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Knight Club - A Game I Made

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Hey. Its me. Rabbit, from OG SRK.


I made a platform fighting game. It comes out in May in the Humble Monthly Bundle. I'll be releasing a retail version shortly after, and it will have new features. Let me tell you a little bit about the game.



Knight Club is a 2-4 player platform fighting game. Your attacks are determined by the weapon you choose. The controls are fairly simple, and will intuitive to anyone who is familiar with... *gulp* SMASH. However, Knight Club does have a handful of mechanics that put it in line with a more traditional style of fighting game. 

You Have HP
Knight Club is not about knocking players off a stage. You have a life bar!

Directional Blocking
Blocking in Knight Club is based on which direction you are facing. You must block in the direction of your attacker! Given that my characters are sort of stumpy, high/low blocking didn't really work. Did I mention there is no player collision? You can walk right through each other! You really have to pay attention while blocking. And yes, you CAN get crossed up. 

If you get hit in the back, prepare to eat 25% additional damage. 

The game also includes fighting game classics like counter hits, push blocking, and MVC style wave dashes. In its current state the game is about 50% what it should be. It has a lot of neutral, lots of movement, and short combos. In future releases I will be adding more playable weapons, and sub weapons which will act like special moves. Fireballs, projectiles, etc. 

Anyway do me a solid and sign up for my mailing list at or follow me on twitter @RatCasket or @GutterArcade. If you are interested in play testing let me know. I could use some insight from some FG vets. 



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7 hours ago, Angel said:

So what are all the weapons that will be available?   Would like to see a crossbow user for sure and greatsword and mace/flail/hammer type

On release the game will have sword, spear, dagger, and axe. I will be adding at least 4 more "main" weapons, and 8 new sub weapons. Think of sub weapons as special moves and projectiles, like a crossbow. 

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