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The Sonic Thread: The Year of Shadow. It all starts with this.... Sonic X Shadow Generations 10/25/2024 followed by child murder in Sonic 3 movie on 12/20/2024!

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38 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

Boom was an ok show. The humor didn't always land for me but it wasn't a bad show. Wish it had a better balance between action and the slice of life.

Based on how Season 2 was headed with some more storylines and more lore being implemented, you probably were going to get what you were looking for in Season 3.


Also as a heads up if you have access to Hulu, the entire Boom TV show is available to stream on it as well as Sonic X and the first Sonic movie.

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Interview with Senoue


Senoue reveals that he's working on music for Frontiers so...HYPE!!!


Also want to mention that Adrenaline dubs has been getting better and better at dubbing the IDW comics...E 123 Omega has been a hilarious character to read whenever he shows up and they executed memorable section in the Metal Virus saga perfectly.


The section in question starts at :53 and ends at 1:34


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Fans have been trying to fix Sonic 06 (no...not the story..can't do anything about that) and here's a video talking about what they've done so far


What they did to upgrade Shadow's gameplay is actually interesting and I could actually see that being fun with Adventure's trick system.  It's also a good way to further implement his chaos powers so he's not a complete Sonic clone.

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Sonic Frontiers is being made with the new gen consoles in the forefront


I mean I'd like to think it'll hopefully run great on the new consoles but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the full first trailer was "how is this going to work on the Switch?"


Edit:  I'm still waiting for the game that will even let me do a quarter of this animation in real time in the open

This is all I've ever wanted since seeing this animation so if this can even attempt to scratch this itch that's been going on for years for me I'd be happy.

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2 minutes ago, J-ride said:


Snapcube's Sonic 06 dub was great.  I'd only seen people reanimating or taking clips of it showing up in my feed but I took the time to listen/watch it a couple weeks ago and there were some definite moments that were brilliant.


They've actually started doing something as equally ridiculous if not more so in the form of a mostly AI made Sonic Script called Sonic Destruction and it's just as ridiculous as you could probably imagine.

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10 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

Penders is a piece of work and I mean that in the worst way possible.



I wanna be like "Would buy that shit" but the fact that NFT's exist and haven't been squashed immediately seems to indicate there there is at least a small chance that someone would in fact "Buy that shit"

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48 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

New remix of Fist Bump.



That for some reason has Zavok as the villainous focus in the video.

Gotta say that I'm really liking Jun's experimentation with his guitar sound.  He does does this sound on one of the tracks from Team Sonic Racing too.  Still hasn't done anything quite as heavy as "Infinite" again but I'm enjoying it.

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Supposedly Keighley knew about this and hinted at it prior to the VGA's they're we're officially gonna be 3 movies deep into this the one character I'm wondering how they're going to redesign Rouge cause I know they're going to if they're not going to avoid her altogether and extreely curious how they are going to deal with the Shadow's inevitability.   I have an idea of how Shadow can be done but I'm curious to see how they handle it.

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Sonic Sessions Album is out



Edit:  also cool lil animation from my twitter feed

Edit: The animation above was done by an animator at Sony Picture Studios apparently.  He's working on the across the Spider-verse movie.

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New poster for the Sonic movie revealed ahead of IGN fan fest



^this won't allow embedding for some reason...if you like the Ugandan Knuckles meme then you might get a laugh out of this.

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