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PSvita/psp thread (Vita means 'life')

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Thread for those who love the Psp or Ps vita.

The ds/3ds won't get any love here, i'm afraid... :joy:


Recently made a vid showing all my Vita games. Check it out!



Also if you have a collection yourself...Plz share!



Omega Labyrinth Z banned in UK  and refused in Germany


But somehow it will still be released in Sweden (big shock!)

Definitely picking that game up even though i have no real interest in playing it. DAY 1 !!!!


Official trailer




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Now is the last chance to buy a Vita and vita games before they become extinct in the wild. Henkaku is being prepared for fw 3.67, but the dude won't release it until he is 100% certain that the vita is deader than ded (sony not being there to make patches, etc)


A vita on CFW is truly a all in 1 machine, as you will have vita games/psp/ps1/emu all in one machine.


also say hello to my new one :







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I can't speak for the US and A but it's been discontinued since way back here in europe.

As for games...The only recent physical game to released will be the game i mentioned in my first post, that titty game "omega labyrinth Z" and that will release in may, there are no more phys games coming after that from what i know, not counting limited run games.



edit : also worth noting is that the more time passes the more the price of physical games will go up, that is quite obvious considering how niche the vita was and how they don't print physical copies of the games.


For example...Danganronpa 3, a game that was released late last year (hasn't been out for long at all) is getting scalped on ebay :

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Here are the ones you want to get :


Odin sphere (limited print & great game, guaranteed future collectors item)

Dragons Crown (limited print, not on psn store)

Umvc3 (hasn't been on psn store for a long time)

Shinobido 2 revenge of zen (hasn't been on psn store since beginning of 2016)


You can thank me later when you see how the prices skyrocket even more in a near distant future.

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