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The Sonic Thread: The Year of Shadow. It all starts with this.... Sonic X Shadow Generations 10/25/2024 followed by child murder in Sonic 3 movie on 12/20/2024!

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9 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

I understand why but it sucks that Colleen O’Shaughnessy is not credited at all despite Za playing Tails. The billing system is archaic.

Yeah my twitter feed had a few people talking about it and IIRC it's even in the twitter thread following that poster.  They pointed out that Tika and Coleen don't have their names on the poster.

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50 minutes ago, iStu X said:

Imagine if Sega listened even the tiniest of a fraction of fan feed back. 

They do. They just happen to use that feedback in the worse way possible.


”Sonic’s friends in Sonic 06 feel half baked to play and unnecessary in most cases.”


Sonic is now the only playable character in the main games while everyone else are NPCs. If they are not Tails, Eggman, sometimes Knuckles, Shadow, or Amy, they are barely used at all.


“Sonic 06’s plot was convoluted and stories for these games have been getting too dark.”


After Unleashed, they just stop trying to write serious stories which also affects the characters that were taken serious as big jokes(Tails in Forces, anyone?).


”We are tired of Eggman getting overthrown as the bad guy. We want him as the main threat again.”


Only Eggman has been the main bad guy of the series since Colors. It also makes new villains (Zavok and Infinte) irrelevant in order to let Eggman shine once more.


”Sonic Unleashed daytime levels are amazing. The Werehog is pacebreaking and weird.”


No other gameplay styles, just the boost style of gameplay with barely any changes.


”Classic Sonic is great in Generations. I hope Sega finds a use for it in later games.”


Classic Sonic is shoehorned into Sonic Forces. Turns out being in the plot for no reason, being weird to control, and having terrible level design will make people hate the idea of Classic Sonic.


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5 hours ago, RSG3 said:

Best fucking thing they ever did. 

It was a good idea at the time to try to refocus themselves but not having any of his "friends" period no matter the circumstances is not the way to go cause if they had reworked Unleashed to center around Sonic and Knuckles instead of Sonic and Sonic as a werehog it probably would have went ovee better.  I also think them just ignoring certain characters existing and at least taking a larger part in the story isn't the way to go...they don't all have to be playable but having them involved can still be better than not at all.  If there is a massive crisis going on regarding the planet then its ok for Team Dark or Silver to be involved. 


Its never really been the friends that are bad, just how they're utilized and their execution.  If the friends as a whole were bad then Mania would have suffered.

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I had this tweet show up in my feed and it made me double take

I had to look it up and see if this was an actual quote aaaaand yeah it is


The social media manager for Sonic Twitter is asking a question

I normally don't really pay much attention to this but Ian put this up which made hmmmm a bit

 Figured I'd point it out in case anyone here wanted to give their own answer to her question.

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There's been a few tv spots that people have been seeing and I'm trying not to look at anymore but I can't help myself.  Every small little piece I'm seeing is making me more hype!

Movie released a full 8 days in france and the Netherlands before it reaches theaters here.  Which means I'm about to run into all manner of spoilers come by the 31st.


Edit:  There's a whole TV spot where they have Sonic and Tails do a combo move together.

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I have a cousin that kind of complained about there not being a mobius and about humans being more of a thing in recent games and them not being in any of the original games and funny enough I explained how it probably works exactly the way how Tails did with since 1, 2, and 3K essentially all take place on islands.  I had nothing really official to go off of but find it kinda funny that's precisely how they explained it.

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