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Video Game Discussion Thread vol. 2

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5 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Man David Jaffe's Ls are almost as entertaining as Dread. 🤣



See this right here is what I'm talking about when people who just refuse to take the L no matter what and it just makes it unnecessarily worse.  He could have just learned from it and kept it in mind moving forward and went about enjoying the rest of the game.   But no...we got the Black Knight from Monty Python over here with no arms and legs.

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On top of all the other games I mentioned that I'm torn between... there's Destroy All Humans as well.. I was juts playing that one a while ago; such a great time, that one.  I'm at the point now where "Majestic" agents are on the scene too, so I have to deal with the police, military and Majestic whenever shit hits the fan....but Crypto has so many abilities in his favor; you can even use people as weapons via the telekinesis.  There's also the ability of "holobob" where you take on the appearance of anyone else, so you can walk around town unnoticed.  At this point, there's the regular "lightning" gun, the one that shoots fire, some bomb/detonator gun....and of course, the infamous "anal probe" beam....haha that never stops being funny.  Yes, the people still shit on themselves too.  Anyway, Crypto has so much going on here with abilities and's too much fun.  I double-dipped on this one so I have it on Switch too.  It was one of my favorite games of that "original Xbox" era.


*Diablo 3--- this week's challenge rift is a Necromancer simulacrum/Masquerade set build!  Sheeeitttt, that's too easy since I'm already familiar with how that build plays so I jumped on it right away.  An old friend who finally stopped playing D3 doesn't quite know what he's missing out on there; he never got into the season stuff... the materials/rewards you get just from the challenge rifts are quite nice.  

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Yea i got there and decided I just kinda don't care. Like bro, Dread is built on 35 years of Metroid game design, and this one does a decent job of arming you with the knowledge you need to finish the game. Maybe not get 100%, theres some ShineSpark shit they dont tell you, but enough to finish the game, and like exploring how ShineSparking works goes hand in hand with the environment exploration. They give you enough to ShineSpark properly and its up to you to test it out and find out what else it can do. Games like "Hey shoot walls with missiles" in its tutorial so even if he didn't shoot the enemy planted there to get his attention the fucking dead end itself should tip him off to start testing the environment.


Like seriously my reaction to all of this is "Heaven forbid you have to poke the fucking environment from time to time. Such TERRIBLE game design."

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