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PSN/XBL/Steam/Fightcade Username DB

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Listing usernames here. Now you can all stalk each other and beg for games. Thanks to @Little_Goten for starting this.



Steam: Beatrice_Iank

CFN: Bea_Iank



Steam: Darc Requiem

PSN: Darc_Requiem

XBL: Darc Requiem



PSN: zachnickle

CFN: GetTheTables



Steam: GreatDarkHero



Fightcade: Little_Goten



Fightcade: misterBee

Steam: bCHAN



Fightcade: zUeLtAtE_lA_tReNzA

Steam: ruka_11, dEjAtE_cAeR_lA_GrEñA

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