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The Sonic Thread: Even the Undefeatable can catch the multiverse bug. Sonic Prime releasing 12/15

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I picked up Frontiers for the PS4 as well as Dad of War Ragnarok for the PS4.   I started Frontiers first and played for probably about 4 hours now and I'm having fun with the game despite the jank especially when it comes to some of the mid bosses.  Running around in this big open area as Sonic is fairly relaxing.  You just run around and pick up stuff naturally.  It's not nearly as ADHD inducing as BotW but you see structures, constructs, platforms and railing in the area and you're constantly thinking of how to get to areas.    Sometimes it's super simple to get where you want to go and other times it's a bit more obscure.

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  • Sonichuman changed the title to The Sonic Thread: Even the Undefeatable can catch the multiverse bug. Sonic Prime releasing 12/15

I do wish Sega did go further with momentum in this game, it'd make traversing even more enjoyable than it is.  It also lead to more of a sense of freedom in that you can get to sections or platforming sections in the open world the way they intended or you can find a different way up.  There are a few instances that can be had of this in the game but its still pretty restrictive.  This would have been a good job for the Spin Dash.  I love the drop dash but if there was a steep incline that allowed me to ramp up it to get to a harder to reach area cause I couldn't otherwise get the speed to get up normally it'd have been amazing.  It'd make it easilve just clamor up normally unscaleable walls.  I know that invites the game being broken but I want this pretty bad.  They just need to make sure there is a clear out of bounds area.

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3 hours ago, Sonichuman said:

I know that invites the game being broken but I want this pretty bad.

So one of the key things you have to do to make an open world compelling and interesting is to embrace that your players will break your open world. That's basically the whole point of an Open World. You can go and do whatever, even if breaks shit. 


Elden Ring is 80% open, you can get almost everything whenever the fuck you want so long as you make it a priority. Does this break the game balance? Absolutely. It's the game better for it? Absolutely. 


You have to embrace that your players will go anywhere, even places they aren't supposed to be. It will make your open world actually open instead of pretend open which is sounds like Frontiers kind of is. It sounds  more like Frontiers is 3 large hub areas you can freely explore within those areas but don't try to get to another place in a way other then the 1 specific way the Devs designed for you and that one way is the gate you need to overcome to get to the next area. On the other hand I can think of 3 unique ways to get up the Altus Platau in Elden Ring right off the top of my head. You can use the Dectus Elevator if you found the medallion halves, you can take the mine cave to the left of the Elevator and do a bunch of tough fights and a boss, or you can get grabbed by the Abductor Virgin enemy in the Basement of Raya Lucaria and get teleported to Volcano Manor, fight a simple double boss there and pop out the side of Mt Gelmir and on the Altus Plateau 


That's an open world. That's options. I'm not even sure if those 3 options are even all of them, there might be others. The first true gate in the game is getting into Leyndell City, you need 2 Great Runes to lower the barrier, but at that point you have 4 bosses to choose from to get your Great Runes and you only need 2 to proceed. 


I'm all for open world Sonic, his movement and movement abilities give him so many options in that kind of setting, Sonic Team needs to embrace it even more then they already have. 

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Saw my cousin playing Frontiers yesterday, haven't played a Sonic game in forever but this might get me back. Looked legitimately fun to play, especially the traversal.


The one thing that suprised me the most was that the  combat looks surprisingly competent. Remind me of DMC a bit, not depth wise or challenge wise but for how u can somewhat go crazy with combos and freestyle a bit. 


Add more to the combat,  open the world up a bit more, make it less linear and you've got yourself the perfect Sonic title. 

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On 11/21/2022 at 3:44 PM, Sonichuman said:

Frontiers is 35 bucks with Prime right now.  SALT....

I was honestly on the fence on picking this up, but at $35 why not? Thanks for the heads up.  Still, it’ll be awhile until I play it since I’m taking my time with God of War. 

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