Rose ever had (SFZ3, maybe the only theme actually better than those of the previous game); they even confirmed one of my suspicions about that stage in SFZ2.
We all know that Rose’s Genoa stage in SFZ2 and SFV is actually Venice with only few elements of the actual Genoa. One was Cristopher Columbus’ statue, the other was the ship.
I always suspected they wanted to refer either to the Santa Maria or to the Neptune, a galleon replica used in Roman Polański’s 1986 movie Pirates, indeed now docked in Genoa’s old port; but in SFZ2 it was too difficult to pinpoint her with any certainty.
Now Capcom pretty much confirmed the ship is in fact the Neptune.





They even faithfully reproduced the aftercastle’s lamps!

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12 hours ago, Daemos said:

Wasn't he deemed a failure? Why would they introduce a character like that unless they intend to flex the engine to the max and do crazy animations - but we got a bit of that with Seth.

Justice for Twelve.

Kolin repurposed Eleven and used it to resurrect Nash. It had it's use. 

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Chun-Li to Dan: "Sorry. You were acting suspicious, so I kicked you. It's what I do."


Dan to Chun-Li: "C'mon, give it a rest, lady! What are you investigatin' me for?!



Thoughts: Okay, Chun's win quote to Dan is actually freaking funny. I think Chun might actually kick Dan for being annoying more than being suspicious. (Because Really, Dan suspicious?)  But her quote made me laugh.


Dan to Chun-Li's quote, sounds like he's just trying to get away from her because he can't escape from being the joke. Poor Dan, he can't escape any BS


(Dan is the only character to talk during his YOU WIN animation too)

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Dan's pretty fun, here's a quick run down:

-Dan's story is simple but fun. He's moping around about no new students to himself, scares some school girls with his hilariously over the top faces as he finds the Blanka-chan dolls, decides he needs to captialize on this idea. Cracks the glass and runs off, Sakura chases him and they fight. After the fight Dan bums some cash from Sakura, then we get SF2 map screen as he flies to Brazil and fights Jimmy. There's some great little moments between Dan and Jimmy. Dan keeps saying they're both using Sakikyo style and calling Blanka-chan creepy, but Jimmy's getting a bit annoyed at that. Dan crafts and mas produces Saikyo boy dolls. The end. Goofy bit of fun

In arcade mode I fought Rashid on 2nd level, got here comes a new challenger with Sakura after.

Dan's final boss is G.


Dan vs Ibuki: Stabbin' someone in the head with a kunai is not cool! That woulda been deadly for anyone else!

Dan vs Juri: Really leanin' hard into that psychopath shtick, huh? I'd dial it back a little, sister.

Dan vs Kolin: Your moves are freezin' cold...! Hey, y'know, the Saikyo Dojo needs an air conditioner...

Dan vs Charlie: Don't take this the wrong way, but you kinda look like a zombie. You okay?

Dan vs Vega: King of a borin' mask you got there, chief. If you want, I can get you a WAY cooler one!

Dan vs Sagat: Some emperor you are. Consider my father avenged!

Dan vs G: President of the World, huh? I'm Dan Hibiki of Saikyo fame! But you knew that already.

G vs Dan: It is no contradiction to say we can all the the strongest! I am here to prove that!

Dan's ending: he thinks he beat G, in his thought bubble we see all the bosses, Blanka and others training under G, but G totally beat him up in reality and says "That's quite the imagination you've got, citizen."

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35 minutes ago, ShockDingo said:

Dan's pretty fun, here's a quick run down:

-Dan's story is simple but fun. He's moping around about no new students to himself, scares some school girls with his hilariously over the top faces as he finds the Blanka-chan dolls, decides he needs to captialize on this idea. Cracks the glass and runs off, Sakura chases him and they fight. After the fight Dan bums some cash from Sakura, then we get SF2 map screen as he flies to Brazil and fights Jimmy. There's some great little moments between Dan and Jimmy. Dan keeps saying they're both using Sakikyo style and calling Blanka-chan creepy, but Jimmy's getting a bit annoyed at that. Dan crafts and mas produces Saikyo boy dolls. The end. Goofy bit of fun



Entertaining and dumb. Dan's story and Dan's character in a nutshell.

Very fitting, fun, and stupid. I love it.

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Dan to Gill: “Takes a strong man to pull off the loincloth look, but it takes a stronger man to beat me!”

Gill to Dan: “To not know what one seeks….perhaps that too is harmony.”


Dan to Honda: “Alright! Match over! Now, show me where you sumo guys get your grub!”

Honda to Dan: “You could carry my fundoshi...or maybe wash dishes after my post-match meal!”


Dan to Kage: “Damn, you’re one scary dude, you know that? Bet you wish you were scary strong like me!”

Kage to Dan: “You are incapable of anything! Let us see if you are able to fear death!”


Dan to G: “President of the World, huh? I’m Dan Hibiki of Saikyo fame! But you already knew that!”

G to Dan: “It is no contradiction to say we can all be the strongest! I am here to prove that!”


Dan to Sakura: “Look at you! You finished school, got a job! I’m so proud if you...I’ll, uh, pay you back later.”

Sakura to Dan: “We all have to grow up eventually. How about it, Dan?”


Dan to Falke: “It’s tough bein’ young and on the road. The Saikyo Dojo’s always there if you need it.”

Falke to Dan: “Look elsewhere for recruits to teach your absurd style to.”


Dan to Menat: “I don’t need you to read my fortune. Saikyo-Style’s gonna take the world by storm!”

Menat to Dan: “My master warned me about people who mask weakness with folly.”


Dan to Ed: “Ah, so young and so full of promise...Lookin’ for some tips? Just ask ol’ Dan here!”

Ed to Dan: “I got nothing to learn from a chump like you. Beat it.”


Dan to Juri: “Really leanin’ hard into that psychopath shtick, huh? I’d dial it back a little, sister.”

Juri to Dan: “Tch. Why do I have to waste my time with weak wimps like you?”


Dan to Akuma: “Yeowch! You hit me so hard I think I’m seein’ stars….”

Akuma to Dan: “Leave this world, fool.”


Dan to Alex: “You’re livin’ out of a trailer? I know what it’s like not havin’ a home. Wanna come to my dojo?”

Alex to Dan: “The world’s full of people. Some are strong, and some are like you.”


Dan to Ibuki: “Stabbin’ someone in the head with a kunai is not cool! That woulda been deadly for anyone else!”

Ibuki to Dan: “I barely even scratch you with a kunai, and you’re on the floor.”


Dan to Laura: “Tryin to spread the word about your style, huh? Well, Saikyo’s got yours beat!”

Laura to Dan: “Ha ha! You’re a real pushover, but you’ve got flair! What was your style called again?”


Dan to Rashid: “You’re steamin’ this? Ahem, hey, world! The Saikyo Dojo’s lookin’ for new applicants!”

Rashid to Dan: “Wait, I wasn’t recording...?! Oh well. Not like you were gonna bring in the views anyway.”


Dan to R. Mika: “Hah! You think you can out-flash me? Saikyo-Style’s got more flash than lightning!”

R. Mika to Dan: “Not exactly putting the “Style” in Saikyo-Style, huh?”


Dan to Zangief: “Bein’ strong isn’t about havin’ big muscles. It’s about whether or not you’re the best!”

Zangief to Dan: “You get crushed, but you get up. You are full of spirit, comrade!”


Dan to Karin: “You wanna study the Saikyo-Style, right? Well, you passed the initial test! Go ahead and apply!”

Karin to Dan: “I fail to see what Sakura could possibly learn from a miscreant like you!”


Dan to Chun-Li: “C’mon, give it a rest, lady! What’re you investigatin’ me for?!”

Chun-Li to Dan: “Sorry. You were acting suspicious, so I kicked you. It’s what I do.”


Dan to Ryu: “I’m always serious. Seriously the best!”

Ryu to Dan: “You could be so much stronger, if you took this seriously.”


Dan to Nash: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you kinda look like a zombie. You okay?”

Nash to Dan: “Revenge? Hah. You’re far too weak for that.”


Dan to M. Bison: “Whoa, you’re STILL a big-time crime boss? Give it up already!”

M. Bison to Dan: “Begone, filth.”


Dan to Ken: “You may be a good-lookin’, rich, ladies’ man, but you’re no match for me! Chew on THAT!”

Ken to Dan: “Sorry, man. Gotta keep your head in the game, not the clouds.”


Dan to Cammy: “One of these days I’m gonna get you to join the Saikyo-Style! Just you wait!”

Cammy to Dan: “You lack strength, speed, analytical ability, technique….Basically, everything.”


Dan to Birdie: “You’re proud of that hairdo? Actually, uh, let’s not talk about hair...”

Birdie to Dan: “I ain’t losin’ to a weak-hairdo-havin’ mug like you!”


Dan to Dhalsim: “You’re definitely Saikyo mater---do you smell burning? Wait, it’s me! Ow ow hot hot hot HOT!”

Dhalsim to Dan: “Ever as loud and graceful as an elephant.”


Dan to Vega: “Kind of a borin’ mask you got there, chief! If you want, I can get you a WAY cooler one!”

Vega to Dan: “Ugh, you’re hideous….I am at a loss for words.”


Dan to Necalli: “I know all about devourin’! I stuff my face all the time, even when I’m not hungry!”

Necalli to Dan: “Devour-our-our...Ack!”


Dan to F.A.N.G.: “You don’t need poison—an expired bento box will do the trick. Trust me...”

F.A.N.G to Dan: “I think you were poisoned at birth.”


Dan to Balrog: “You gotta be cool to be a winner! So basically, you gotta be me!”

Balrog to Dan: “You wanna look cool? I did you a favor and rearranged your face with my fists! Happy now?”


Dan to Guile: “Looks like I won this one. Go home and be a family man!”

Guile to Dan: “To survive in battle, a soldier must be ready for anything. You’re clearly not.”


Dan to Kolin: “Your moves are freezin’ cold…! Hey y’know, the Saikyo dojo needs an air conditioner.”

Kolin to Dan: “I’ve had enough of you. Now, lay down and die!”


Dan to Urien: “What’s with the badass ‘tude? You gotta have the skills to earn that!”

Urien to Dan: “I suffer no fools!”


Dan to Zeku: “Ninjutsu’s nothin’ but smoke ‘n’ mirrors if you ask me. Saikyo-Style’s where it’s really at!”

Zeku to Dan: “Desperate antics, a soul seeking attention...”


Dan to Abigail: “You don’t need to be as huge as a house to be strong. You need heart, and I got lots of that!”

Abigail to Dan: “What the hell’s wrong with you? You missin’ a few parts or somethin’?!”


Dan to Blanka: “Atta boy, Jimmy! I knew I made the right choice pickin’ you as a student of the Saikyo-Style!”

Blanka to Dan: “My style is not like Saikyo-Style.”


Dan to Cody: “If you can go from punk to politician, then I got nowhere to go but up!”

Cody to Dan: “Keep dreamin, buddy. The day you become the strongest ain’t comin’.”


Dan to Poison: “That whip your weapon of choice? I got a favorite weapon too: my awesome bod!”

Poison to Dan: “Just lookin’ at you makes me wanna whip you!”


Dan to Sagat: “Some emperor you are. Consider my father avenged!”

Sagat to Dan: “I only accept worthy challengers. Why did you think you could challenge me?”


Dan to Lucia: “I promised my father I wouldn’t cause trouble for the cops...So, um, we cool…?”

Lucia to Dan: “Maybe I’m just bein’ paranoid, but somethin’ tells me I betta keep an eye on this bozo.”


Dan to Seth: “You lookin’ for combat data? C’mere, I’ll install the Saikyo-Style onto your system!”

Seth to Dan: “Unnecessary data. Deleting...”


Nice to be back. Tired as hell. Complete story synopsis and stuff later.



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Appreciate that, Shock. Nothing will ever be nearly as tough as tackling Lucia, Honda, and Poison in the same night. That was hell!


Dan's Alpha Ending:




Dan's Street Fighter 4 Ending:




Dan's Street Fighter V Ending:




Shadaloo Data:




I was really hoping we'd get Dan's Alpha 2 stage. I always liked that one. Oh, well. 

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"It begins with Dan walking around a neighborhood wondering why no one has shown interest in joining his dojo. With Saikyo-Style being the strongest, surely that would be enough to rope others in. Dan’s won a championship tournament and even appeared on a TV commercial. On top of all that, Saikyo is a super cool fighting style, has the self-proclaimed best master in the entire world, is well respected throughout the world, and the master is “extraordinarily handsome”.


His good looks is almost reinforced by one of the nearby girls. The other seems to think he’s creepy, with Dan admitting he can’t hide his creepiness. Neither of the girls were actually paying any attention to Dan, though. Both were focused on the dolls within the crane machine. Dan immediately recognized them to be mascot dolls of his good friend, Jimmy. Apparently when he wasn’t paying attention, Jimmy’s popularity exploded in Japan once he released his dolls there. Dan is shocked about this...while also cracking the crane machine’s glass with his face.


In that same moment, the frightened girls called for someone to get the weird guy away from the machine. Seeing that the crane machine was broken again, Sakura gives chase to Dan and eventually catches up to him. With Dan’s troublesome behavior, he’s lucky it was Sakura that caught up to him instead of the authorities. Dan tells Sakura it’s because of the doll he saw in the crane machine, which Sakura refers to as the “Blanka-chan” doll. The doll was pretty popular among teens for a while. Upon hearing this, Dan suddenly has a great idea….but he needs to borrow money from Sakura to get there. His destination is Brazil.


Once he comes across Blanka, the two have a quick sparring match before catching up. Blanka is impressed that Dan is still strong, but Dan assures him that their progress is because of Saikyo-Style. Blanka, of course, reminds Dan that he’s not a Saikyo-Style practitioner. Dan doesn’t seem to care either way. What he’s interested in is Jimmy’s overnight success with Blanka-chan. He’s still surprised that a creepy doll could be so popular, though Blanka disagrees on the creepy part.


Dan then decides to show his interesting looking creation: Saikyo-boy doll. This is his response to Blanka-chan. He’s already mass produced them in hopes of building up a following for Saikyo-Style. This upcoming mascot will be the next big thing in terms of winning over the hearts of the teens. Blanka shares Dan’s enthusiasm...aside from Dan’s proclamation that Saikyo-boy will undoubtedly become a hundred times more popular than the creepy Blanka-chan ever was.


Dan is determined to make Saikyo-boy doll a hit with teens across the world. Once Saikyo-boy is a hit, they can focus on making Saikyo-Style a hit as well. Blanka, again, has to remind Dan that he’s not Saikyo-Style, but Dan doesn’t consider that part a big deal. Why? Because Saikyo-Style is #1 in the world."


I really enjoyed Dan's story. It was lighthearted and fun. 



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Finally some new character content!.....and it's Dan. ...😒


Well his SFV ending is interesting enough. I'm sure that G was supposed to be an important boss character than what he currently is, hopefully this gets expanded upon in SF6 since this season is SFV's swansong.


Does Dan ever have an original idea of his own?  Now he's gone and copied Blanka's business idea.

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For anyone that is interested, I just posted a bunch of SFVI concepts in the character concept thread. I've been sitting on them since November. It takes a significant amount of time to post them due to having to manually format each one. The formatting doesn't carry over from my documents unfortunately.

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RyoRedcyclone points out that, although Dan is generally written as a joke, he has some real ability: not only his fighting prowess was actually recognised by Gouken (he kicked Dan out, but that's another story), but, since SFZ3, he's also the official interpreter for Sakura in her journey around the world. He can speak Japanese, English, Cantonese, Thai and even a bit of French and Russian!

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On 2/8/2021 at 12:23 PM, Darc_Requiem said:

Honestly, and I've actually variations of this concept already, I would have humbled Dan and redeemed Sagat in one stroke. I would have had Sagat defeat Dan, not sandbag and let him win. Then, I would have Sagat extend his hand to him, apologize for killing father, and offer to train him and turn him into a serious fighter to honor his father. Dan would get to move past his stale joke character carnation and Sagat would have a second chance at a student after his failure with Adon.

Hey, Capcom staff members of the SF team. Y'all looking for a better writer? Because, I found a candidate right here. 

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1 hour ago, GreatDarkHero said:

Hey, Capcom staff members of the SF team. Y'all looking for a better writer? Because, I found a candidate right here. 

I appreciate the complement. I try man. Writing is a hobby of mine. One of the first "serious" things I wrote was a Street Fighter fanfic as a teenager. It was something I posted on the long dead Vortex Gaming Online website. I wish I still had them. Dangers of the digital age, hard drive goes kaput and poof everything is gone. Between the two computers I have and my One Drive. I hope I don't have that issue again.

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Dan can remain a joke but more in a positive way using it as a presentation instead of something of him being the bottom of every fighter that became playable in street fighter. Like many assumed into and would be turned into a misunderstanding of his character.


Him being dropped by Gouken is okay along with being a joke.



  • Because it  doesn't anyone need to be a good student of Gouken to make them relevant as a fighter.
  • We got now Rival Schools, characters like Rufus, Birdie, Hugo, Poison, and tons of characters that are either self thought or learned fighting based on surrounding
  • Dan is one of those few fighters that have a direct experience with Gouken teachings and influences compare to other street fighters.
  • It’s a gag that is not formally address by Capcom and not straight up detailed and known in SF universe that everyone address it. Other than a selected few like Sakura, and Sean that both idolized the ansatsuken techniques of Ryu and Ken.

Why It makes no sense to compromise with the  outdated running gag that Dan is bottom tier of everyone else.

  • There is  nothing beneficial of it, The gag age poorly and contradictory to how Capcom tries to make his  gameplay viable in modern SF games than he was on ALPHA.
  • Because his not a PURPOSELY DESIGNED HANDICAP CHARACTER anymore and his very competitive nowadays.
  • Almost everyone that wants Dan, wants him to be playable while Capcom keeps on making him look interesting to play by giving him more interesting AOF like specials.
  • Being defeated by Dan modern Sf games is not considered to be a giving an advantage to the other player
  • It's a terrible game design to make recurring playable fighter to purposely play terrible because of the narrative that surround him. That's basically a waste of character slot.
  • Dan is never been an exact shoto clone with all the terrible shoto special version. Because his a parody of a character from another game that makes him a unique character in SF and not someone that impersonate the popular iconic characters in the game. (Sakura would have been more perfect for that role but the story made her relevant)


It would be interesting also that Dan would have a rivalry with Adon or can go into a stand with Adon, to remove the negative impression his character that is incapable of being an average fighter and an automatic bottom tier  of everyone, while still making him a joke for the following reasons:


How to keep Dan stay still a joke without the the poorly aged gag:

  • He considered himself along the best and he brags about it. So that should strongly remain along him being a parody. kinda self absorb and overconfident.  I don't know if his aware of his skills but that's the funny part. Making him overconfident not something as pretentious like Mr Satan that is a fake.
  • He has lot's of coward like animation, Yet his cowardliness is not the same as Mr Satan, His not someone that would push Sakura and Blanka to fight for his fight, His cowardliness is something that triggers after failing to realize his skill is not on-par to someone he is fighting in the current situation.
  • He cries and dedicate his victory to his father (his genuine with the tears) His the only fighter that show to be the HIGHLY emotional.
  • Sakura is able to make fun him without him being aware and realizing it.



So how to this about this?




He can stay to be judged as the worst ansatsuken practitioner by Sakura and Sean, but it doesn't need for him automatically meant to be the worst fighter that became playable in street fighter.


How to fix it

  • Sakura makes fun of DAN and sees Dan inferior. It’s because she manage to quickly copy the ansatsuken combat techniques. Not realizing Dan is not intentionally incorporating ansatsuken techniques and more concern to have some of his own style.
  • Dan being kicked out by Gouken, Makes him mixing and incorporating some of the techniques he seen in the last fight of his father(Fight Against Sagat) . As a way to compensate with his lack of stay in Gouken's Dojo and also to HONOR his father. That would be an interesting backstory that can easily be implemented to his character.
  • Sakura and Sean misjudge Dan terribly because they are a fan of Ryu and Ken, which they also claim as the standard of the ansatsuken.  So them seeing Dan combat techniques aren't very similar to those they idealized or up to their standard is not to be misinterpreted as Dan not a capable of being a average fighter.
  • Dan is just reference by Sakura and Sean as the worst existing student of Gouken because he was kicked out in Gouken’s dojo from were their idols came from, while the difference of Sean and Dan from Sakura is that they both had other influences not just from a Gouken Dojo.




Just transferred a recent post from the other site.



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I blame all of you guys and your Dan talk for this. I don't think I've ever been able to put one of these together so quickly. Latest SFVI concept. Dandan. (Yes that is areal Taiwanese girls name).



Name: Dandan Fan (Fan Danan)

Nickname: Savior of Saikyo

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Height: 5ft 8in (1.73m)

Weight: 130lbs (59kg)

B/W/H: 36-24-36 (92cm-61cm-92cm)


Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan


Appearance: Dandan is a tall woman with a slender build. Despite being 68in (1.73m) tall she has 37im (0.94m) long legs. Dandan has long black hair that is pulled back into a pony tail with loose bangs in the front. She has brown eyes. Dandan wears a short sleeve orange collared shirt with a black vest over top of it. She wears black leather gloves on her hands. Dandan wears a white skirt with black leather belt with a square silver colored buckle on her waist. She wears black stockings on her legs and has white leather dress shoes on her feet.


Occupation: Model/Martial Arts Instructor

Likes: Dan, Exotic Cars, Training, Driving Fast, Annoying Her Father

Dislikes: Traffic, Modeling (She only does it because her father hates it)


Fighting Style: Kan Saikyo no Kata (Perfect Strongest Style Form)


Tone: Dandan is an exuberant young woman. She loves to fight, but not to hurt people, for the sport.


Origins: Dandan is the daughter of Delun Fan the founder of tech giant VMT (Virtual Micro Technologies). Her father Delun and mother Daiyu tried to push Dandan towards traditional girls hobbies and interest. However, much to their chagrin, Dandan was quite the tomboy. She became of obsessed with martial arts films. Dandan constantly pestered her parents to let her learn martial arts. They were staunchly opposed.

     Delun and his wife saw an ad for Dan Hibiki's Saikyo Style dojo. He seemed to be fraud in their eyes. That's when they got the idea of letting Dandan train with him. With a less than stellar instructor, she'd certainly lose interest in martial arts. Their plan backfired. Dan's goofy and jovial natural kept her interest. As she studied under Dan she quickly began to realize the flaws in his techniques. The concepts behind them where sound but their execution were left a lot to be desired.

Dandan did not want to hurt her masters feelings. She wanted to help him. Dandan worked tirelessly to perfect her teaches incomplete techniques. In her time away from the Saikyo school she researched similar arts to her masters to figure where his techniques came up short. She then applied what she learned to the Saikyo style. As she continued to improve Dan was elated. His student was showing the power of Saikyo!

     As she grew older, he parents continued to try and pull her away from her favorite hobbies. Martial arts, racing, and sports made her happy. Training so vigorously in Saikyo made Dandan incredibly fit. Her long legs drew the attention of several modeling agencies. She continued to turn them down flat. When she saw how pleased this made her father, she started modeling just to spite him. While does not like it, modeling allowed her to make quite a bit of money. She had plenty of free time to train and no longer had to kowtow to her parents to get money. Dandan would use her income to fix up the Saikyo Dojo. Dan was surprisingly adept at business. She slowly pushed him away from teaching. Dandan would took over as lead instructor. Dan's personality was a perfect match for their ad campaign and Dandan's physical appearance drew in students too. Dandan would spend the next decade teaching and refining the techniques of Saikyo. She was finally confident enough to test Saikyo in a true fighting competition.


Rival: Tora (She wants to best the pupil of Sagat)


Stamina: 1000

Stun: 1000

Stun Recovery: 22F

Forward Dash: 14F

Back Dash: 25F

Forward Walk Speed: 4.8

Back Walk Speed: 4.2

Forward Dash Distance: 1.25

Back Dash Distance: 1.25


Normal Rise: 60F

Quick Rise: 30F

Delayed Rise: 75F

Back Rise: 45F


Taunt: Dandan stands straight up and extends her left arm towards her opponent with a closed fist before opening her hand and beckoning them to “Īkagen'ni shite!” (Come on!)  Animation is 50 Total Frames. If uninterrupted the start frames on Dandan's next Hyakurestuken is reduced by 3F.


Throw Range: 20



Rokurestu Boku (Six Rending Slaps) -B+LP+LK: Dandan grabs her foe by the neck with her left hand hits them with a series of slaps and back hands before striking them with a powerful backhand slap that sends the spinning through the air way from her. 4F Startup 120 Damage/120 Stun

Saikyo Tenjinsai (Strongest Turning Dust Break) -B+LP+LK: Dandan shoulder throws her opponent behind her and stomps on them. 4F Startup 110 Damage/150 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Saikyo Tegatana (Strongest Hand Blade) – F+MP : (Overhead) Dandan slowly pulls her left arm back overhead and then quickly chops her hand down into the ground. 18F Startup 70 Damage/100 Stun +3 on Hit/-2 on Block


Saikyo Koken (Strongest Tiger Fist) - B+HP: Dandan steps forward striking with a powerful, glowing left open palm strike that knocks her foe off their feet. Can juggle airborne opponents. Juggles grounded opponent's in the corner only. 10F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun Knocks Down/-2 on Block.


Chou Ushiro Geri (Super Back Kick) – F+LK: Dandan executes a quick high back kick to the opponent's head. Does not hit crouching opponents. 7F Startup 60 Damage/80 Stun +1 on Hit/-2 on Block.


Saikyo Senpu (Strongest Whirlwind) – F+ MK: (Overhead) Dandan strikes hops toward her opponent striking them with a jump spin back. Attack goes over lows. 14F Startup 80 Damage/100 Stun +1 on Hit/-6 on Block


Koen'Yoku (Tiger Swallow Wing) – B+HK: Dandan hits her opponent with a flying butt bash. Goes over low attacks. 16F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun +6 on Hit, -4 on Block

Saikyo Rengeki (Strongest Chain Attack): MP,HP,HK: (Target Combo) Dandan strikes her foe with a right open palm punch to abdomen, left straight punch to the jaw, into left spinning back kick combination. 8F Startup 80 Damage/150 Stun Knocks down on Hit/-10 on Block


Saikyo Hishou Ren (Strongest Soaring Chain): B+MP, D+MP (Aerial Target Combo) while in the air Dandan strikes her opponent with a left palm strike uppercut into right overhead chop combination that causes a Hard Knock Down. 8F Startup 70 Damage/120 Stun


Zen Riposte:

Ga-Ou Ken (Self Way Sparkle Fist) – B,DB,D+P: Dandan pulls her left arm back and thrusts it forward with an open palm creating a point blank projectile attack that knocks the opponent away from her. Leaves standing. 40 Damage/50 Stun


Hishou Koenkyaku (Soaring Tiger Swallow) – B,DB,D+K: Dandan hops into the air and hits her opponent in the chest with a powerful dive kick. Knocks Down. 40 Damage/50 Stun


Zen Trance:

Kyukyoku Tenchi Saikyo no Kata (Ultimate Heaven Earth Strongest Style Form) – HP+HK: Dandan uses all four of bars of Z-Gauge losing access to the Zen System to gain a peerless focus.

Hageki Ken – Receives improved frame data and the ability to charge more powerful version of the projectile. LP Hageki Ken causes a juggle state at close range.

  • Uncharged – Startup is reduced from 16F to 15F Startup,. Total Frames decrecased from 46 to 44. Stun damage increased from 100 to 120
  • Leve1 Charge – 19F Startup 49 Total Frames 2 Hits, 80 Damage/150 Stun,
  • Level 2 Charge – 21F Startup 52 Total Frames 3 Hits, 100 Damage/200 Stun

Hishou Hageki - Receives improved frame data, damage, attack properties, and landing recovery.

  • Damage increased from 50 to 60
  • Startup Reduced from 12F to 10F
  • Landing Recovery from an ascending jump is reduced from 8F to 6F
  • Landing Recovery from a descending jump is reduced from 9F to 7F
  • Causes a juggles state on grounded opponent's at close range



Hageki Ken (Wave Attack Fist) QCF+P: Dandan pulls back her right arm and thrust it's forward rapidly with an open palm. Attack generations moderately sized orange projectile. All versions 16F Startup 46 Total Frames 60 Damage/100 stun. Punch button determines projectile ascent angle. Angled projectiles cause a juggle state on hit. LP (Horizontal). MP (30° Angle) HP (45° Angle) EX 12F Startup 42 Total Frames 120 Damage/200 Stun (LP+MP Horizontal , LP+HP 30° Angle, MP+HP 45° Angle)


Hishou Hageki (Soaring Wave Attack) QCF+P: (In Air) From any jump, Dandan pulls back her right arm and thrusts it downward sending an orange projectile at her opponent. Projectile descent angle is determined by the punch button pressed. 12F Startup 50 Damage/100 Stun. 8F Landing Recovery/Ascending Jump, 9F Landing Recovery/Descending Jump. LP (65° Angle). MP (55° Angle) HP (45° Angle) EX(10F Startup, 80 Damage/150 Stun, 7F Landing Recovery/Ascending Jump, 8F Landing Recovery/Descending Jump, LP+MP 65° Angle, LP+HP 55° Angle, MP+HP 45° Angle)


Koryuuga (Clear Dragon Fang) F,D,DF+P: (Anti Air) Dandan gains a small white aura as she strikes with a powerful rising right uppercut that knocks her adversary off her feet. All version are invincible to airborne attacks. LP (4F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun) MP (5F Startup 120 Damage/150 Stun) HP (6F Startup 140 Damage/150 stun) EX (4F Startup 150 Damage/150 Stun Full Startup Invincibility)


Hyakurestsuken (Hundred Rending Fists) HCB+P: Dandan overwhelms her foes with a rapid barrage of punches before ending the combination with a right straight punch to the sternum that sends them hurtling away. LP (8F Startup 110 Damage/150 Stun,-5 on Block) MP (12F Startup 130 Damage/150 Stun, -6 on Block) HP (16F Startup 150 Damage/200 stun -7 on Block) EX (8F Startup 150 Damage/200 Stun, Launches The Opponent Into A Juggle State, -10 on Block)


Zankukyaku (Slashing Air Leg) QCB+K: Dandan hops into the air and rushes her foes with an alternating jump kick combination that ends with a spin kick to the chest. Attack properties determined by the kick button pressed. LK(16F 70 Damage/100 Stun. 2 hits, +2 On Hit, -4 On Block) MK(9F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, 3 Hits, Knocks Down, -2 On Block) HK (12F Startup 120 Damage/200 Stun, 4 Hits, Knocks Down, -6 On Block) EX (8F Startup 140 Damage/200 Stun, 5 hits, Hard Knock Down, -2 On Block)


Hizankukyaku (Flying Slashing Air Leg) QCB+K: (Anti Air) From any jump, Dandan strikes her opposition with a flying kick into spin kick combination. All version hit up to two times. Attack properties determined by the kick button pressed. LK(13F 80 Damage/120 Stun. Causes Juggle State, 16F Landing Recovery) MK(9F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun, 9F Landing Recovery, Shorter Travel Distance) HK (9F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun, 9F Landing Recovery, Longer Travel Distance) EX (8F Startup 150 Damage/200 Stun, 4 hits, 12F Landing Recovery, If the first hit lands, the opponent is locked into the attack and slammed into the ground for a Hard Knock Down)


Zen Art 1:

Kyukyoku Tenchi Zuki (Ultimate Heaven & Earth Thrust) QCBx2+P: Dandan stomps the ground with her back leg, holds out her left arm with an open palm, and takes a single step forward while striking her foe with a powerful straight right punch.

  • 240 Damage
  • 360 Stun
  • 2 Bars of Z Gauge


Zen Art 2:

Saiko Hageki Ken (Supreme Wave Attack Fist) QCFx2+P: Dandan stomps her back foot as she pulls back both of her arms and thrust this her arms forward widely apart with open palms. This generation a massive orange projectile that engulfs her opponent before exploding sending them careening away from her.

  • 320 Damage
  • 160 Stun
  • 3 Bars of Z Gauge


Zen Art 3:

Koryuuko Ranbu (Clear Dragon Wild Dance) QCFx2+K: Dandan rushes towards her striking them with a flurry of punches before going into a multi kick combination that stuns her foe. Dandan quickly adjusts her vest, gains gaining a glowing aura before flooring them with a vicious Koryuuga.

  • 480 Damage
  • 240 Stun
  • 4 Bars of Z Gauge


Reasons to be in SFVI:

Dandan believes that Saikyo, with her refinements, can stand up to any martial art. After a few successful exhibition matches. She drew the attention of more renowned fighters. The Secret Society pulled some strings in the background to get her invited to latest martial arts tournament. While they are scouting her in secret, Dandan is out to prove that she is not just another pretty face and that her Kan Saikyo no Kata (Perfect Strongest Style) arts can stand up to the best in the world.



  • Dandan's look is a female version of Robert Garcia's KOFXIV design with her shirt color being change to orange as a nod to Ryo Sakazaki
  • Dandan moves are a combination of Dan, Ryo, Roberto, Yuri, and Takuma.
  • Dandan's forward throw Rokurestu Boku is modeled after Yuri's Hyakurestu Binta (Hundred Rending Face Slaps).
  • Dandan's back throw Saikyo Tenjinsai is Dan's command grab from SF4 Omega Mode.
  • Dandan's command overhead punch Saikyo Tegatana is her version of Ryo's overhead chop command normal
  • Dandan's Saikyo Koken command normal is modeled after Takuma's Kyokugen Ko'ou (Utmost Limit Style Tiger Sparkle). This move is similar to Ryo's short range fireball that appears in some version of his moveset.
  • Chou Ushiro Geri is modeled after Robert Garcia command light kick
  • Saikyo Senpu is modeled after Robert Garcia's command heavy kick overhead.
  • Koen'Yoku is modeled after Yuri's En'Yoku (Flying Swallow Wing) flying butt attack
  • Her punch Zen Riposte, Ga-Ou Ken, is a nod to Dan's Gadoken (Self Way Fist) and Ryo's Ko Ou Ken (Tiger Sparkle Fist).
  • Her kick Zen Riposte, Hishou Koenkyaku, mirrors Robert's dive kick special attack Hien Ryuujin Kyaku (Flying Swallow Thunder God Kick) almost exactly.
  • Hageki Ken is her version of Robert Garcia projectile. Ryuu-Geki Ken (Dragon Attack Fist).
  • Her air fireball Hishou Hageki is inspired by Ryo's aerial Ko Ou Ken and Yuri's Raiou Ken (Lighting Sparkle Fist).
  • Koryuuga is inspired by Dan's Koryuken (Clear Dragon Fist) and Robert Garcia's Ryuuga (Dragon Fang)
  • Hyakurestsuken is Dandan's version of Ryo's Zanretsuken (Momentary Fury Fist) and Dan's Danretsuken (Bullet Fury Fist)
  • Zankukyaku and Hizankukyaku are Dandan's version of Dan's Dankukyaku (Severing Air leg).
  • Dandan's Zen Art 1 Kyukyoku Tenchi Zuki is her rendition of Ryo's Tenchi Haohken (Heaven & Earth Supreme Sparkle Fist), Side note Dan parodied this move in SvC Chaos. His version Kyukyoku Tenchi Gado Zuki (Ultimate Heaven & Earth Self Way Thrust) causes Dan to break his hand on impact.
  • Her Zen Art 2, Saiko Hageki Ken, is a rendition the massive projectile attack Haoh Shokoken (Supreme King Soaring Howl Fist) used by every practitioner of Kyokugen Karate. Ryo, Robert, Takuma, Yuri, and even Marco Rodriguez (Garou Mark of the Wolves). Dan parodies this with his Haoh Gadoken.
  • Dandan's Zen Art 3, Koryuuko Ranbu, is inspired by Ryo and Takuma's Desperation Move, Ryuuko Ranbu (Dragon & Tiger Wild Dance). This attack has been parodied by Dan since his inception with his Hisshou Buraiken


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7 hours ago, Shakunetsu said:

Most that was left are more common to wishlist posting. They probably expect they wouldn't be heard here.

Then they don't know this board very well. We reached out to all of them in the past for a reason. It was because we wanted as @DarthEnderXwould say "everybody here." I miss that dudes sprite posts of like every SF character in existence.

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1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Then they don't know this board very well. We reached out to all of them in the past for a reason. It was because we wanted as @DarthEnderXwould say "everybody here." I miss that dudes sprite posts of like every SF character in existence.

Yeah, The thing is the discourse thing is burying comments, there is no character thread anymore and I doubt that it would return even in when SF6 announced.



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7 minutes ago, Shakunetsu said:

Yeah, The thing is the discourse thing is burying comments, there is no character thread anymore and I doubt that it would return even in when SF6 announced.



I seriously doubt the site will still be around if SF6 is announced. Story thread was the only thing keeping that forum alive.

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