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The NFL Thread: 2024 Offseason: Justin Jefferson Moving On Up, Signs 4 Year/140 Million Dollar Extension

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Because owners see what he does when he's healthy and think he'll be that way all season. Thing is they forgot that he's hella injury prone and could probably tear his ACL just by sneezing wrong. Oh well. I give him two games max before he hurts himself then Arizona will have to settle for Mike Glennon.

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On 3/15/2018 at 12:43 PM, po_pimpus said:

Packers seem hellbent on wasting Rodgers' prime years. If I were him, I'd be demanding a trade to somewhere serious about winning.


Well the Packers have a new GM and are participating in Free Agency. Not sure how well it's going to turn out but they are trying something different.

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41 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I don't do fantasy football much to the chagrin of one of dudes that works in my office. Good luck with that Cousins thing, If I ever leave my team, it'd have to be for someone transcendent. Kirk isn't that guy.

It's not just about Cousins, it's about how Snyder ruined a once-proud franchise. When the Redskins tagged Cousins last year about this time, and fired McCloughan (the guy who built the Seahawks SB team), that was the last straw for me. I made a decision that whoever Kirk played for this year was going to be my new team. This is after 30+ years of being a die hard Skins fan. 


I don't think we yet know the full potential of Cousins. He was able to break franchise records with mediocre Redskins teams, posting 4k yard seasons three years in a row. He's been living in the shadow of "what could have been" with RG3 who was anointed the Savior before he was even drafted. Kirk never got a fair shake at competing from the get go, and he was never Snyder or Allen's, or even Gruden's guy. The front office smeared him (remember Allen calling him Kurt) and Gruden placed blame on him for going 7 and 9, after losing games like the Saints last season after Kirk put up 30+ points and the defense managed to let Brees march down the field three times in a minute and a half. Fuck the Redskins. None of those front office guys have any accountability and they'll be stuck in perpetual mediocracy as long as Snyder owns them.


I'm looking forward to what Cousins might be capable of with a good team that actually wants him there and wants to win. Yeah, I'm taking a gamble for switching teams, but it is sincere. I love football, and I'm tired of rooting for bullshit. Not to mention Snyder also contributed to Trump's inauguration. Whatever politics, but fuck all that. Go Vikings!

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Like I said man good luck. You've been a Skins fan as long as I have. That means you've seen Kirk choke when it matters most. Last game of the season in 2016, the Giants are playing their back ups. We win and we are in. If Kirk has even an average game, we make the playoffs. He laid and egg. Seen him do that too many times. When the locker room is more broken up by Kendall Fuller getting traded to the Chiefs than Cousins not getting re-signed. It speaks volumes. He's a good dude. But he's a Top 10 to 15 QB in the league. He isn't elite.


Edit: BTW How Bruce got rid of Scot was bush league. I don't have a problem with them letting him go. They could have been more professional about it. Scot is a great personnel guy. Both San Francisco and Seattle faltered with finding talent after he left. That said, he's an alcoholic. That admits to still drinking. You can't do that man. I've known alcoholics. You can't drink at all. You cannot have a beer when you get home. That's not how alcoholism works.

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Yeah, that Giants game was pretty frustrating. I'm not saying Cousins is elite, but he offers a means for me to switch it up. For all we know, he may go to Minnesota and play like shit. Or it might be the change of scenery he needs to get to the next level. I'm just glad he didn't go to Cowboys, lol.


When I told my buddy what I was doing about switching teams, he said he hoped Cousins went to the Browns, lol. I was hoping it was going to be AZ or Minnesota. I moved to New Mexico in 03 and there's no local team here to jump on. A lot of Cowboys, Cardinals, and Broncos fans, though. And Steelers fans of course, those fuckers are everywhere. My best friend here is from Minnesota and he's a huge Vikings fan, so that should make for some fun games to watch. If the Redskins ever figure their shit out (doubtful with Snyder) I may come back. I'll still keep an eye on them, but right now I'm all in on the Vikings with Cousins.


Edit: I'm actually an alcoholic myself. Been sober for over five years though. I know how that shit works. I can't ever drink again, not a drop, or I lose everything I've worked hard for in my life. My job, my marriage, my freedom. I know how that shit goes, which is probably why I can emphathize with McCloughan. It's not an easy road.

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2 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

Kyle Allen? Assuming this is your QB but I don’t remember that being his name. 

He started for Carolina when Cam was injured last year. He started off hot the first few games but once they got tape on him he was throwing ints/fumbling left and right. He does know the system but that didn't stop him from being a turnover machine in Carolina with the essentially the same coaching staff. If you don't want to sink or swim with Haskins this year and Alex Smith is truly healthy. Then play him.

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I was just thinking that. Been watching football a good 20 years and I don’t ever remember the entire division being this ass.  

keep seeing eagles fans talk about being first in division as anything other than a joke and I’m just like...


honest to god I think the eagles need fans booing them to play to their potential

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Man this was tough loss for us. If we had properly shown up for the first few games I would be ok with the L. Lots of birds fans blaming this on bad calls but there were definitely a bunch of areas where we could’ve played better. 

If you’re relying on friendly whistles to win you’re already wrong. 

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Looking at the remainder of the Jets schedule I honestly think they'll got 0-16. Really the only two games that I think they could win is against the Chargers and Browns. And that's only if they self destruct. Maybe the Patriots too in the final week if the Patriots don't make the playoffs.

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