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The Sonic Thread: Forcast calls for 100% chance of Knuckles not needing your power. Sonic Movie 2 coming 4/8/2022

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38 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

Boom was an ok show. The humor didn't always land for me but it wasn't a bad show. Wish it had a better balance between action and the slice of life.

Based on how Season 2 was headed with some more storylines and more lore being implemented, you probably were going to get what you were looking for in Season 3.


Also as a heads up if you have access to Hulu, the entire Boom TV show is available to stream on it as well as Sonic X and the first Sonic movie.

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Interview with Senoue


Senoue reveals that he's working on music for Frontiers so...HYPE!!!


Also want to mention that Adrenaline dubs has been getting better and better at dubbing the IDW comics...E 123 Omega has been a hilarious character to read whenever he shows up and they executed memorable section in the Metal Virus saga perfectly.


The section in question starts at :53 and ends at 1:34


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