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Hey guys,


Just figured it would be nice to have a thread specifically for Shmups (arcade-style shoot ‘em ups).


Feel free to post about games, scores, tips, what you’re playing/working on, etc - and have fun!


I just bought R-Type Final 4 (PS4) and am very excited! I’m hoping to one day do a no-miss  (no death) run.


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Just had an interesting idea…


If a few people here are willing, we could do monthly challenges, where we pickup a new shmup (or one we haven’t played in a while) and at the end of the month, we post our best scores, or how far we got with one credit/continue, etc.


MAME games would probably be the best (cheapest) way to go.


I haven’t really put much thought into it, so we’d definitely have to nail down the logistics more, but it sounds like a fun idea.

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1 minute ago, Camacho said:

I can't recommend Crimzon Clover enough- hands down my favorite game in the genre.

I appreciate the recommendation! I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.


R-Type Final 2 is the first shmup I’ve played since Ikaruga on the Dreamcast like 17 years ago, and even then, I didn’t play them that much, so I definitely have a lot to catch up on!

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46 minutes ago, OPTIMUS124 said:

Awesome! This is a genre of game that I enjoy but I'm honestly not all that great at. Ikaruga (Gamecube) was the first one that I really latched on to.

I stumbled on this video last night and figured I’d post it for you (or anyone else), if you’re interested:



I am not sure how solid the advice is, but it seems like a good structure that can’t hurt.

I then watched his recommended games for beginners and picked up Natsuki Chronicles and had an absolute blast on easy. Some parts so far were challenging but manageable. It never felt like I couldn’t beat it, and it was usually pretty clear why I died. It just seems like a good game to really dig into. There are quite a few beginner UI options, but honestly, I disabled most of them as they were putting too much on the screen, taking my attention away from the enemies and bullets.


I have a feeling I’m really going to love getting back into this genre. I’ve always loved fast-paced games with an emphasis on movement, and replaying a short game while trying to perfect my run is right up my alley. Plus the OSTs have so far been awesome. It also feels really nice to play these on stick.

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The makers of Natsuki Chronicles, Qute, (Prnonounced Cute) make great shmups. One of their older games (360 era) got ported to modern hardware and Steam with Eschatos. I highly recommend Eschatos if you liked Natsuki Chronicles. It's Vert instead of Hori, but I think it's Qutes work to this date. It's a real roller coaster ride. 


I also have to second Chrimzon Clover really really hard that's one of the best Shmups of the last 10 years easily. 


RollingGunner and it's update Overpowered  are also well worth the money. 

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If you like going for high scores, Arcade Archives OMEGA FIGHTER is excellent. There are only two weapon types, one for wide, long range shooting and another for slim, close range shooting. The closer you are to enemies when you kill them the higher score you earn. You can also kamikaze at the right time and get a huge score boost. This shooter was way ahead of it's time




disney rage GIF

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5 hours ago, RegH81 said:

So, any of ya'lls got dat SOL CRESTA yet? I wanna get it but $40 for a digital version HURTS.

I have not because I want the physical. Reviews for it also pushed me away from spending 40 on it digitally. It looks and sounds cool but has some issues making me lean away from spending that much digitally. 

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On 3/31/2022 at 9:12 AM, DoctaMario said:

Do/have any of you guys play Rival Megagun?

I think I had that on my wish list. Need to take a look at it again.


Any of you guys hear about ASTRO NINJA MAN DX? It's a Famicom/NES game that from what I've seen is quite impressive. Also, the soundtrack is an absolute BANGER.



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Posted (edited)

Haha, that game looks dope! I may have to find that rom.


speaking of old games, I played the original Raiden 1 arcade last night and holy F that game is ridiculous! It was the first shmup I played (the grocery store my grandma went to used to have a cabinet of it, 30-odd years ago)… I remember dying a lot and being out of quarters very quickly…. I was expecting to breeze through the first few levels now that I’m older, but nope, lol. Got absolutely smoked early on.

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I've been messing around with these kind of games lately.  I'm really horrible at them but I'm actually having a lot of fun with them lately.


Here is a game I tried a couple/few weeks ago.  Compared to some of the other games I've tried this one seems...easy.(?)  Shit's hard to me but other games seem harder.  Pretty cool for a cheap indie. 


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You all remember Heavy Barrel? First time I saw it was at a 7-Eleven. Every time you get a weapon the game announcer says "attack". Then when you get the heavy barrel the game announcer says "HEAVY BARREL!!!!!" and all hell breaks lose with the god gun.



Don't know if Shinobi is a "arcade-style shoot ‘em up" because any direct attack from an enemy or an enemy weapon kills you in one shot (no life bars) and such or a combination of a platformer, shoot 'em up, and beat 'em up. Speaking of which. These sounds from 1987 are still great!




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Cross posted from the VGG thread. Scooped these Shmups today. 




Japanese Gradius 3 & 4 and Taito Legends Volume 2 which has shnups like G Daraius and Gun & Frontier. Gun &Frontier is a major inspiration for games like Battle Garrega, Armed Police Batrider and Ibara. 

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