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The Guilty Gear general, Anime perky boobs are de wae

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55 minutes ago, misterBee said:

So you're ready to challenge me in GG? =D

Oh yeah. I have a OHK combo with May that is sub-optimal and I only hit around 70% of the time. I'm signing up for Rev 2 at EVO. 😎


I do like May though. In general I think with this game I think I just need to try more chars. I feel like the first couple of characters that appealed to me visually don't mesh with me mechanically so some experimentation is warranted.

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On 10/6/2020 at 5:43 AM, BornWinner said:

Don’t know if people come here but



Thanks for posting this. I am tentatively excited for Strive. A lot of the changes have me side eyeing it, but at the same time it still looks really fun and GG-like so Im still down. I NEED them to show Jam tho. 

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Characters are looking great as usual I'll have to check for a vod on twitch because I only caught the end of it. But from what I saw it looked  slower than before but maybe I'm trippin



Edit just watched the second match disregard the slower comment. This game is gorgeous.

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3 hours ago, Hawkingbird said:

I don't see why Jam would be out. This new character doesn't have any of her character mechanics. 

Giovanna looks like a rushdown character, so I don't think Jam will be in the main roster at least.

I am more hyped for the game now, were there any news about the online lobbies?

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Vanessa: "Hey Galford?"

Galford: "Yeah?"

Vanessa: "I'll watch Poppy for you."

Galford: "Um...okay."

later that night

Galford: "Has anyone seen Vanessa? She was watching Poppy for me."

SNK Characters: "Nope, but there is a cool ArcSys trailer dropping. Why don't you watch it while you wait."

Galford: "Yeah...I guess that'll kill some time."



Galford: "Goddammit Vanessa!" 😡

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11 hours ago, Mr.Cipher said:

She realy does look like a darker Vanessa.

She seems to be entirely kick based tho, maybe they know each other 👀

Definitly going to try her out.


I hope this Thread will be hella active once the game drops.

I'll be on PC, play me to learn and enjoy the game, cause I won't have a clue what I'm doing.

The usual stuff.

That's the part of the disguise. "If I use kicks, they'll never recognize me!" 😉

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7 minutes ago, Laughingman said:

Looking forward to Strive.  GG is a game I've wanted to get into, but being a PC player it's tough finding matches, esp around my level (low).


If anyone is in the EU region and is up for some Xrd on PC, let me know.


Don't plan to play GG before Strive drops, but I could try to get some Discords for EU for you.

Usually they're helpfull and happy about every new soul.

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21 minutes ago, Laughingman said:

Looking forward to Strive.  GG is a game I've wanted to get into, but being a PC player it's tough finding matches, esp around my level (low).


If anyone is in the EU region and is up for some Xrd on PC, let me know.

Where are you located in  EU?


Playing with you might be possible.

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4 minutes ago, misterBee said:

I will install the game now.  What's you're Steam name?  


Also, not sure if you know but if you edit your profile there are fields there for you to put your Steam/PSN/XBL so people can find you easier.

My steam name is Laughing Man, but I think there are quite a few people with that name.  I'll be easy to find in lobby though, the only one there.  Is the UK lobby ok for you?


I'll add it to my profile, thanks.

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3 hours ago, GetTheTables said:

For anyone interested in brushing up on the story, it looks like ASWs YT channel is uploading the story mode chapters from Xrd -SIGN-. Considering all you do is just watch the damn things in game you aren't missing anything by catching up on it that way. If they carry it all the way through to the end of Xrd, would be a good way to catch up before Strive.

They're releasing a manga re-telling the entire Guilty Gear series as well.  New chapter every day I think.

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The Tag mode is probably PS5 exclusive, with a potential mod coming for PC after launch. 

I really want to support Strive and buy it before launch, but since they announced a season pass and a $85 deluxe edition before state tax here, If I buy it; I'll buy it only once for whichever platform I end up buying it for (PS4/PC). I'm also considering buying the regular edition on PC and just buying the characters piecemeal if ASW does that this time. Granblue made me very wary about buying ASW games that aren't considered "mainstream" (Guilty Gear and DBFZ are probably the two main examples of that I can think of). Also am curious as to how long the PC playerbase will last once the game comes out, also because of Granblue.

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