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The Cartoons and Animation Thread

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2 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

I'm always fascinated as to how far we come in terms of animation.

Style changes a lot, but budgetary concerns also affect how well things are animated.  A lot of newer western cartoons use style to mask the fact that the animation is sometimes very rudimentary.

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In "Movies that are  now on bluray that slipped under the radar", the 1986 Fist of the North Star animated movie recently came out on bluray at the end of May.

It is from Discotek , who made the SF2 animated movie blu ray and the Fatal fury Motion Picture blu. 

(The picture quality/sound on SF2 is great imo)


I couldnt find any reviews but here  is some info from a thread on .


Your HEART will beat with MADNESS when you check out our release of the FIST OF THE NORTH STAR movie on 1080p Blu-Ray! This release is bilingual and will include both 16:9 and 4:3 versions of the movie, plus the alternate ending in standard definition.....



We should talk about this. So, before everyone asks, no, this is not uncensored. The censored bits were fed through a video processor in the 80s, so they don't look great. Not much we could do. HOWEVER, we do have both endings (again, vid quality varies) and 16x9 & 4x3 versions!

So, is this a perfect disc? No. We worked with what we had. 95% of the film looks great tho. Also did an HD remaster of the Streamline trailer.

Also, seeing the film for the first time in 16x9, it really is clearly made to be seen in that format.The framing is so much more cinematic.

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Going through Venture Bros and made my way through Season 4. I stopped watching at the beginning of that season. The finale is pure gold. My understanding is that it was done that way in case the show wasn't renewed. It could easily have been the series closer and I'd have been fine with it.

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