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Video Game Discussion Thread vol. 2

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I said I skimmed it.  That is not " I didnt watch it".  How da fuck did you get that I didnt watch it?


You guys should think before you post and not just react.  You get fired up and your fingers go to town and you just say the dumbest shit.  And y'all feel good because your clique of dumb shits will do little emote reactions to your post.

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OLED Switch made up 70% of Switch sales last week in UK apparently and also Dread and Metroid as a whole have been doing gangbusters in sales over in the UK


RGT bout to have a lot of regret in probably a month.



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a glimpse of Swarm Mode action... so far the only mode I have any real hope of doing something and having fun in, tbh would be great if this could be more like campaign mode though, but with people controlling the monster side through the acts as the players controlling the survivors have to be on the move to the next safe area.


EDIT---but of course...we all know this mode is about to get SUPER toxic in record time, as more people start getting better, and the usual elitism and big-time egos start to emerge, looking down on anyone who isn't on their's just what gamers do, basically.

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ha, that's a surprising thing to see a video of anyone bringing up the negative side of the Gamepass the past few years, everyone's been all over its nutsack, greatly in favor of this continuing decline of ownership.  It's a real shame the newer generations don't give a shit about actually having/owning things anymore....some of them even being so deluded and/or stupid enough to say "L0L we never owned anything tho!".  No, no one was ever referring to copyright/trademark ownership when saying they "owned" something, ya dopes.  Could the Nintendo executives actually show up at your house and legally take back "their" SNES, Gameboy, N64 and Switch because "lolz you don't own those"?  Nope.  Please don't tell me these fucking morons actually think that is the case.  My expectations of people are low but it's not quite that low.


hahah imagine that thinking with anything else---could Todd McFarlane show up and take back those early issues of Spawn?  C'mon now, folks...

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The only time I had Gamepass was when the Ori sequel was included and I could get Gamepass for $1 for the month.  I canceled it as soon as I signed up for it so it wouldn't auto-renew and once I beat Ori, I tried Subnautica and didn't get very far and then it expired.


I will never support it again.  I could see myself getting it at some point if/when my son shows any interest in Xbox because of the library of old games on there, but it would only be for a bit until he got bored with it.


The idea is working though.  I CONSTANTLY hear people saying how a game is included for "free" on Gamepass.   They are being brainwashed into thinking it's free because people are so used to and okay with paying these smaller monthly fees for services now a days.


No, it's not free on Gamepass.  It's included on Gamepass.  A service you pay for monthly.


"My house is free with my mortgage."


See how stupid that sounds?

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Just now, Chadouken said:

I played through the main campaign. It's fun, great characters and funny lines. Gun play is solid and the abilities are cool with FL4K. But he was the only character I played.

I bought the game last year during Black Friday and still haven't touched it. The Steelbook case was $2 at Best Buy so figured I'd grab it for reasons. It'll at least give me a reason to open the game LOL

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8 minutes ago, Faltimar the Dark said:

To me gamepass is very similar to playstation plus.  Lots of mofos pay for that so they can get a couple "free" games a month and are able to play online.  They're very similar and both are a rip off in the end.  People like it though so I doubt its going anywhere.

As with everything, you get more of what you pay for. 

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34 minutes ago, Faltimar the Dark said:

To me gamepass is very similar to playstation plus.  Lots of mofos pay for that so they can get a couple "free" games a month and are able to play online.  They're very similar and both are a rip off in the end.  People like it though so I doubt its going anywhere.

Oh it's not going anywhere.  This is clearly the preface for Xbox Hardware to be a thing of the past.  Xbox will be a streaming platform within the next decade or so with apps for all your smart TVs, Amazon Firesticks, etc, and you will be able to just buy controllers. 


And that is when I will 100% be out of the Xbox game.

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4 hours ago, OPTIMUS124 said:

Does anyone here play (or has played) Borderlands 3?

Oh yeah... I recently went back to playing it... despite the terrible load times (which are apparently no longer an issue on the Series X and presumably PS5).  Zane was my main character for a long time, and I recently finished the story as him... FL4K was my secondary, but lately I've discovered how ridiculous Moze is right from the jump....haha the last thing I did was add the energy shield to the Iron now the enemies have to get thru the shield before they can even begin chipping away at the few thousand armor health the Iron Bear has (level 18 or 19 for now)...while getting lit the hell up because this thing has a minigun for a right arm...and shoots rockets from the left....the rockets have homing capability, btw 😆  Iron Bear works as an "oh shit!" button too; plenty of times I was about to get killed....but the Iron Bear action skill instantly saved me before getting downed. This character is insane, man.  Even if you cannot clearly see where an enemy is amidst the chaos...the homing ability of the missiles will find that bastard.  Moze seems pretty damn unstoppable.


On another note---I got back into some more Saint's Row: Gat Out of much fun powers; like now I can summon a large demon that helps fight other demons (I don't think it even goes away; he's just there until either you summon again or he gets killed)...I also have the powerful stomp ability, Aura, and that Gorgon blast power to turn enemies and objects to stone.  Oddly enough I never got used to the flying....until now.  Something just clicked with how it all works lately, and I can swoop around like I've been doing this forever already.  According to the save I'm 50% into the progression here.  It's unfortunate this didn't come to Switch... I definitely would double-dip if it did.



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