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While is easy to blame the current administration of WBD for all those cancellations, one thing to keep in mind that this come as a result of all the terrible behind the scenes decisions that the previous administration did that left WB in a state that needs to cut 3 billion in costs that need to be reduced.


It certainly sucks for the series, the creators, the animators, fans etc, specially for those series that are written as tax deductions., but seeing the state of WB, this would have happened sooner or later regardless the merger.


And is actually a problem that is not exclusive to WBD, since it is also happening to the likes of Netflix, Paramount, etc.



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@Hecatombeat me to it. People are all over Zaslav about these cuts but they a result of the previous managements shenanigans. One of the chief reasons for the need to cut 3 billion dollars was the bone headed decision to do simultaneous HBO MAX and theatrical releases. That fractured relationships with some of their business partners. In additional it raised their cost, they had to re-work the contracts of a lot their acting talent because a lot of them had bonuses tied to the box office draw. So their cost was higher and their take was lower because people that would have bought tickets, just watched on HBO Max or signed up for HBO Max. There was no additional charge for $15 got you all the content you were getting anyway plus new releases. It was great for consumers like me but terrible for their bottom line. $15 a  month HBO Max subscriptions were not going to cover cost of an entire slate of big budget films. 


Then you have the CW which was not making a dime. Part of what made them tenable was their added streaming revenue from Netflix. Once HBO Max hit, that content shifted to it when the Netflix contracts were up. That's part of the reason the Arrowverse got canned so quickly. The ratings were always bad but the Netflix checks were keeping them afloat. Without them, they had to stand own their on ad revenue. Zaslav literally gave the CW away in exchange for the new owner taking on the networks debts and liabilities.

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The CW is a can of worms that we can go for hours.

Like Darc said, most of the issues for WB and other studios with their new streaming services at the time, is that once they jumped into the streaming wars their costs ballooned all while losing [extra] revenue  that came from theaters for WB and the netflix deals for most shows and movies.


Even with the pandemic, their growth was not enough to sustain the streaming services that poped up, but the business model that the studios were experimenting with during that time period.


Due the expensive nature of animation, it is not surprising that those will be the 1st to go.

And is not only how expensive they are to produce, but also that they are time consuming.


Which makes them a high risk gamble that from the looks of it, most shows failed to payoff 😕



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I have yet to watch Earthspark yet buuuuut...this is kinda making me move the timetable to watch it with my son up

I introduced my son to Transformers since he likes cars and he's in love with Bumblebee.  Started him with the Bumblebee movie, then the first season of Transformers Prime, then found out that Netflix only has the first season of Prime for whatever reason which was super annoying.  So I opted to have him watch Bayformers since I don't have immediate access to Beast Wars....and he ended up having a nightmare which to be honest...I can't blame him lol.  I was rewatching the movies with him and I was like...good good the designs on these bots specifically the decepticons are nightmare fuel and I ended up being right.   Far more cursing in the movies then I remember too.  I'm probably gonna have to invest in the Transformers Prime Blurays at some point.

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Regarding streaming Transformers in the USA..


G1 is fully available for free on Hasbro Pulse youtube account. (not the movie, but you can find it on other accounts)

S1 (1984), S2,S3 and S4 (1987)


Beast Wars (1996) is fully available for free on the Tubi app (it has commercials but usually only at the halfway mark)


Beast Machines (1999) is a sequel to Beast Wars and is full on Tubi.


TF Armada (2002), Energon (2004), and Cybertron (2005) are fully on Tubi


Transformers Prime has Season 2 and Season 3 on Tubi. (NO S1 is odd.)


Transformers Animated (2007) is fully on Tubi



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On 11/20/2022 at 9:26 PM, Sonichuman said:




One of the most stupidiest decisions that Disney has made.

He is the architect of all the current problems that Disney has.


Brilliant move to bring the reason of the problems back while removing the person they put in charge to fix them (after sabotaging him in every step of trying to fix the issues.)

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I'm not saying Chapek was great CEO but Iger engineered all of the problems that are plaguing Disney right now. He wouldn't let Chapek do his job for the longest time. People forget he never left the company. When Chapek finally starts to get to do things his way. Iger leads a mutiny to boot him out and get himself back in. It's hilarious that anyone thinks this is a good idea. Iger ballooned Disney's debt to high heaven, bent over backwards to appeal to China, and China isn't even letting their movies through anymore. Which is both sad and hilarious because they've built a theatrical model that counts on the Chinese box office to pad their profits. 

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7 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

Sooo many workers in park that night were so happy to see Iger return... Not sure why unless you're a salaried leader to me little will change. Guess everyone has their Fave CEO/millionaire executive? 


I can only speak for me on this.

In my case is seeing the decisions made during the tenure and see the consequences on the long run.

So many trends that are now a problem started with him.

And bringing him back wouldn't solve anything related to the steep decline that disney is having.

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Box Office Disney Disaster: New Animated Film “Strange World” Bombs in Previews with Just $800,000



Most kids had half school days yesterday. They should have piled into theaters to see Disney’s new animated film, “Strange World.”

But they did not come in droves. Instead, “Strange World” made just $800,000 in previews. This does not augur well for Thanksgiving weekend. At that rate, “Strange World” could turn out to Disney’s lowest grossing animated film — family film — in a long, long time.

Just for context: “Lightyear,” considered a Disney bomb earlier this year, had a $5 million preview night and went on to earn $118 million domestically (and $100 million internationally).

A lot of potential audience may be thinking they’ll wait and see “Strange World” on Disney Plus. If that”s the case, theaters are in bigger trouble than anyone thought.


Already smaller films with Oscar potential are heading early to streaming. The much praised “The Banshees of Inisherin” from Disney’s Searchlight Films is going to HBO Max before December is out. This is unheard of. In the past, a movie like “Banshees” would continue playing in a limited number of theaters until awards nominations kicked in and word of mouth helped build interest.

It’s indeed a Strange World.


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7 minutes ago, TheInfernoman said:

in before it's blamed on "gay characters" and homophobia!


The moment they announced that one character was gay before anything else about the movie makes me certain that its flop will be blamed on it.

Is the usual MO of Disney and other studios now days.


And due the movie having a lot of moments related to him being gay, they can't cut off those parts for countries where they can't show this, like they have done with all their other movies so far, so they can't count with those places to inflate the box office.


Specially now that china is not accepting any Disney movie, lol.

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Supposedly they couldn't really put much of the character being gay in the movie.  So far been hearing there's one scene in the beginning that points it out and then it just mentions about his boyfriend a few times in the movie so its not a big focal point from what I understand.  He's just gay and they keep it moving.   This is a point of contention for some since they feel its just Disney checking a box.  But if I'm trying to look at things objectively, the ultimate goal is to make it so that people being different is a normal thin so does every movie that has a LGBTQ character in it have to have that character's sexuality brought to the forefront hand in hand with the narrative?  

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2 hours ago, Sonichuman said:


The green door thing makes me laugh hella hard. In Immortal Hulk, the writer of the series, Al Ewing establishes that every gamma irradiated mutate sees a “Green Door” when they die. If the gamma irradiate mutate decides to use the door it leads to the realm of The One Below All. Which is the deepest depth of hell. 😂

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