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that's fine, I'll try to get up news about MTG so I'm not always shilling videos:


The banned list for Explorer updates to remove both Winota, Joiner of Forces and Tibalt's Trickery from Explorer. Our full banned and restricted announcement has all the details for the change arriving to MTG Arena tomorrow.


a stream teasing upcoming sets is on Twitch tomorrow.



Ahead of the stream here's my 3 predictions for Dominaria United!

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1 hour ago, TheInfernoman said:

I bought some packs but haven't gotten anything that good yet. I admit those cards look amazing. At some point I'll do more PKMN booster pack openings and YGO. 

I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing them. But it’s a sub-set within the core set called Trainer Gallery. It’s usually about 20-30 cards of previously printed cards or alt arts of cards in the new set. 

I have a few of them from older sets like Jasmine with Steelix and Flannery with Torkoal. There’s a few in this set I really want like Jasmine with Bronzong and Misty with Starmie. 

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28 minutes ago, Jion_Wansu said:

Never played Yugioh or Pokemon. Over the years been mostly Magic, but dabbled in the following TCGs: Mortal Kombat (1995/1996 red edition), Xena/Hercules, and L5R. Is Pokemon hard to learn compared to Magic? What're you guys' opinions?

L5R is so fucking good. I loved L5R. I never bought into it but a lot of my friends I had growing up played it. So I was always able to play in events regardless. 

YGO is weird. I played it a lot when it first came out. I haven’t played it in probably 15 years. Honestly probably longer. I’ve thought about getting back into it as the years have gone by but the game will either be way too expensive to get back into or the meta will just way too fucking toxic. I don’t wanna drop a few bills on a deck when games are getting decided turn 0 you know? 

As for Pokémon: I’ve played it off and on since the original 1999 base set. The game has a lot more depth than people give it credit for. It’s a very cerebral game imo. 

The game is very match up heavy which makes every card you add count. I know that goes for a lot of games but in Pokémon You don’t have access to any kind of side board/side deck/extra deck, etc. The 60 you build is the 60 you use. Point blank end of story. 

The game also has A LOT of draw engines and tutors. Stuff that MTG and YGO would drool over but not all of them are good or seem good on paper but actually quite bad within the confines of the game


For instance there’s several cards that are “draw 3”. No draw backs except you can’t play multiple a turn due to the card type, which is Supporter. Seems good right? It’s not. Cause there’s way better draw engines out there. There’s a called named Avery that does the same thing (draw 3) but it also brings board control along with it which is “Your opponent discards Pokémon on his or her bench until they only have 3 Pokémon on their bench” (max amount of benches Pokémon you can have is 5) 


Theres also a draw engine that’s just discard your hand draw 7. That card would be mind boggling in any other game but in Pokémon it’s been a staple since more or less the beginning. And even now in the current meta it’s usually a 1-2 of. Very few decks run a full count of the card (Pokémon goes by rule of 4).


Pokémon also doesn’t have a ban list when it comes to standard format. They’ll errata a card if it gets to be too much but I can’t remember a time where they’ve outright banned a card in Standard format. That said, There is a ban list in extended as the card pool is much bigger so you’re able to do a lot more bullshit. 


Bench control is another thing. As Pokémon is 1v1 like the game but with certain cards you can force a switch to take a prize (a prize is when you KO a Pokémon and draw a card from your prize section, which is 6 cards you set aside after drawing the initial 7 for your hand at the beginning of the game. Take all 6 prizes and you win) 


Theres also times you want to be losing as there’s certain cards with comeback mechanics like hand disruption if you’re on the losing end. 


I could go on and on with how great of a game it is and how deep the rabbit hole can go with it. 

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2 minutes ago, iStu X said:

I haven’t watched the video but I know Thousand eyes restrict is some bullshit. That card is so OP. 

On modern Yugi is actually on the tame side now 🤣

Modern Boss cards are ultra bullshit, with negates out of their asses, and in many occasions also invulnerabilities for whatever your opponent tries to throw at them.


Not even the upgraded version, Millenium Eyes Restrict is considered beyond tame 🤣

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My case of Astral Radiance hasn’t came in yet so I bought what’s called an Elite Trainer Box. Comes with eight boosters, themed dice, sleeves and dividers. I pulled some stuff for decks but they’re more “side project” decks than main decks. 

However, I did pull one of the two trainer art gallery cards I really really wanted 




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