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Invincible has a bunch of lore and a huge amount of drama. I hope it does well and they can cover the whole series. I mean the action set pieces on the big fights just keep getting better.

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3 hours ago, BornWinner said:

Donald Faison of Scrubs fame is going to play Professor Utonium in the Powerpuff Girls live action show.



Faison being Utonium I'm not even batting an eye at because I'm still more concerned about the story lol.

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Ep4 of Invincible


Darkblood comes back later, right? The idea of a demon who stays in the mortal world to be a detective because he doesn't want to return to hell is damn cool to me. I want him back man.


Omni Man really struggling if Mark will aid in his conquest to conqueror Earth isn't he? I can see that's why he's pushing Mark to be so deattached. 


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I've been watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. It is super corny but it was the 1980s and this show helped make me a Spidey fan. Toei animated a few episodes, including the one that retells Spidey's origin story. The episode was practically ripped right out of Amazing Fantasy #15.


I didn't realize it when I was a kid but Fire Star in her secret ID was visually Mary Jane. Also, the show loved to show off her butt. The amount of focus on it was crazy but understandable. 

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1 hour ago, CDB2k20 said:


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Titan threw hands with Battle Beast, surived, and came out a kingpin!


We that remains to be see IF he'll stay on the righteous path. Reminded me of a certain MARVEL Netflix show that ended like this. Wonder if this was intentional 👀

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