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The NFL Thread: Jets Trade Sam Darnold To Panthers

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Chiefs got their asses kicked up front, just as I thought they would. Frustrating seeing everybody picking the Chiefs to cruise as if Mike Remmers wasn't at left tackle. In a perfect world that dude never sees the field after his time in Carolina. Bring in an extra TE/H-back and run it 40 times like you did at Buffalo.

Also that Bucs offense is impossible to scheme against. 3 or 4 deep at all skill positions means you can't double team anybody. No Willie Gay means no decent pressure from the LB position. Send a corner/safety? Free jumpballs for Evans and Gronk.

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Well it looks like I won't have a local professional football team until the XFL comes back. Cal McNair's 'leadership' with his boy Jack has been a plague on this franchise.


JJ Watt released


Couldn't even get anything from him although I am guessing him going to them directly had a lot to do with that so they don't burn the bridge with one of their best players... Again.

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I think the Giants did pretty well in free agency. Lots of offensive weapons for Jones. This also puts pressure on Jones, Giants are going to test him. I think they'll have their anwser if he's the guy or not by November. As for the draft I think they'll draft a linemen since everything else is pretty decent.


How'd everyone else's teams do in free agency?

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Biggest weaknesses my team had were QB and WR. The latter has been resolved IMO. Fitzpatrick is a 50/50 QB. Either he's great or he's terrible, there is rarely any in-between. Should be exciting to watch the games either way.

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