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Worlds for Pokémon is coming up and one of the best players, OmniJoe from the UK is doing spotlights on the top meta decks people should expect at worlds. They’ve only covered three decks but several more plan on being covered. Likely Mewtwo V-Union Stall, Miltank/Blissey Stall, Single Prize Inteleon, And a few others. 





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10 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:


The LGS I go to has a huge YGO scene and any one of them would tell you that the game is trash and has been in a pendulum of unhealthy and toxic for over 10 years now. 😂

YGO is one of the unhealthiest TCG’s ever made. It’s wild how a game so unbalanced and busted has lasted for so long. 

not even MtG Legacy Format is decided turn 1 these days but YGO’s standard format has been that way for a decade+. 

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As a YGO player I can confirm that the game has become a cesspool of unfun shit because Konami keeps adding dumber shit each time and by now is clear that doesn't know how to fix the crapfest that the game has become.


The current meta on Master Duel is enough fuckery that made me finally stop playing, because It has been decades since I get so tilted in every match I have, even the ones I win 🤣


Playing YGO is bad for your health,

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14 hours ago, iStu X said:

Hilarious I did have a draft for a TCG Disney could do but seems the mouse was already a step ahead of me. 


Me - "I cast Elsa and play the song card 'Let it Go' and end my turn" 

Opponent - "I concede"


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24 minutes ago, TheInfernoman said:

I Really wanted to just waltz into the booth and score the collecter set but I can't grab anything on the clock. Even if the game is booty, the cards look neat. 

Boooo. If you’re able to grab an extra holla at the homie. I’m interested. I was at my LGS when they debuted the first 7 and we were all geeking out over them. 

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extremely tired from multiple 12 hour days at the Con:






the shot above shows the back wall had a massive line I tried to keep control of. 




they only had 300 limited editions of the initial 6 cards. After putting up with that insane line for 6 hours, it finally died down for the last 4 I was there. Too tired  now to get the next pictures up BUT as a thank you, their team gifted me a set plus a signed promo mickey card. pics will be up tomorrow...I need lseep...

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I’ve been taking a break from Pokémon to play the Digimon card game and man it’s so much fun. I think the reason I like it so much is because it reminds me a lot of Cardfight vanguard. Which was a game I loved and was obnoxiously good at. Digimon just has extra steps. I’ve been going to locals with around 20+ players for only a few weeks and I’ve been usually placing second or 3rd due to tie breakers Or being paired down. 

I’ve been playing a Paildramon deck where its goal is to swing for 6 damage/game in one turn with Paildramon. The other main part of the deck is it revolves around a mechanic called jamming.

Jamming reads whenever you make a security check (doing damage in digimon) if the security checked digimon has a higher attack than the digimon you’re attacking with the digimon you’re attacking with isn’t destroyed. 

here’s a really good breakdown on how to play the game if you’re interested 


thus isn’t my exact build but this is a general idea of how to play Paildramon  (The video says Imperialdramon deck and while Imperialdramon IS the boss monster he’s, imo,  actually the back up win condition. 


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This card screams old school flavor!





Image won't show on this post.


Card text reads:



Pay 4, tap to: Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards. You may choose an artifact or creature card with mana value 1 you discarded this way, then do the same for artifact or creature cards with mana values 2 and 3. Return those cards to the battlefield. Activate only as a sorcery.


EDIT: Also, don't know if this was mentioned or not.The Brothers' War prerelease starts on Veterans Day. Was it planned or a coincidence?


Seems that the lore is that The Brothers' War does take place during the Antiquities set from the time it first started. Some time travel shenanigans by Teferi and so forth.

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