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The Streaming Thread: Let's Be Real, Not Everything Is On Netflix

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13 minutes ago, OPTIMUS124 said:

The "I don't trust the government" line was a smooth landing. 


The "woke" but had me dying. There was so much gold in that special it's ridiculous. 

He's essentially what conservatives say joe rogan is.. He truly is in middle politically and it works out amazingly

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1 hour ago, DangerousJ said:

I just saw "Free Guy"


Pretty good. It feels like Truman Show meets Matrix kinda.


The cameo and surprise "Arm stuff"  in the final battle made me lol.

I didn't know Taika would be in it much less as the main "villain".


Overall: 7.5/10

i wish more people saw this movie. i think the fact it took so long to get to theaters and the concept made people weary. it was legit a fun movie that i think more gamers would prob enjoy than they initially prob thought.

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44 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

The Gray Man was great, definitely need more Chris Evans in villainous roles, he stole the show. And somehow the movie managed to be very violent yet not excessively bloody and gorey AF.  Don't expect some super deep storyline but it's a definite watch 

Lol we've seen that plot so many times. I liked the more 1on 1 fights.. Especially the tamil guys character had some fun fights. 

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36 minutes ago, DangerousJ said:


All 3 seasons of The Orville head to Disney Plus on August 10.


I've never seen the show. Do any of you guys like it?

Wait disney? Not hulu??  Its a decent star trek alternative.. It has some of seths classic tropes but you can tell he really loves star treks and tries to put similar writing in alot of episodes. 

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Damn, although probably expected, AT&T were spend heavy and obviously usually bet poorly. With the Discovery folks involved I suspect before long, maybe within 18 months, their Discovery Plus will merge with MAX and a heavy diet of reality tv with a few scripted Warner Media related shows from other channels and movies will be the only order of the day on that service.


Haven't watched the majority of the stuff they made for MAX but it was mostly of good or great quality from those I heard have watched.

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4 hours ago, Gimpy said:


Now this makes more sense to me. HBO Max seems to be the fastest growing of the streaming services. Honestly it's my favorite of all them due to the sheer amount of quality content.  The layoffs don't surprise me, with them merging it with Discovery+ that's a given. Plus by all accounts Zaslav likes to keep his own people. So based on his actions thus far, any redundant position will be eliminated on the HBO Max side of the company. 

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That's the smart play... the HBO brand itself is strong, so it makes sense to keep pushing HBO Max as the main thing.  It surprised me in the beginning when people had doubts for some odd reason.  Right from the start, they don't have the unfortunate problem that Disney has since they aren't forever associated in most people's minds with "family-friendly" content.  I'm still not interested in ever getting Disney+, tbh.  They already shitted all over the Star Wars franchise, and the Marvel universe is also going downhill fast, it's clear that the all-powerful Agendas will continue to take priority over everything. (*it would not surprise me at all if behind the scenes, they actually do have a strict "prime directive" of certain progressive things that MUST be adhered to on everything....e.g.-- "Male character must always be offset by more competent female characters...they are also better in every aspect, including strength, speed and fighting ability." and of course "Redhead = automatically cast this as a black person.", etc... Context and story/world logic have no bearing on this; it's just the rules."  All we need is for some former writer/producer to spill the beans on that shit; it will be hilarious for it to be exposed.)

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5 minutes ago, MillionX said:

That's the smart play... the HBO brand itself is strong, so it makes sense to keep pushing HBO Max as the main thing.  It surprised me in the beginning when people had doubts for some odd reason.  Right from the start, they don't have the unfortunate problem that Disney has since they aren't forever associated in most people's minds with "family-friendly" content.  

Actually  a few weeks ago, Disney Plus added the Deadpool 1,2 and Logan (wolverine 3) movies to their service which are all related R.

Also the old Netflix shows (Daredevil, Luke Cage et al) were recently added which had some fuckin/cussing/violence that was TV-MA.


So that's one less black mark.

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4 minutes ago, DangerousJ said:

I'm laughing at the fact that Hulu has all the Predator films (even the two AVP films) EXCEPT the 2018 Shane Black one. 


They're really throwing shade at him.



Honestly that might not even be shade. Streaming rights have become a mess now that every big movie company outside of Sony wants to have their own service within the last five years. At one point Disney had to take down Black Panther and HBO Max lost the Potter films for a few weeks. I think The Predator film Black did might have been just before or maybe after they took over Fox's stuff so who knows what it's status is. 

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1 hour ago, HD-Man said:

I'm probably the only guy that enjoyed Predators huh? I also liked the twist of Eric Foreman being the worst creature there by far 



Definitely not, I enjoyed the "Predators" movie, although I do think they wasted most of the characters and really didn't utilize any as well as they could given the talent they were working with. But it was a good fun violent romp which is what I feel all Predator movies should be. I also really liked Predator 2 as well. Danny Glover and Gary Busey were fantastic IMO.

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57 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

Most are pretty bad, but I enjoyed Predators. And many a raving about Prey, I haven't personally seen it tho. Can't say whether you'd enjoy them or not, but if u liked the first 2,you probably will 

Yea my girl wants to see Prey so I'll probably check it out. It sounds cool and that's more then the others had going for it. I was really over the whole AvP thing by the time that dropped. 

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19 hours ago, Wellman said:

The whole AvP scenarios work best away from Hollywood. Games and even comics have the room and potential to let things go nuts as fans and some creators would want with that sort of concept but a movie budget and run time can't give the proper feel and menace without a handful of decisions that fuck it up.

I remember reading a lot of AvP comics from dark horse back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Some of them were genuinely amazing reads. 

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