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The Sonic Thread: The Year of Shadow. It all starts with this.... Sonic X Shadow Generations 10/25/2024 followed by child murder in Sonic 3 movie on 12/20/2024!

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I've been waiting for an opportunity to do this thread mostly because it had been mostly quiet on the Sonic front by the time I fully migrated over here but now we have some things cooking and coming up on the horizon. 


So to get things up to speed in the first post let's start with the closest thing coming out at the moment being Sonic Colors imminent rerelease coming 09/07.

related vids



The game will run in 4K60 fps on the new gen platforms, 1080/60fps on PS4/Xbone and 1080/30fps on Switch.  If you've never played this game since it was exclusive to Wii then I highly recommend it unless you are one of those weirdos out there that's comparing this game to it running on the dolphin emulator and saying that it looks better running on dolphin.  Extra include the whole OST being redone (for better or worse...some of the music is going to be polarizing based off some of the stuff I've heard thus far but I hope I'm wrong), Metal Sonic being retconned into being involved and a new wisp power taken from Team Sonic Racing.


Sonic just recently celebrated his 30th birthday with a big Symphony concert


It was Good! Great!  Outstanding!! AAAAMMAAAZZZINNNGG!!!!  Ohtani and Crush 40 killed their sets in this.


There's also another 3D Sonic game on the horizon that is so far rumored to be Sonic Rangers.  There rumored/leaked information about it floating around out there but nothing confirmed right now.  I'm hoping that most of the leaked information is outdated or just wrong since most of it is not flattering at the moment.


Sonic has his sequel movie coming with Idris Elba just recently announcing that he will be voicing Knux.


Johnny Gioeli teased that Crush 40 may be involved


If I had any major grips regarding the 1st movie is that they have a series well known for it's music and barely did any arrangements, leitmotifs, or anything save for rendition of Green Hill Zone by Jon Batiste at the very end.  I'm hoping the sequel does a better job of embracing the games musically cause there's so much there that for it not to be used would be a crime.


Sonic is getting another animated show for Netflix called Sonic Prime.  Very little is known about the show at this point save for rumors and supposed art leaks showing the characters with redesigned gloves and shoes.  Series won't be out until next year from what I understand so not much to say on that right now.



What else what elsssseee...The IDW comic series  just got done with a crazy major arc that I would recommend giving a read if you haven't regarding Eggman and a techno virus that got out of hand.  The IDW as a whole is actually really good IMO...If you don't have a comic store near you ( or just plain don't want to pay for comics) then I can provide you with a website to read them through PM. 


Or if you don't feel like reading and just to get the gist with spoilers of what happened then I recommend listening to The Game Apologize talk about it in his Sonic Speed Reading series

He's gone through everything that's happened in the IDW universe up to the conclusion of the Metal Virus saga.  There is a fan dub of the comics that's ok at the moment but mileage may vary on that.  Personally I think some of the voice actors are still trying to find their footing but they seem to be getting better  (The guy voicing Eggman is actually pretty solid)


Sonic has also been showing in in a wide variety of other games for his 30th anniversary which includes an Olympics game that's not Mario & Sonic related, Minecraft, a hospital game, and Super Monkey Ball.




Only other thing semi Sonic related is Alvin Earthworm's SMBZ reboot getting its 2nd episode after a long wait even though Sonic didn't have a major role in that ep but I know plenty of Sonic fans like his series so I figured I'd mention that as well.



I think that's covers just about everything aside from the various fan games out there that have been doing some pretty interesting things which will probably get posted later.


Well....sound off below!  Welcome to the newly minted Sonic thread and let's try to keep it friendly between the 2D and 3D fans.



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30 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:

I'm still trying to decide if I'm gonna do just one or double dip.  I'm leaning to double dip for the PS4 and Switch.

I'm going to end up double dipping. I still want it on PC. Just sucks I will have to wait a year to get the version I want.


I have Sonic Smackdown lurking in my drive somewhere. I should check to see if there been anything improvements.

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34 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

Have Cubot and Orbot ever acted like little brothers to Metal before these shorts? I'm enjoying that development

No actually.  This will be the first time that they would have had an opportunity to interact.  They probably could have during Generations but Metal was on Boss duty (in a time void?)  aaaand Metal in Forces wasn't real.

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On 9/2/2021 at 4:38 PM, Hawkingbird said:

I heard the game doesn't give you the option of using the original OST. Which is dumb since it's there. The remix tracks better not blow ass.

From what I've seen the original ost is there but you don't get the option of switching between them for stages.  They're attached on a by stage basis from what I understand.  So the first 3 acts of a world will be the remixes and then the rest of the acts will be the original ost.  Reviews have been saying some of the remixes feel over produced.  I don't think what I've heard is bad so far but I def don't think they're going to replace or stand side by side with the originals but I'm hoping I'm wrong on that.  


Unfortunately I'm hearing that there are  glitches all over the Switch version  (Edit: wait apparently these glitches are universal?  These are being shown on a PS5. ) that I hope get fixed with a patch at some point.  Some of these are really small imo but some of them makes me feel like they decided they were going ignore Q+A's reports.


Edit: finding out that the gltiches are not just on the Switch version of this game...What the hell is going on Sega?

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This is...incredibly saddening that this game is being treated this way.  Sega went from potentially getting 2 copies of the game from me to waiting to see if they'll patch it cause some of this doesn't make any sense.  Whoever it was that they outsourced it to either is pulling a quick on them or Sega had to of known about the problems and decided to not push it back and release it anyway.  I feel like it's probably the latter cause there's no way they couldn't have known about some the problems.   I was genuinely happy that more people were going to have a chance to play this game.  SMGDH.

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Whoops, didn’t realize there was a Sonic thread. Guess I can post the Colors Ultimate stuff here.


1 hour ago, Sonichuman said:

I was genuinely happy that more people were going to have a chance to play this game.  SMGDH.

That is the worst part of this. Colors had this reputation for years of being one of the few good 3D Sonics and bringing Sonic out of the dark age. While I don’t necessarily agree with those statements, it was a very fun game that a lot of people wanted to play outside the Wii original. To see it end like this is upsetting but someone actually called it happening months ago.



It’s insane how many things he got right. Didn’t know the people responsible for the port never had any experience with the Switch.

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Some updates on the Colors situation. It appears there was at least one guy was faking some of the stuff seen in these videos. Much like with Pokémon Sword and Shield and Mario 3D All Stars, this guy was playing on an emulator. Not on actual hardware. 


That guy ended up deleting the post with the heat he was getting. So now no one is sure what is faked or not. This other person however was able to showcase the seizure stuff through actual hardware.




It’s all really stupid and confusing what is actually going on right now. We’ll see in upcoming days, I suppose.


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Yeah I just started catching up on that bit of shit storm when I looked at my twitter feed.  That guys thought process makes is underhanded at worse.  If he should have said he was on an emulator starting out and what his intention was cause now his actions look super fucking scummy right now.  It'd be far worse if the game wasn't still a glitchy shitshow and he was putting that stuff up.

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46 minutes ago, RSG3 said:

I mean Cyberpunk actually runs...>.> Outside the Braindance shit from launch which was extremely mild as far as epilepsy is concerned Cyberpunk has yet to risk sending anyone to the hospital lmao. 

A reviewer who suffers from epilepsy got seizures from the braindance in Cyberpunk. I remember how some fans send her seizure inducing images to silence her about bring it up. 

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16 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

A reviewer who suffers from epilepsy got seizures from the braindance in Cyberpunk. I remember how some fans send her seizure inducing images to silence her about bring it up. 

I hadn't heard that story. I knew of the complaints about it because CDPR fixed it immediately bit I hadn't heard of anyone actually seizing from those two blinking lights. 

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9 minutes ago, RSG3 said:

I hadn't heard that story. I knew of the complaints about it because CDPR fixed it immediately bit I hadn't heard of anyone actually seizing from those two blinking lights. 

It happened to a reviewer from Game Informer and they spread the word on it


If CD Project didn't fix it quick it might have been a bigger issue. 



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2 hours ago, RSG3 said:

I hadn't heard of anyone actually seizing from those two blinking lights. 

if it did happen, alot of hush-hush money was thrown at the victim to cover up that it never happened.

Also the brain dance wreath looks surprisingly similar to a medical device used to test to see if you have photosensitive seizures

But the real thing also adds a Brain cap for electrodes, the thing under his eyes are electrodes. 


A newer version of a EEG Brain cap

Not that far off from this

Idea here is doctors purposely trigger a seizure event to get brain readings, so that they can see what parts of the brain is causing trouble
And if surgery would help, where to apply the surgical procedures. I went to google up the device and the first result is a pacemaker for the brain that supposed to help prevent seizures

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Sonic Colors Ultimate ost game rip is up on sitting on clouds and I've been listening to it today.    It's a mixed bag on the remixes as a whole imo.  There's  some tracks that I believe do a good job of iteration on themes, some that are kind of more so a lateral move, and then there's some where there's one section in them them that when I hear them makes me surprised that Ohtani and Tokoi were like "yeah this sounds great!" when they were mixing it.  Not gonna go into deep thoughts and impressions on it...yet..I'll post more thoughts on this musically later cause I wanna take my time with it to explain my gripes.   I will say a few things though, giving Senoue the boss themes for Rotatatron and Refreshinator, Captain Jelly and Admiral Jelly, and giving him Terminal Velocity as well as letting him help with Nega Wisp part 2 was definitely a good call.  Terminal Velocity is one of those tracks that just edges out over being a lateral move and it's only because of Jun's guitar playing.  He mostly does that track's arrangement fairly straight which I feel plays to his strenghts since Terminal Velocity is the most electric guitar heavy track in the game.  The original boss themes were pretty meh to me and I vastly prefer Senoue's versions of both of those tracks.


Overall thought I can hear why some reviewers were saying some of these tracks were over produced.  Overall it feels like they wanted to take the music and electric house them which isn't necessarily a bad thing but some of the tracks feel like they lose a lot of character in the transition and then there's some choices audibly that I feel just don't work.  Most of Sweet Mountain's remixes....GIF by hoppip

Sweet Mountain's tracks have this big band funk to them in the original tracks with the blaring horns and DAT BASS....and....well listen to what they did yourself


The horns get subdued later and then this piano comes in that takes some of the parts that the horns used to play and on top of that it feels like when the song starts out it feels like the notes are off.   They probably aren't but it HAS to be the piano throwing this off.   And then the electric guitar also got completely yanked and given to the piano.  The electric guitar in this particular track was extremely noteworthy and giving it to the piano was a big mistake imo.  Compare with the original and let me know how you feel.


A good chunk of these remixes that Ohtani did suddenly have this off kilter sounding piano that comes in and it seems to be a recurring theme and I gotta say I'm not a fan.  The very first act of Tropical Resort does this and while it's not as egregious as Sweet Mountain I fee like it starts to set the stage for what you are about to hear for some of the game (by the way reading some of the comments on the Tropical Resort vid I posted has me laughing.  They describing as "drunk piano" and it seems incredibly apt so I'll be calling it that from now on).


I will say that the one area that seems to have come out ahead for the most part musically is Aquarium Park.  Ohtani raised the beats on it, slightly subdued the piano in some areas and then brought in what I believe is a shamisen for the remixes on the stages and it really works imo.



He didn't fully subdue the piano in these tracks which is great cause the Piano was really the star for Aquarium Park and still remains so.  This is all I'll say on the OST for right now.  I'll come back and do a further impressions later.  *Pours one out for Sweet Mountain*

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King K's video does a good job of showcasing all of Colors Ultimate's problems in it's current state. Game deserves SO much better. Yeah, this stuff can be addressed but the game never should have hit the physical or digital stores in this state. If Banana Mania has the same developer or the same remaster issues, I'm seriously gonna consider canceling my pre-order for it. 

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9 hours ago, RSG3 said:

King K really seemed to hate the Piano as well.


I wont lie Piano isnt what comes to mind when I think of Sonic music.

The thing is that Sonic's music has touched such a wide range of genre's that nearly anything can work for it.  Piano DOES and has infact worked for the series and ironically it actually works in the original game.    The very first act for Planet Wisp has piano take  center stage and it is works extremely well for the visuals at the beginning of the stage.



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On 10/21/2021 at 6:23 PM, Hawkingbird said:

How far along is Colors Ultimate in terms of fixes?

That is a good question....and the answer is I don't know.  Ever since they fixed the seizure inducing visuals I haven't heard anything else about the game getting fixed beyond that currently.  Upon looking it up this is the last patch that was released but apparently there was a big update before this one according to this which I'll have to locate.


I tried to see what the other patch was but the only thing I can see is that it was the patch that addressed the epilepsy concerned in September





Something else I want to bring up is I came across this youtube channel that's been pretty great in doing Sonic Music theory for those interested.  Here's the latest that was released today

Currently the Channel has just be focusing on 3K since it started but I hope it continues into the other games.



Also update in the comics thus far.  Thing have been fairly tame since the techno virus but things have been starting to bubble up again. There was a smaller attack with the Deadly Six trying to get revenge after getting defeated and now they've been beat for the 2nd time and sent home in a rocket.   Don't know if the comic will get anywhere near the craziness of the techno virus arc but Dr. Starline has been working on something in the background and it's about to come into focus in the next few months starting in November with the Imposters Syndrome series.

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Sonic movie 2 rumor that showed up on reddit:

I like most of what I read here if it's for the end (....Why would Sonic do this? I don't agree with this at all).  It does sound like they're starting to cram a bit too much in here.  Read at your own risk.  The only hint I'll give is that there's shades of S2, S3, CD, Adventure 1, and ALMOST Adventure 2 rolled into this movie.  Again IF TRUE. 


To also throw this out there...apparently the redidt post got removed due to a copyright notice so...yeah...again read at your own risk




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