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Video Game Discussion Thread vol. 2

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I can't lie, some of that extra content in Sonic Origins is looking kinda nice. Bummer about the MJ music being absent in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. But please don't let my Ice Cap Zone music be gone. Please. Please.


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And we can FINALLY play Shredder's Revenge. That's what I hate about digital games. It can be the date that the game is released but you still can't play it until the game/company/publishers says so. Anyhoo.


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Just finished co-op’ing the game with my friend. Such a great game. I recommend not playing arcade mode until you complete story mode with a few characters As your character progression in story mode carry over to arcade mode. So max amount of lives, moves unlocked, etc. 

Casey is unlocked once you play through the story mode. 


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I’m free around 8pm central tonight if anyone wants to kick shell with me in Shredders revenge. I have it on switch. Here’s my friend code (though I’m sure I have most of you already added) 


0094 9702 6716

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FF7 anniversary celebration reminder

FF7R Intergrade coming to Steam.

Edit:  uh wait is this that mobile game they were planning to do in parts?  Looks like when you go into battle it uses the FF7R graphics.   Yeah its Ever Crisis.  Maaaan just release this on consoles please?


Aaand here's Crisis Core.  Crisis Core Remake is real.  They really updated the visuals on this game in comparison to its psp counter part but its not so intensive that it can't be on just waiting for the confirmation after this trailer is done.  Called Crisis Core Reunuion aaand yup...coming to everything under the sun.  

FF7R part 2 trailer.  FF7 Rebirth, PS5 only, coming Winter.  And they've finalized how many parts FF remake will be.  FF7R will be 3 parts.


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Also capcom did their 10 years of Dragon's Dogma video aaand spoiler warning....there isn't an announcement of a new game within

Edit:  Apparently I'm wrong and they announce it waaaay at the end but there's no trailer or anything.  They just have shirts showing the title for the game.


Nobody in the comments seem to be hype for anything so I was wrong on this.


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30 minutes ago, Faltimar the Dark said:

I know of someone that loves Dragon's Dogma.  He'll be hype for part 2.  I've tried Dragon's Dogma a couple times but I just cant get into it.  I still have it installed so I'll give it another try and see if it clicks with me this time.



It really opens up once you get to Gran Soren start messing with different vocations and more advanced skills.

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45 minutes ago, iStu X said:

Weirdly enough this seems like too few parts. Like it feels they’re going to be cutting out a looooooot of stuff. 

It's possible parts 2 and 3 are much longer since most of the groundwork is there from part 1?


I mean I definitely agree stuff will get cut or combined, but might not be that cut up.

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Soundtrack for TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is up on Spotify and YouTube. Some of the tracks in this game sound like unused music from Sonic Mania. And Mega Ran provied some vocals.


Beat my first run of the game. Leo is now at Level 10 and I don't plan on touching arcade mode until everyone is maxed out.


Also, I didn't notice it at first but April is THICC.

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Sometimes I think about playing Borderlands Pre-Sequel again, but mainly because 2 of my favorite characters in terms of abilities/builds are in that one---- Wilhelm and Doppelganger Jack... but I'd prefer they be in the Borderlands 3 gameplay style which is a bit faster paced due to the slide move and characters being able to grab ledges.... it's frustrating to realize what's *not* being done with that franchise.  My dream Borderlands game would be if they just put every major character in as playable, regardless of lore and certain characters being dead.... I'd throw them all on the roster... along with people who haven't been playable before, like perhaps Moxxi, Dr. Tannis and Scooter, Dr. Zed, etc.  To me, it's the best thing to just make a game's roster as huge as possible.... the more character/class options to play the better.

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8 hours ago, Sonichuman said:

uh wait is this that mobile game they were planning to do in parts?  Looks like when you go into battle it uses the FF7R graphics.   Yeah its Ever Crisis.  Maaaan just release this on consoles please?

Apparently it's an f2p gacha. Tone down your hype. 

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1 hour ago, PVL_93_RU said:

Okay, WHAT the actual fuck. 


Square doing remakes of original 7 AND Crisis Core????? How???? 


It has to be teams of like 500 people working on both projects 

Yeah, square is big and has multiple dev teams. 500 is probably a huge over estimate for CC but yeah

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30 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:

F2P on Mobile doesn't mean that the game will be F2P on consoles.  They could easily price this game close to full price and put it out on consoles. 

If they remove the weapon gacha element and just release all the "story", sure,  maybe, the gameplay is traditional so it can work 


However Square is fucking dumb so they'll never do this 

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VGM Friday!  I just got finished listening to Shredder's Revenge OST and yeah...Tee is killing it.  This man is not missing right now.  First post will be turtle focused with 2 selected from Shredder's Revenge.







I'll go ahead and put the regular contribution here since I have the time to do it

Anytime this track comes up in my playlist it never ceases to amaze me on the intricacies of how its composed.  Kondo does so much with the main theme in arranging it for this.


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3 hours ago, MillionX said:

Oh yeah, so I got the new TMNT on Switch first... of course I picked the best one first; Donatello.  It's interesting that Splinter and April are already there; I assumed 1 or both of them would be unlocks like Casey Jones.  I've only played the first stage so far but I'm loving it.

I've only rocked with April so far. I'll try to finish up my first run tonight. I knew this game would be good but they went above and beyond. We need to get a thread or ...ugh Discord channel or something so we can all link up for multiplayer. I may double dip on this one. It's so good I don't mind giving them more cash.

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