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[Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike] SGGK Guide

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This is my guide on how to SGGK in 3rd Strike. Here's the general overview:


You need to master 3 thing: option parrying, super jump cancelling and Kara throwing. For our purposes I will be demonstrating with Chun, who includes the extra step of super jump cancelling. Really all you need is a kara throw from a normal that can be cancelled or confirmed into a special, super or setplay. Oro, for example, might SGGK with Cl.MP, while Ken might do it with Cr.MK or Cr.MP or Cl.MP.


1) The SGGK uses Kara throw with Cl.HK. Doing this increases your range, but is also essential for the SGGK as I will discuss later. Inputs are as follows: Cl.HK ~ LP+LK


2) Super jump cancelling into super from Cl.HK is the key to all of this. You cannot cancel normally into super from Cl.HK, but you can go into a super jump. You can also cancel your super jump prejump frames into a special or super. Combine this to get a super jump cancelled super by inputting an up forward instead of ending at just forward. If you do this fast enough, you will get a super jump. Simply press a kick right after this and your prejump frames will turn into a super. Inputs are as follows: Cl.HK > 2362369 K


3) Just choose a direction you want to option parry in and tap that direction before doing your Kara throw. In 3S, after you get a parry, the first thing you press is the first thing that'll come out. This means that if you parry someone and do a Cl.HK Kara throw, only the Cl.HK will come out because - as is typical with a Kara throw - you pressed Cl.HK before anything else. You can use the stimulus of the parry and the Cl.HK connecting to hitconfirm into super by super jump cancelling as mentioned above. This makes it so they can't hit a button, because if they do, they get supered, but if they block, they get Kara thrown.


Here's a short video I made explaining everything above for those that prefer visual learning or a blend of the two. Enjoy!


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