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The Street Fighter V CE Story Thread: Back From The Dead & Better Than Ever

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The problems with DS is because Capcom doesn't want to divide their modern target audience.


Street Fighter Alpha was already Darkstalkers *LITE*


I believe there is still a work around with Darkstalkers without dividing the competitive fanbase and fans.


By treating Darkstalkers like SF spinoff games like USF2 and HSFAlpha


It's not to much work because it's not the sprite editing that is the problem but is more on animating it

So adding other existing sprite based characters wouldn't be that technical work.


Like this 3

There's a reason why I didn't include Warzard character for other special reason but it's more on technicality.



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6 minutes ago, ShockDingo said:

Holy crap and Captain Commando?! Dang Capcom's trying hard at the redemption arc! I hope they bring back the actor from the Beat 'em up bundle commercial and just start using him to promote stuff.



He appeared in the commercial to promote a capcom  compilation  game so no wonder they would choose him back.


There was even tons of wishlist and speculation in MVCi that him probably coming back.


I only wonder if it would still be a beat em up or turn into something different?


Same thing i wondering with Final Fight.

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I was thinking last time for a Final Fight with Powerstone like game mechanics But it looks like we will get both Final Fight and Powerstone 


Because Final Fight works more fighting with power ups, objects and stage interaction


Originally other goons and thugs were just meant to be generic batch of clones that only had a name to represent an indicator who the protagonist is beating in the game.


But since they are now flesh-out unlike those thugs in the likes of Punisher and etc


46 minutes ago, YagamiFire said:

Captain Commando Souls-Style game


How about a Dynasty Warriors/ Musou style of game for 4 players


Since their thugs still remains less fleshout unlike Final Fight



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