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The MMA Thread: Khabib Mauls Conor, McNuthuggers on Suicide Watch

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1 minute ago, Abbachio said:

I don't even know why they have Cyborg, an entire division and there's only 1 fighter in it that actually fights at that weight.

Cyborg is a draw. She had the third highest PPV from last year. Even her fight against an unknown like Yana Kunitskaya did more than double the PPV numbers of Nunes fight versus Schevchenko. She'd be an even bigger drawn if Dana White didn't spend so much time shitting on her when Rousey was still in the picture.

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Women's Featherweight is a thin division. While the UFC was shitting on Cyborg to appease Ronda. Bellator snatched a lot of the thin talent pool. The UFC needs to do a TUF for Women's Featherweight. That is the fastest way to build the division. Women's combat sports doesn't pay that well for the most part. If the UFC showed they were serious about the division, they'd actually be able to draw women for the division from other disciplines and they'd have decent division on their hands in a few years.


A baseline UFC contract that is like 12k to show and another 12k to win would be good money for most women's combat athletes and that just the bottom tier contract. I watch Invicta. A UFC base contract it like 10 times what those girls make.  I think the old ownership would have built the division the right way. WME is just trying throw together money fights. Which was good in the short term but a poor long term plan.

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4 minutes ago, Crucades said:

Wonderboy gonna lose his soul in Liverpool.

Maybe, Wonderboy thrives against aggressive opponents. Till has the power to KO Wonderboy but his aggressive style leaves him opponent to get countered.

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Barboza got fucking wrekt, LW has always been an interesting division but I think it's the one that has my full attention right now. That may be because I can't wait for someone to completely embarrass Khabib on the feet though. 

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9 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Great night of fights. Penningtion's coach should be ashamed. She said she was done after round 4. Her nose was toast. They shouldn't have sent her back out there.

Yeah I didn't watch the card but heard about that, absolutely disgusting. Their fighter's safety should come first not some carny level bullshit that they pulled. I'd hope they get reprimanded somehow but I doubt that'll happen. 

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